Monday, January 18, 2021

Interview - Rajendra R Chaturvedi (Shreepati Group)

Overseas contractors are more professional


In 1993 the Mumbai based Shreepati Group got into the Limca Book of Records for its feat of constructing Shreepati Arcade, the country’s tallest tower. The group is not all set to deliver more landmark structures. RAJENDRA R CHATURVEDI, CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR, SHREEPATI GROUP, spoke to SHRIKANT RAO of his firm’s role in the construction of Mumbai’s tall building firmament and the construction constraints.


On problems in building high rises/tall/supertall buildings: Space constraints are an important issue. The existing structures which are standing on site are on plot boundary without any open space wherein the tenements sizes are 150-180 sq ft. of old area.  The problem is, these properties are densely populated originally and when these structures are to be planned for rehab and free sale, unless and until your plot size is more than 3000 sq mtr., the planning becomes difficult – it is practically impossible. As per the present norms, the tenants are to be given minimum 400 sq ft carpet area, so the proposed BUA of rehab building increases threefold.  Hence the only solution remaining for developers is to go for high rises.  Even in larger layouts except for the open space, it is a mandatory requirement as per Supreme Court’s order which is 6 mtrs.  Other open space provided at ground level becomes difficult – any recreational area if all has to be provided at podium level only. The underground water tank, sewerage treatment plant etc also becomes an issue while planning and they have to be located within the building premises under the parking areas. The other problem relates to the multiple approvals. As the project is of high rise in nature, the rehab buildings are 100 mtr in height and free sale building is 120-150 mtr. in height.  Both these buildings require high rise clearance as it is mandatory now to provide high rise clearance for more than 70 mtr in height. Clearance for tall structures is accorded only when a high rise committee comprising representatives of various departments such the fire-fighting, environment clearance, structural clearance and building proposals approve. Even after this environment clearance and fire clearance has to be obtained making the work repetitive. There are more than 40 approvals which are required to be taken which makes the approval process tedious.



On the competency level of Indian developers/designers-architects/ structural engineers in high rise building construction: I would say our people are well versed with high rise building planning/structural designing and other related issues.  On the contrary in some fields, we are better than out overseas counterparts.  However, as far as the construction technique goes overseas contractors are much more professional than the Indian counterparts.



On the importance of project management skills in high rise construction: Project management skills and techniques play a bigger role in execution of such projects wherein they help you to maintain the quality of the construction, the finish which are being provided and in terms of timely completion of the project. It also helps in constructing the building as per the approval plans as approved by BMC or any other authority. It also takes care of safety management at site which is of utmost importance. All high rise buildings during the construction stage are prone to accidents.  These accidents occur only due to sheer negligence of the workers and the supervisors or due to mechanical faults developed in the construction equipment. Project Management skills and techniques help to overcome such issues.



  • Shreepati Arcade, G+45, Completed in 2003, recorded in Limca Book of Records as India’s first tallest building
  • Shreepati Jewels, Ruby, Girgaum, Mumbai, G+39, Completed in 2009
  • Shreepati Castle, Khetwadi, Mumbai G+47, under construction  
  • Shreepati Jewels, Pearl and Diamond, Girgaum, Mumbai, G+54, under construction


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