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Company Case Study - Tekla India

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Tekla’s BIM Software has helped vastly improve the business fortunes of an American concrete contractor  

Wayne Brothers is one of the most progressive and technology-savvy commercial concrete contractors in Southeast United States. Firmly believing in the value of technology to help it deliver higher quality, better coordinated work, Wayne Brothers began looking at 3D modeling software as a way to reduce risk even further. They wanted to respond quicker to client demands, see concrete and rebar details not visible on 2D drawings, and identify potential issues such as omission and errors in design. In May 2012, the company adopted Tekla Structures. This lead them to take Tekla BIMsight into use to reduce risk and to raise value. The company took Tekla software straight into operations, building models for existing projects, before using it to win business.


LEAP IN BUSINESS: The company calls their 3D modeling program Wayne Brothers Information Modeling, or WBIM. For them, WBIM is more than just using the software to supplement existing processes; it is program that helps them operate their business more efficiently. “We use Tekla not just to address one little problem but actually embed it into our business to make our business better,” says Daniel Wayne, Project Manager- Director of Technology, Wayne Brothers.


ADDING VALUE TO WORKFLOW: Going beyond simply modeling their portion of a project, Wayne Brothers is taking a step further to identify potential issues during the preconstruction and preplanning stages — well before construction begins — in an effort to reduce waste and avoid delays and cost overruns. Instead of only looking for conflicts in the concrete and rebar, Wayne Brothers compares the models for the entire project. Because Tekla supports a wide range of file types, Wayne Brothers can easily import and export models and information created in other BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CAD applications. By the time construction starts, the model has been checked by the designer and all of the trades several times, resulting in a high level of confidence that all of the pieces fit together. “Combining the models improves the level of collaboration between us, the client and the other subcontractors. This allows us to add value to the owner by keeping the project cost down and allowing us to contribute to constructing a higher quality building in less time,” says Wayne.



Like most concrete contractors, Wayne Brothers has to move fast. It is not unusual to be asked to start on site within two to three weeks from winning a contract. Before that, they need to find a vendor to detail the rebar, have it approved by the engineer, and get the rebar cut and delivered to the site. With the traditional preplanning and submittal for approval process using 2D drawings, it is virtually impossible to move that quickly and be accurate. Under their new process, Wayne Brothers creates the Tekla model in preconstruction with concrete objects as part of their estimate to the client. When they win the project, they send the concrete model to the rebar vendor to add the rebar detail. And when the client submits a drawing change, Wayne Brothers and the rebar vendor can
update the model within in a few hours. With Tekla the company has reduced the time from the award to the first rebar submittal by 50 per cent, allowing it to meet the most demanding schedules. This gives Wayne a clear competitive edge because it can respond quicker with more accuracy and provide a higher level of support to its clients. Tekla also helps Wayne Brothers reduce rebar waste to support their sustainability mission. During the first project modeled in Tekla, a 90,000 square meter (1 million sq. ft) industrial complex, 99 percent of the rebar was fabricated correctly. Only four of the 2,500 tons were misfabricated. Because the Tekla model was so accurate, Wayne Brothers could pass these savings on to the owner.


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