29 May 2020

Interview - Sunny Surlaker (Mc-Bauchemie)

Innovation is the key to stay ahead in a competitive market

The Indian arm of German major MC-Bauchemie (I) Pvt Ltd has had a presence  in the Indian market for over twenty five years. SUNNY SURLAKER, HEAD ADMIXTURES DIVISION, MC-BAUCHEMIE (I) PVT LTD in an interview with VEENA KURUP  dilated on his company’s plans and prospects for the future.


Please throw some light on the contribution of your firm towards the industrial flooring sector segment?

MC-Bauchemie (I) Pvt Ltd is a leading name in the construction chemicals sector.We manufacture over 200 construction chemicals through technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany, a 50-year-old international organisation. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, having a pan India presence through technically trained and qualified channel partners and IRP (Germany) trained applicators. Over the years, our expertise and experience has been brought into practice to provide tough durable floors for a variety of industrial floorings as also residential, commercial and infrastructure construction such as train terminals, oil and lube plants, automotive industries, heavy machinery industries, warehouses, commercial complexes, IT and electronics industry, educational institutes and so on. In addition, MC-Bauchemie also provides design possibilities and potential solutions for industrial floors. For this reason MC’s specialist advisors are at disposal from the planning stage right down to the actual work execution. We provide our customers with the highest technical support anywhere in the world and can look back on decades of experience as the technology leader in the area of flooring systems.


Briefly tell  us about your product offerings for the Indian and international markets?

We provide solutions for a wide variety of issues cropping up in the construction segments. For instance, we provide a full range of admixtures and additives for improving properties of concrete during placement - which can address issues such as workability time, slump retention, retardation, etc. Then there are additives that make concrete more durable, more impermeable, ensure better finishes etc. Furthermore, we also have special curing compounds to ensure that the concrete does not crack; it also heals micro-cracks in concrete and does not cause loss of bond for overlays to the concrete. We have specialty-coating and waterproofing systems that provide waterproofing as well as special applications such as protection of concrete in sewage treatments plants, where pH levels are extremely low. We now have material systems that can take care of concrete in exposure levels where pH is from 0 to 14. The special injection systems and special polymer modified mortars can address water ingress as well as repair applications to increase the longevity of both newer constructions as well as heritage structures.

Also there are  specially formulated breathable, crack bridging, UV resistant, anti-carbonation protection systems that help improve life of repairs, but  are also used to extend the life of new structures. These materials provide a cover factor to the reinforcement in excess of 50 cm of standard M30 Concrete. This kind of protective quotient helps to improve the service life of new structures dramatically. Our range of flooring solutions include extremely high performing, abrasion resistant dry-shake floorings and sealers, Conductive coatings for the electronic industry, specialist coatings for pharma, food and other similar industries and many more. We also look into specialist decorative applications for resin based floorings, worldwide.


Which are the the major sectors that  drive demand for your products in India?

The major demand sectors for our technical solutions and systems are well-spaced across the board in infrastructure, building construction, industrial applications and rehabilitation sectors. Product-wise, all groups like concrete admixtures, waterproofing, repairs, protection, tiling and sealing are seeing positive demand. We are presently focused  on strengthening our service networks and to tap positive opportunities evolving from the construction industry.


Could you offer some details of  your manufacturing units?

All our products are manufactured in our well-equipped plants in Gujarat and Goa under  technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany utilising their state-of-the-art technology and quality assurance systems. We are also an accredited ISO 9001:2008 company, which helps us maintain quality across the products and services. As far as our  production capacity is concerned it  is adequate enough to meet demand in the coming years. Our Goa plant is currently undergoing expansion and is supported by a state-of-the-art-training centre and laboratory for better interaction with our customers.


What are the prevalent trends in the industrial flooring segment?

Industrial flooring is an art as much as engineering. Mostly the trend at this point in time is to go for resin-based floorings. However, with increasing awareness, we believe the trend will be  towards practicalities of flooring requirements, whether based on dry-shake technology, hardening sealers, industrial screeds or if need be, resin-based floorings as well.


What are the major challenges faced by the Indian industrial flooring industry and the solutions you propose to facilitate the ease of doing business?

Lack of awareness about the practise of proper flooring techniques is a major challenge being faced by the Indian flooring industry. Industrial Flooring is at two ends of the spectrum here. While some constructors are tremendously technical and skilled, the others simply follow construction procedures without thinking of the technical ramifications. For instance, a moisture barrier is often a missing element in industrial floorings. Resin based floorings are often applied without cross checking the moisture-content of the concrete floor or the ambient dew-point; further, scratch coats and levelling coats to even out the floors are generally missing from the specifications. Many projects demand a very quick turnaround, without fulfilling technical requirements, which leads to many failures too. The solution would simply be to raise awareness. The Construction Chemical Manufacturer’s Association (CCMA) is briskly moving forward with this objective.


Tell us about the new growth areas for your business in the coming years?

In today’s fast changing world of technology, ‘innovation’ is the key to stay ahead in a competitive market and for fuelling the growth of any organisation. We follow the same trend. MC-Bauchemie’s motto for years has been – Innovation, Competence and Service. These three principles would be the cornerstone of our activities for the future and will propel our growth to the next level. As a construction chemical manufacturer we are going back to our basic competency of formulating better and more improved product systems. The R&D work is in full swing. Material improvements coupled with our modern outlook on activities is the core of our focus in the coming few years.

MC-Bauchemie’s approach is to solve problems and supply systems through free technical assistance. We do a lot of training for engineers as well as our clients, which build effective technical partnerships for long-lasting solutions. We continuously go in for innovations and new developments. I believe in a future where we interact with our clients, not only  as a supplier but also as a technical service partner. We plan to achieve this and expand the awareness of  our industry by means of our training centre, production sites and laboratory in Goa through  maximum interaction with our customers. Our young team of marketing, technical executives and experts will ensure that we expand our reach to meet the needs of the construction industry. We would like to expand in all segments that we cater to.

Looking at market factors, we believe with the advent of our Construction Chemicals Manufacturers’ Association, the industry is pushing forward the drive for awareness on ‘Correct Usage of Construction Chemicals’. Once this wave catches on, it would be a big boost in driving the growth of the industrial flooring segment and our company forward. The prospects ahead hence look bright.


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