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Interview - N Ananth Kumar (HVAC)

With price-sensitive customers HVAC market becoming more competitive

The Bengaluru based Arete Consulting Engineers offers consultancy and training in the field of Air conditioning, Ventilation, Humidification, Air Cooling and Process Cooling for various applications such as corporate offices, prestigious show rooms, software development centers, clubs/resorts, laboratories and clean rooms, hospitals, factories, hotels, cold stores etc. N ANANTH KUMAR, PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT, offers his perspective on the trends in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market in India.


Give us a brief overview of the HVAC market in India?

The Indian heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market is expected to grow by 20-30 per cent to over `20,000 crore over the next two years, this is mainly due to increase in construction activities in infrastructure and real estate sectors. This sector is expected to witness nearly 15-20 per cent growth year on year. All major sectors like retail, hospitality, health-care, commercial developments and special economic zones (SEZs), require HVAC systems. The HVAC sector has grown to over `10,000 crore between 2005 and 2010 and reached  `15,000 crore in FY'14.

With Indian customers becoming highly price-sensitive and looking for more affordable energy-efficient systems due to the rising energy costs and environmental awareness, the HVAC market is becoming more competitive. The industry aims to provide cost-effective solutions to cater to the needs of the commercial and industrial customers with the introduction of eco-friendly systems. Since the HVAC takes a major share of electricity bills which puts a tremendous pressure on energy sources, and ultimately impacts the environment. So sustainability is becoming a major buzzword nowadays. Majority of the companies are giving due emphasis on the selection of the right equipment for HVAC to save energy cost.


What is the current demand for HVAC equipment?

The Indian HVAC market is growing at a fast pace mainly owing to the huge rise in construction activity in the real estate market. Our society Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) estimates that the HVAC products market in India is valued around `15,000 crore. So there is a huge demand on all HVAC related activities.


Why is using efficient HVAC equipment critical?

Since energy is becoming the major concern in our environment, the trend nowadays is trying to reduce energy requirements and scouting for energy to address consumption needs. There is a discernible shift in the mindset of the people to promote energy efficiency as an alternate fuel. Therefore, energy efficiency becomes a necessity more than anything. Many organisations are adopting themselves and making mandates on the Go Green Concepts. In this regard efficient equipment plays a vital role thus saving on the environmental issues.


Is awareness about energy efficiency gaining traction among end-users in India?

End users are realising the importance of implementing energy efficient practices in every segment of their business including HVAC. Since HVAC takes a major share of electricity consumption, which puts tremendous pressure on energy sources, and ultimately impacts the environment. This has resulted in a need for educating all stakeholders and reducing carbon footprints of companies.

Many agencies like IGBC, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has initiated several measures to promote energy saving initiatives. The uptake of energy efficient technologies can definitely help corporates and organisations, both private and public, reduce their energy footprint. Essentially, this segment of the market is relatively an easy target because there is a regulatory body (like BEE) and a number of corporates who want to responsibly create infrastructure. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has been driving the labelling of energy efficient buildings. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has come up with various rating system for different segments, GRIHA rating is available and many more, with this across the nation awareness drive through seminars, exhibitions, etc have been created thus gaining the traction among the end users in India.


How do green building ratings support the environment?

Green building, or sustainable design, is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use energy, water, and materials, and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment over the entire life cycle of the building. Green building concepts extend beyond the walls of buildings and can include site planning, community and land use planning issues as well. The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. The manufacturing, design, construction, and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources.


What are the effects of other building material on HVAC System?

The overall installed capacity of HVAC plant for the building will become greatly influenced by the Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) adopted for the building. The overall energy performance of the building can be improved with the following strategies in construction: Providing High Performance Glass Façades; providing adequate insulation on building wall and roof to beat ECBC and ASHRAE Standard; adopting Lower Power Density (LPD) for lighting as compared to the recommendation from ECBC and ASHRAE standard; efficient Lighting system and using Solar Energy System – Photovoltaic; optimising the orientation of building, providing external and internal solar shading devices; restricting the glass facades to meet the Window to Wall Ratio (WWR) not exceeding 60 per cent; additional to HVAC other factors like water conserving plumbing fixtures; grey water systems; rainwater harvesting and daylight harvesting can also impact on the overall building performance.


Tell us of the emerging trends in the HVAC industry?

Across the HVAC industry, energy efficiency is becoming mantra to save environment, in this regard many new innovations and sustainability are playing a major role and it is becoming mandatory for many major companies/corporates to use the green trends and go green concepts. As far as the HVAC industry is concerned some of the trends generally witnessed are: sustainability design; selection of energy efficient equipment   (high COP, five star rating etc.); environmental friendly materials, practicing the green codes; energy conservation methods; good installation practices; Intelligent building management systems and intelligent sensors for monitoring and controls



  • Nutrifeeds office, Brigade Rubix, Bengaluru
  • ADP Systems, Tamrai Tech Park, Chennai
  • Gleeds Hooloomann office at Prestige Lion Gate, Bengaluru
  • Alexandria labs, Hyderabad
  • Community centre, Lucknow
  • Ernst & Young, Tidel Park, Chennai
  • India Building Corporation



Arete Consulting Engineers are known for economical designs, stringent site supervision to ensure top class quality; better co-ordination with owners and other consultants; project monitoring for timely completion and minimal/nil overruns with reference to cost estimates/time. Its scope of work includes design of proper system to suit the requirement, preparation of sketch schemes, drawings, tender specifications for obtaining quotations, preparation of techno-commercial comparative statements, assistance in finalisation of successful contractor, approval of contractor’s drawing, supervision of the work at regular intervals, organizing site meetings to co-ordinate the work with various agencies concerned; project management so as to get the work completed as per schedules; performance testing and certification of the plant on completion of the works for smooth takeover by owners.


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