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Insulation ETICSquette

Insulating peripheral walls of the building or ETICS has not just become a popular practice globally but offers many advantages


Insulation is one of the key components contributing to sustainable buildings, it is estimated that buildings consume 30-40 per cent of the total energy produced in India and there is huge energy saving opportunity in most of the buildings.


Traditionally if the buildings were to be insulated, it would be insulatedfrom inside. The peripheral walls were either cavity wall insulated or the inner sides of wall were fixed with channels to support insulating materials and were cladded with materials like gypsum boards, cement boards or others,leaving concrete columns and beams un-insulated leading to many thermal bridges creation.

With the advancement in the building materials and technique, the architects and consultants have the opportunity to insulate the buildings from outside and many modern buildings are built with this new technology. Insulating peripheral walls of the buildingfrom exterior is commonly known as External Thermal Insulation Composite System. (ETICS)


External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS): ETICS is a proven practice over a decade in developed countries for external walls of new building as well as walls of existing buildings.In the case of retrofitting,the insulation work can be performed without disturbing activities inside the building.


Benefits: ETICS has many advantages especially in places like India where the insulation is installed primarily to reduce the heat transfer from outside to inside the buildings. Few of the advantages are mentioned below

  • Up to 40 per cent reduction in electricity bill.
  • No loss of carpet area
  • Eliminate thermal bridgeson building structure and  therefore reduces thermal stress on the masonry
  • comfort by reducing indoor temperature variations and improving sound insulation
  • Fire protection with the use of fire resistant stone wool insulation material.
  • Prevent the growth of mold
  • It improves building appearance as final mortar coating can bear any color and many possible finishing aspects. Less attractive buildings or districts can become appealing and friendly.


ETICS also offer other implied advantages. It helps to protect climate and environment.

Since energy consumption of buildings is reduced drastically, thousands of tons of CO2 can be avoided. Moreover need to exploit fossil sources or useof nuclear power can be reduced. It helps to develop new jobs. Increasing the rate of refurbishment can generate new jobs. These jobs require all educational levels – workers and craftsmen as well as designers and architects. ETICS helps to increase country’s economic competitiveness. Since Indian economy depends significantly on oilimports.Insulating buildings helps reduce total energy consumption and oil imports.


ETICS are a set of construction elements and these are applied on the facade. These system components are:

  • Adhesive as mortar
  • Insulation material ( Stone wool or expanded polystyrene foam)
  • Anchors designed to avoid thermal bridges
  • Base mortar coat
  • Reinforcement grid (glass fibreor polyester mesh)
  • Finishing colored mortar coat / top coat with system primer
  • Accessories, e.g. fabricated corner beads, connection and edge profiles, expansion joint profiles, base profiles.



Every construction company ideally works towards meeting the project completion deadline with minimum cost. Meanwhile, the insulation cost represent only 2 to 3 per cent of the total building cost.Payback is quite fast from electricity bill saving and reduced air conditioning equipment cost when the building or house is air-conditioned.



The concept of ETICS is well accepted and more and more buildings are adopting ETICS worldwide. However there are many challenges in making this system commerciallyviable in India one being the workmanship quality .Nevertheless with everyone’s commitment to improve the country economics and peoples living conditions it is a challenge worthier to fight for.


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