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Acrylic Based, Membrane Forming Curing Compound

One constraint in civil construction is the curing of concrete once it has been cast and the formwork is removed. Curing done by conventional methods cannot be ensured to its optimum efficiency when it is done with water. The strength and durability of concrete does not only depend upon the correct composition and placing of concrete but also on correct curing.

The principle of curing is to prevent the evaporation of the capillary water in the concrete so that sufficient water is available for complete hydration. This leads to better end hydration products and avoids surface dusting and plastic shrinkage. The conventional methods of curing like water spraying, covering with wet burlaps, polyethylene sheets etc, are not only time consuming but also start after the initial evaporation of water and after the appearance of the first cracks. Ideally curing should begin as soon as possible after the casting of concrete.

Emcoril AC is an acrylic emulsion based membrane forming curing compound, to be brushed or sprayed on the fresh concrete only once, at initial stage which is the critical hardening period of concrete or mortar. It forms a seamless film on the surface of the fresh cast concrete and mortars, which arrests the evaporation of water from the capillaries and prevents quick drying of the concrete, thus avoiding the cracks and enabling the concrete to hydrate efficiently.

Emcoril AC should be applied as soon as possible after disappearance of water sheen from the surface. If the concrete is dry, it is recommended to fog down the surface before application of Emcoril AC. Emcoril AC can be applied by brush or by normal knapsack sprayers having suitable nozzle. In case of larger areas motorized continuous spraying devices can be used. The nozzle of the spraying device should be held about 0.7 to 1.0 m distance from the surface and it should be ensured that the complete area is covered. The pump pressure must be maintained throughout the operation to obtain a fine spray.



Emcoril AC protects green concrete against burning by acute sunrays

Particularly suitable, where early plastering is required

Optimum hydration leading to stronger end hydration products 

Does not affect normal setting process of cement

Minimises and heals shrinkage / microcracks at early stages of concrete setting

Ideal for overhead curing, inaccessible places & places having water shortages

Better solar reflectance lowering the concrete temperature

No need for removal before application of subsequent surface treatments



Approximately 200 - 250 g/m² 




Flexible waterproofing system

Dichtament DS-flex is a two component flexible hydraulically setting waterproofing system for concrete, brickwork, masonry and all cement bound surfaces.  Dichtament DS - flex is the powder base component with the second polymer component Emceflex 30 in liquid form.

Surfaces coated with Dichtament DS - flex are hydrophobic, impermeable to water and dampness and reduce the risk of efflorescence moss and fungus growth.  The coating can be easily provided on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces with excellent adhesion to substrates and is resistant to alkalis and UV-rays. The substrate to be treated with Dichtament DS - flex should be free from all loose materials, dirt, grease, oil, dust etc.


This should be mixed in the following proportions.

100 pbw Dichtament DS - flex (Component A)  

+ 50 pbw Polymer Emceflex 30 (Component B)


Dichtament DS – flex coating can be applied by brush/sprayed or trowelled.


The consumption of Dichtament DS- flex system is approximately about 1.7 kg/m2/mm thickness.


MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd manufactures this product along with a host of other Construction Chemicals in technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany. MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.



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