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Table of Contents for Company Focus- Putzmeister

Company Focus- Putzmeister

Pumping new heights of excellence


Putzmeister, the name evolved from the ‘Master of Plastering’, is on an ascending innovative growth path since 1958. Upholding the prime motto of ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS, the company's machines and plants provide highest performance, quality and reliability.


SOLID PARTNERSHIP, the cornerstone of any collaboration is trust. The company promises to take the best care of it's customers and focus on their needs and requirements. Putzmeister treats it's partners with absolute respect and conducts it's business with fairness and trust at all times.


EXPERIENCE PAVES THE WAY, the company's global team of highly skilled and motivated people work continuously to improve the company's products and services. Setting the trend in it's industry, Putzmeister continues to significantly invest in research and development. The German major dedicates itself in meeting the dynamic demand trends.


The year 1958 saw the emergence of an innovator, a specialist and a revolutionary in the field of concrete construction equipments. Founded by Karl Schlecht in 1958, Putzmeister kick started its pedestal pace as a manufacturer for building plastering machines. Growth has been only on an escalating mode since its inceptions and is today the world leader and global supplier of concrete machines. As the pioneer of research and development in Concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. The concrete equipment major today has its operations in all major countries of the world and has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Turkey, USA, Brazil, China and India. The German major has already achieved landmarks in both the vertical and horizontal concrete pumping technologies. The stalwart of concrete pumps not just manufactures the most technologically advanced machines but also manufactures one of the world’s largest working Concrete Machine M 70.


India: Excellence Imprinted

With the ‘Engineered for Success, Solid Partnership and Experience Paves The Way’ Putzmeister initiated its pace in the India mainland as Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Putzmeister Holding GmbH, Germany. Having its state of the art manufacturing plant in Verna, Goa, the core competency of the company lies in its ‘Products, Quality and Service’. The unit that became operational since 2007 today manufactures an entire range of internationally acclaimed equipments and machineries. From its factory in Goa, Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd not only caters to the domestic market but also exports to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka, Nepal, and other neighbouring countries.

Putzmeister pumps have been deployed at various prestigious projects and are the first choice of real estate and infrastructure companies across India. Today, the machines are successfully installed for construction of various prestigious projects including metro rail, expansion and modernization of International Airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, construction of various Power Plants, Hydro Electric Projects, LNG Tanks, Refineries, Ports, Roads and Bridges and various High rise building Projects.

Today, Putzmeister has a countrywide Sales and Service network with regional and local offices all over India. The company has its sales and service network spread across India, and is on a constant mode of expansion to meet the nation’s growing infrastructure demands. Apart from offering qualitative technically rich products, Putzmeister also offers customers access to competent and cost-effective concrete pumping solutions which can bring down the overall cost of operations.
In addition to its technologically advanced products, Putzmeister offers its customers competent advice and customized concepts. It also imparts training on all aspects of concreting technology to its customers with a motto of spreading awareness about the advantages of mechanization and automation of construction technologies in India.


Exploring the market prospects

Despite the evolving technical trends and opportunities in the Indian market, delays in the execution of infrastructure projects, instability in the economy and dynamic demand markets raised numerous roadblocks before the construction equipment sector.

“The Indian real estate and particularly the Indian infrastructure market have been very depressed over the last two years and have brought a general downturn to the market. The generally accepted figures are a loss of 20 to 30 per cent,” shares Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd.

However, the dedication towards operational Engineered for Success, Solid Partnership and Experience Paves The Way’ enables Putzmeister to meet the dynamic market requirements. “Putzmeister has done better than the market and has only experienced a down turn of about 7 per cent. This difference can partially be explained by an increase in our market share in the home market and partially because of our strong export figures to Japan, Korea, South Africa, Brazil,” adds Theissen.

Despite the prevalent conditions, the ambitious infrastructure oriented plan presented by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to further add galore to the prospects for equipment sector. “The Plan presented by Mr. Modi is exceptionally ambitious and surpasses even the most optimistic expectations after his landslide victory in the recent Lok Sabha elections,” believes Theissen. However, the effectiveness of this technology depends upon the expectations of its own people and the international business community. Putzmeister, with its technical excellence is prepared, enthusiastic and more than ready to live up to any challenges.

“Exciting times are lying ahead of us and it will be an honour for Putzmeister to put our equipment’s, know-how and experience at the service of our honourable customers and build together, the India of future,” foresees Theissen. He anticipates the situation to further brighten up with a strong-stable government, stability in currency and control upon inflation, easing the access to money.

According to Theissen, unavailability of skilled workforce though is a challenge for the infrastructure and construction players, it prevails as an opportunity for machinery manufacturers. “The availability of unqualified labour and the pressure on the contractors to finish the jobs on time is a prime challenge. The situation hence demands for fastening the volume of construction activities by minimizing the time and cost involved – ultimately leading for mechanization to become mandatory,” echoes Theissen. Owing to the prevalent potentials the market is expected to grow by 10-15 per cent in 2015 and is hopeful to escalate by 20 per cent further in 2016-17.


Adopting the ‘Green Wave’

Putzmeister is on a constant mode of introducing new products into the market, especially which can respond to the latest market requirements. The German major with its customer-centric approach focuses to meet the dynamic feature demands ensuring low noise, less fuel consumption, better ergonomics etc. which enable the product to be more economical, user and environment friendly.

The company has undertaken major landmark projects with its innovative pumping solutions with their new generation machines of both stationary as well as boom pumps. For instance, the new BSA 1405D eSmart pump, is equipped with high-tech HMI (Human Machine Interface) control panel and an in-build Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD). This enables the operator to determine the real time operating status of the machine and diagnose all faults. This system reduces the restrictions in hydraulic oil flow; and as a result, the heat generation in this hydraulic system is minimized and thus saves recurring maintenance cost. The equipment as requires only 70 litres of hydraulic oil, is fuel efficient, as this is almost up to five times less as compared to our competitors.

Putzmeister also introduced the new generation boom pump M36-4 NG that has been built using aluminium and high-grade lightweight steel reducing the weight by more than two tonnes. The Boom Pumps are equipped with ‘Big Mouth’ delivery cylinders of 230 mm diameter, are 32 percent more efficient in filling the pipeline than its smaller counterparts with a diameter of 200 mm. The Hydraulic tank capacity has been reduced to 275 liters, which is 30 percent less compared to other machines in the market, making it much more economical and eco-friendly to run.

Finally yet importantly, the Boom Pump M42-5 has also been a great success story, with five flexible short arms in the RZ-fold system, with a horizontal, a vertical, and a downward reach, with practice oriented equipment, as well as accessories and an incredibly compact base structure. These features are only a few to name and make sure that the most complicated concrete placement can be achieved with great ease, especially when it comes to reaching low buildings or overcoming obstacles. The M42-5 truly aims at great and effective construction work, saving time and effort.

In addition, the dedicated R and D Department ensures in developing the new machines with advanced safety features, thereby making it safer to operate. Putzmeister thrives on helping the industry by avoiding accidents, by ensuring total safety to clients and the workforce involved. Creating advantage for the customers through qualitative experience and innovation has always and still is a great passion at Putzmeister. The German maestro constantly seeks to develop more such features as per the ever evolving market requirements.



Laurels earned

Putzmeister machines were transported from Germany to Japan by special aircrafts, with a view to avoid the ill effects of nuclear radiations. These machines were used in rescue operations at the site of the Tsunami and earthquake affected Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. As it is one of the very few expert machinery manufacturing company in the world to handle such operations Putzmeister pumped concrete and water to fill the damaged nuclear reactors from a distance of many kilometers by Radio control. The company had also facilitated the rescue operations during Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, which occurred many years back in Russia in 1986.


Galore of Glory

  • High-rise concrete pumping at Burj Dubai Tower – 606 m vertically
  • Long distance pumping till 2015 m at Le Refrain construction project in France
  • Guinness World Record for longest continuous concrete pour at Wilshire Grand in America

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