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Interview - Mrinmoy Das (Airier Natura)

The savings equation through use of our products is fantastic


Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. is a front runner in the field of renewable energy in India.  The Bengaluru based company has branch offices in India at Gurgaon and Mumbai and overseas offices at Dubai and Sri Lanka. Its contributions to the renewable energy industry, in the form of our high quality solar water heaters and our reliable and robust wind turbine ventilators help save thousands of rupees across homes and industries throughout India.MRINMOY DAS (COUNTRY HEAD-SALES AND MARKETING)- AIRIER NATURA PVT. LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries.


Briefly give us a sense of the role played by your company in India’s energy space?
Airier is a company engaged in renewable energy products for last two and half decades. The energy sector in India is having lot of opportunity in renewable energy segment. The Biomass Energy is a very promising alternative but it is not utilised in full capacity till date. Airier is actively working on the gap to provide energy solutions in various industrial segment on Pan India basis with biomass pellets. Airier is continuously innovating on equipment side to utilise biomass pellets for different applications prevailing in Indian industrial market. Airier is having vision of utilising biomass pellets in optimum way to save fossil fuels in industries.


Energy from waste and cost saving is what Airier products and solutions offer. What are the prospects of your technologies for a country like India?

There is a huge scope in SME segment where huge amount of fossil fuels like diesel, LDO, furnace oil and gas is used for applications.  Airier provides viable alternate solutions to replace conventional fuel with clean and green biomass pellets which account for 30 to 45 per cent fuel cost savings without changing the original equipment. The capital investment is low compared to investing in new equipment to suit alternate fuel, hence opportunity is massive.


Tell us about the range of products Airier is offering to help industries make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy?

Airier is involved in strong R&D to develop various innovative products on biomass pellet application. Airier is having the distinction of manufacturing the first Biomass Pellet Burner in India in its Bengaluru unit.  It has already achieved "Make in India" tag .The company also supply the equipment for different application for example Boiler, Thermic Fluid Heater,Powder Coating , Hot Air Generator  to name a few. The company has a strong technical and sales team who believe in quality service and products.


Give us an understanding of the markets for your solutions and the projects on which they have found application?

Our market is cut across the country and segments. It may be Pharmaceuticals, Food, Non-Ferrous, Plastics, Automobile etc. Wherever there is usage of fossil fuel we can study and provide solution with biomass pellets.


Tell us of your manufacturing units – their current capacities, and plans to raise company profile?

We have a total of three manufacturing units in India –two in Bangalore and one In Gurgaon. We are adding on updated technologies to give best products to end customers without compromising on quality. Airier is having sales offices in Bangalore and Gurgaon and has its corporate office in Mumbai.


What is the extent of the fuel savings and other tangible benefits that accrue from the use of biomass pellets – and what is the level of awareness of your products?

The savings equation is fantastic. Based on the fuel the savings potential ranges from 30 to 45 percent. The second biggest advantage is that it is a green fuel. As a country we can reduce imports of fossil fuel and save our money. The industrial bodies are aware of the technology and still we need to promote he and canvass about Pellet Burner. We are sure that in the next 5 to 10 years there is a big "Fuel Shift" from fossil fuel to Biomass Pellets.


What is the future outlook for the products? 

We are working hard to establish the product cut across the industry and we are getting positive response. Airier believes in providing sustainable energy solution with Biomass Pellets in days to come adding value to environment as well.

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