29 March 2020

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Business high

With the government offering a big push for infrastructure India’s cranes market once again seems to be mobile and towering. 

There should be no doubt a big lift is being witnessed after the lull in the tower and mobile crane business across India with the growing emphasis on construction and infrastructure building.


TOWER CRANES: In March this year, Manitowoc’s tower crane brand, Potain, announced that it had built more than 1,000 tower cranes at its manufacturing plant at Pune – the factory has almost tripled its production rate in the past six years to meet growing demand at job sites across the world, from Bangladesh to Peru. A few days ago Diwakar Construction in Mangalore took charge of India’s first Potain MCi 48 C, 2.5 ton tower crane to be used in the building of a convention centre in the Karnataka coastal city. The company which has several projecs at hand has already decided that it will invest next on a 5 ton capacity Potain MCi 85 A.

Now with the country getting busy with its infrastructure development programme which includes development of India’s second and third tier cities crane usage is expected to soar and tower high. 

Crane manufacturers are understandably excited with the developments. The rising trend of increasing usage of tower cranes across India owes to new emerging construction methods and newer areas of application. The market has witnessed a perceptible shift towards the use of automated lifting solutions due to the large number of high rises both residential and commercial. Thanks to the frenetic real estate activity across India there is a growing demand for further mechanisation of construction activities which requires remotely operated equipment like tower cranes to lift heavier loads while being easy to operate. There is also equally a demand growing for lighter and medium capacity product placements in tower cranes.

Firms like Anupam Industries which is at the forefront of supplying tower cranes for big ticket development projects see a big business opportunity with the new growth path. With the hotel industry looking to grow its room size further by nearly 125,000 in the next five years, India’s hospitality sector too is one area likely to see the increasing employment of tower cranes.

The energy sector is another area where these cranes are finding increased application. Developers are using high capacity tower cranes in the construction of super critical power projects, nuclear plants, precast construction projects, cement plants and shipbuilding. For example it is commonplace to see heavy duty (16-20 ton) cranes, such as Liebherr being applied in such areas.

The current market size of tower cranes is in the vicinity of around 1000 units per year but with the tsunami of construction activity expected to take place it underscores the huge potential it offers for business for crane manufacturers like Spartan who launched their new tower crane model at an exhibition in Bengaluru late last year.

The company manufactures various models of tower cranes which range from 6 to 50 ton capacity at its factory in Atgaon. “Our objective is to ensure price competitiveness and to able to take on a larger share of the India market,” says  Vikram Mehta, Managing Director, Spartan Engineering Industries,

Very obviously in a India market, now getting crowded, stiff competition is expected from the larger players like Escorts which markets the high end cranes from Spanish manufacturer Linden Comansa which are deployed in areas like high-rise real estate construction, infrastructure and power. 

Zoomlion ElectroMech India Private Limited (ZEIPL) is joint venture between the global construction equipment giant Zoomlion and India’s leading crane manufacturer ElectroMech for tower cranes in India. The company has the distinction of having the second largest installed base of tower cranes in India. Over 550 Zoomlion tower cranes are in operation at various construction sites across the country. 


Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, Zoomlion ElectroMech India, is led to say, “Indian infrastructure construction market has been expressing great interest in heavy capacity tower cranes of late with renewed focus on infrastructure development. We are in an ideal position to cater to this potential demand and our solutionsare best-suited for the infrastructure industry.”





MOBILE CRANES: The mobile crane market is seen as the fastest growing segments among cranes. Thanks to the global financial meltdown there was a brief lull in growth of mobile cranes but with the new government’s renewed focus on infrastructure projects during the 12th Five Year plan period (2012-17), the segment is expected to see rapid growth. Analysts expect the demand for pick and carry cranes to be in the vicinity of 17-20 per cent CAGR.

The demand for pick and carry crane is expected to rise from 8,500 units in 2011 to 13,000-14,000 units in 2014. The areas of development which will see deployment of cranes with lift and mobile features are mining, agricultural, industrial and urban renewal sectors, water supply and irrigation and at construction sites for pole erection, moving steel structures or stone slabs, power gen sets or laying of pipelines. Such mobile tyre mounted cranes can also be employed for intra-and inter-plant movement of goods and equipment to and from warehouses in the manufacturing sectors, and to support a host of production activities.
“We have been constantly working on our TRX Series cranes.  TRX cranes have been very well received at all the project sites like metro Rail, Reliance Jamnagar and many of the L&T projects,” says Rajinder Raina, General Manager-Marketing, Escorts Construction Equipment.

Sectors which will see a sizeable presence of truck mounted cranes would be the utility sectors comprising electric industries, municipal sectors, brick block manufacturing and timber log handling industry.

Ergo, firms like Liebherr India Pvt Ltd, ECEL, ACE, Voltas Limited would have a huge role to play in the pick and carry segment. There is also an emerging market for rough terrain (RT) and all terrain cranes (ALT) the demand coming from heightened activity in mining, thermal and wind power projects and construction of cement plants where the sites face a problem of poor connectivity. While the smaller mobile cranes are in the 5-23 ton category companies like Liebherr and Terex are eyeing the used all terrain crane market and are promoting their cranes which are in the 50 to 400 ton range.

“We see great opportunities with lot of projects in power, refinery, petrochemicals, fertilizers, metals & minerals getting kick started this year.” says Manoj Chaudhari, Managing Director, Sarens Heavy Lift India,

While demand is expected to grow for truck- mounted mobile telescopic boom cranes, crawler cranes too will find promiment space with prominent players like Manitowoc, Sany, Kobelco, Terex Cranes, ACE, Fushun, ECEL and Leibherr  pushing their products in the market.




ZoomlionnElectroMech India Private Limited (ZEIPL) has supplied its high capacity flat-top tower cranes to Hyderabad-based Nagarjuna Construction Company (NCC) for construction of one of India’s largest cooling towers at a 1320MW coal-based thermal power plant at Nellore. Both cranes have been delivered and commissioned at the project site. Two TCT7527-20 (Model Name) cranes, the high-capacity flat-top tower cranes from Zoomlion’s product portfolio, have been installed at the center of the project for the construction of two 170m tall Natural Draught Cooling Towers (NDCT).  These NDCT are being built to provide cooling to the1320MW coal-based thermal power project at MuthukurMandal, in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.  Zoomlion TCT7527-20Tower Crane offers heavy capacity lifting of 20t and tip load of 2.7MT at the 75m jib end, or 3.2MT at the 70m jib end, which helps in reducing downtime and improving efficacy. The tower cranes have several innovative features such as VFD motion in all drives, provision of soft anchoring (sling support), enhanced drum capacity, localized 415V 50Hz power connection, anemometer, jib & counter jib dismantling device and double trolley automatic reeving change system. The cranes are especially finished with a unique 'heavy anti-corrosion coating scheme' developed by Zoomlion to endure hostile conditions at thermal power plant site. Additionally, the crane can dismantled in one section at a time, after the completion of the project. The innovative TCT7527-20 Flat-Top Tower Cranes are specially designed for cooling tower applications. The biggest advantage they offer is that once the cooling tower construction has been completed, the crane can self-dismantle one section at a time. This is very important, considering the fact that a 75m jib needs to be dismantled, whereas the top opening of the cooling tower in which the crane will be standing is 78m in diameter.  To support NCC in this project, ZEIPL has provided on-site training along with a consumables spare stock to guarantee crane performance and develop customer specialty.


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