10 July 2020

Company Profile - CADS Software India

Top benefits

RebarCAD software solution has helped developers exercise great control over project costs.

CADS Software India Pvt Ltd’s RebarCAD software and its rebar engineering and information processing suite is the world's number one solution of its kind. Reportedly more than 100 million man hours of reinforcement engineering is carried out by RebarCAD around the world each year. CADS, which is one of the world's premier software developers specialising in solutions for the international construction industry, has left its imprint on the sector over a period of over 40 years. The rebar software provider has an installed user base of more than 5000 customers, who use in excess of 50,000 copies of CADS supplied programs in more than 80 countries.

ADVANTAGE: Software such as RebarCAD go a long way in helping real estate/property developers achieve significant material and time savings on their projects. They help developments to be cost effective and completed on schedule. Developers stand to benefit from suppliers who are able to minimise errors, reduce rebar consumption and prepare rebar quantities several times quicker than manual methods. They can also benefit from contractors who could exercise better control over the processing of reinforcement and consultants who have more input into material quantities. All of this contributes to better accountability regardless of who produces the drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS).


Rebar Fabricators can take advantage of Optimal Cut suggestions to plan the cut and bending of steel and fully utilise stock lengths. Accurate bend deduction calculations that comply with IS-2502 can help save steel before the beginning of fabrication. In addition time spent checking and double checking drawings and schedules are reduced significantly, whilst edits and revisions are handled quickly and efficiently without large increases to costs. The automatic revision of BBS helps save 100 per cent of the time consumed in preparing manual schedules.


For developers, ultimately savings in time can help increase productivity and enable more projects to be handled by one preferred Contractor. This plethora of data in turn means they can combine projects, to realise even bigger material savings through maintaining control of overall rebar usage and minimising rebar waste.
K K Jagadish, Managing Director, CADS India, is led to comment, “Quicker turnaround of high quality bar bending schedules (BBS) and drawings equals quicker and higher returns for developers! This reduces the financial risk for developers and increases confidence in the ability of the construction industry to deliver high quality projects, to budget and to schedule."


A case in point of a developer benefiting from RebarCAD software usage is Sobha Developers. The real estate firm headquartered in Bangalore is a renowned name in the industry for luxurious real estate projects both in India and in the Middle East. Sobha Developers began its first landmark project in Chennai with the Sobha Meritta development. This luxury gated community, spread across 6 acres
of greenery, consists of 556 elegantly crafted apartments divided into 5 spacious blocks. Sobha wanted to start servicing
the site with BBS for the first time, with the key challenge of ensuring accuracy and frugal consumption of reinforcement steel.


Rajesh Shirakol, Senior Vice President ­ Structures, Design & Engineering, Sobha Developers had the following to say: "RebarCAD software has helped us to speed up construction and we were able to achieve a reduction in the wastage of bars. The site has appreciated the BBS to a great extent as we never did BBS before Sobha Meritta."


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