05 April 2020

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Company Profile - Roots Multiclean

Clean roots

Roots Multiclean Limited has left its lasting imprimatur in the Indian cleaning equipment manufacturing sector

RMCL started the manufacture of mechanised cleaning equipment in the early 1990s through a techno-financial collaboration with Hako Werke, Germany. The alliance became one of the most successful in the Indian industry.

Today, RMCL has grown into a leader in the Indian cleaning equipment manufacturing industry and has a significant market presence in the world market. Its domain expertise spans design, development and manufacture of cleaning equipment. RMCL is also the exclusive representative in India for several well known and specialised manufacturers of cleaning equipment across the world. The company derives its strength from an experienced talent repository, comprising experts in technology, product design and development, research, manufacturing and marketing.



RMCL has been quick to adapt to evolving technology and quality compliances and has received several accreditations including the cleaning equipment manufacturer to comply to ISO 9001-2000 – QMS, the first cleaning equipment manufacturer to gain ISO 14001-2004 – EMS (Environmental Management System).



The Roots Multiclean product stable comprises of comprehensive cleaning solutions for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning requirements. In India, all products are backed by a wide network of After Sales Service centres. Products from RMCL
are backed by critical research and design insights to suit specific Indian conditions and reflect international
styling. The comprehensive range of cleaning machines caters to numerous industrial cleaning applications.

RMCL partners with several brands in different world markets and it exclusively represents these brands in  India such as Hako Germany, Powerboss USA, TTS Italy, Soteco Italy, Delfin Italy to name a few.



It is highly essential to keep the roads and road sides spic and span. Cleaner roads are safer roads. Maintaining a clean road involves the removal of litter and removal of leaves from the roads. This not only keeps the roads clean and tidy but assists keeping the roads safe and the road drains free of objects that could impede water flow. Regular maintenance of the roads reduce air pollution, gives clear visibility and reduces accidents that are caused due to the sedimented debris on the roads.

Keeping the earth better by making it clean and waste free has become a need in the last few years. Road sweepers have been around for ages in developed countries and were designed to keep cities and towns clean. Sanitation and waste removal
has become more mechanized in
developed countries. This concept is now slowly picking up in India with the growth in infrastructure and social awareness. Roads in India were swept traditionally by people with brooms. Sweeping away garbage, leaves, animal waste and any other kind of visible filth were always done by people. They would do this for hours and hours, which could become a tedious task after a while. Beyond sweeping, the even more herculean task was to collect all this and to dispose it. Now with increased awareness on personal hygiene and lack of willingness amongst the people for such menial jobs, it has now become a necessity and compulsion to resort to mechanized cleaning. The practical problems involved in maintaining a highway or large area starts with managing the large manpower required and then comes the question of cleaning efficiency and management of time. The usage of a road sweeper makes more sense.

A Road sweeper/highway sweeper for highway cleaning – The Truck Mounted Sweepers built by Roots Multiclean Ltd are of the highest quality standards, meeting the toughest cleaning requirement and are known for their functionality and reliability.


Prominent Features:

• Dust- Free efficient sweeping

• Appropriate speed.

• Increased hopper capacity for larger area operation

• Robust build to suit tough environments • Ergonomically placed instruments and Control Systems for easy operation

• Low maintenance cost.

• Completely sealed hopper with pre-filter system for heavy dusty applications (Suppresses the dust )

• Has an auxiliary engine for the sweeping and vacuuming.

• Two variants – Regenerative type for terrain undulations and Brush type for smooth road surfaces with low dust.



The machine sweeps the debris and directs it into the suction head which collects the dust and dirt particles into the hopper. The machine also effectively collects Brick size particles of debris, and certain constructions materials and spillages. The wander hose helps to reach all corners and gutters where the machine cannot reach and takes the debris to the hopper. The Roots Truck Mounted Sweepers come with a high-pressure water jet to aid in cleaning certain places. The high pressure water jet can also be used to clean the hopper after dumping the collected dirt.

Versatility of Road sweeping machines allows them to be used on large construction sites and as well as industrial sites where the collection of debris is important, for both safety reasons as well as aesthetic reasons.

For more details contact:

Email: rmclsales@rootsemail.com 

Website: www.rootsmulticlean.in

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