04 July 2020

Interview - Rajinder Raina (Escorts Construction)

Smart cities will result in the steady growth of the tower crane market

Escorts manufacturers and markets a diverse range of construction and material handling equipment like cranes, loaders, vibratory rollers and forklifts. The company was a pioneer in introducing the concept of Pick 'n' Carry hydraulic mobile cranes in India and continues to be the world's largest manufacturer of these cranes. RAJINDER RAINA, GENERAL MANAGER-MARKETING, ESCORTS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’ queries.


With the government emphasising on fast tracking delivery of infrastructure projects how ready are you as a company to meet construction sector requirements?  

The new government won elections on twin planks of growth revival and inflation control. Both of these are hinged upon boosting expenditure. The expenditure needs to be in growth-critical areas particularly infrastructure. Given this fact, it will take the industry some time to reach the sales volumes of the year 2011-2012. Not only are we ready to serve the industry with volumes but also with increased band width of equipment and with improved quality.


Tell us about the performance of your products through 2013-14 in view of the economic downturn and the fall of the rupee?

For the past two years the industry has seen continuous down turn and It was difficult for any player to insulate itself from the impact of industrial slowdown. We at Escorts worked towards improving our market shares and thereby performing better than the industry. .


Tell us about the demand supply situation in view of increasing vertical development?

Mechanisation of material handling for building construction is currenly being done using different types of tower cranes. The idea of 100 smart cities shall result in steady growth in tower crane market. Currently there a limited number of Indian manufacturers and who operate only up to a certain height and weight category. The higher end cranes are currently imported from different countries. We currently sell tower cranes imported from Linden Comansa-Jie, Spain.


What are the new products introduced in the market and tell us how have they been received?

We have been constantly working on our TRX Series cranes. TRX cranes have been very well received at all the project sites like metro Rail, Reliance Jamnagar and many of the L&T projects.


Which are the new product range you are planning to launch in the current year as per market trends?

As far as our most selling product crane is concerned, we have been working on the safety aspect of the existing cranes. Product development is taking place focusing upon higher tonnage and higher reach. Getting into higher tonnage and reach is aimed at serving the major projects that are expected to come up in power, steel, cement and metro projects.


Tell us about your plans to bolster manufacturing in terms of investments and raising of capacities?

On the manufacturing front lot of planning is on to take a call as to what should be manufactured in house and what all should be outsourced and on the captive vendors. The objective is to get costing in place, consistent quality and availability of machines as per the market demand. Services of world renowned consulting groups have been hired which, besides other things, will help us get market ready on manufacturing sales and after market for the year 2020 and thereafter. A bit of money and time is being invested to ensure that the stated objective of the company for the next five years is achieved or exceeded.


As a company, give us a sense of the emphasis you place on R&D and innovation?

For the next five years our growth shall be defined by the sectors that we have decided to serve and for that the complete product range is being worked upon. It’s our R&D that has helped us hold on to our market leadership position. We are working for improvement in the current range as also launching new cranes thereby continue to be the clear cut market leaders on technology front as also market share. Since most of our cranes have been developed indigenously the focus on R&D becomes that much more important. Engineering is going to play a vital role in our manufactured projects and therefore Escorts will continue to invest in R&D per demand as it would play a lead role to propel us through the various milestones that we plan to cross en route.


What is your future outlook both for the industry and from a company perspective?

The industry is expected to grow at about 10 per cent. However we are targeting a higher growth particularly on the top line which shall come through a better product mix.



Escorts manufacturers and markets a diverse range of construction and material handling equipment like cranes, loaders, vibratory rollers and forklifts. The company was a pioneer in introducing the concept of Pick 'n' Carry hydraulic mobile cranes in the 70s in India and continues to be the world's largest manufacturer of these cranes. A nationwide network of 16 Sales Offices, 50 dealership locations, over 300 company trained dealers' service engineers, gives it the best market reach in India for the Sales & Service of material handling and construction equipment.

With over 30 years experience in Construction Equipment Industry, Escorts has a proven track record in:

Hydraulic Mobile Cranes



Vibratory Compactors

Today, it not only continues to be the largest mobile crane manufacturer in the country, but also the largest Pick 'n' Carry Hydraulic Mobile Crane manufacturer in the world.

While recording a rapid growth in Crane Industry we've also been able to steadily increase our presence in the field of Vibratory, Soil & Tandem Compactors. The company was the first to bring the concept of Vibratory Compactors in India in a big way back in the 80s. Subsequently more models in Tandem Vibratory Compactors and heavy duty Soil Compactor range were added in technical collaboration with HAMM Germany. Recently, the company has further strengthened the range with a 3T Shoulder Compactor. Today Escorts’ range of compaction equipments is one of the most preferred in the market, and is being viewed as the most efficient and effective compaction solutions available in the country.Along with Cranes and Compactors, it also manufactures Frontend loaders with payload capacity of 700kg. Suitable for narrow lanes and confined spaces, these loaders are compact in design and are ideal for garbage handling, handing of chemicals, sands, small chips, etc.  The company also offers other material handing solutions like forklifts from Daewoo Doosan Infracore Ltd, Korea and Articulated Boom Cranes from Fassi, Italy. In LPG forklift category, the company enjoys a market share in excess of 85 per cent.  This single-minded pursuit of precision and customer satisfaction has made Escorts the 3rd largest in terms of Construction Equipment Sales unit per annum.


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