Monday, January 25, 2021

Interview - Manju Yagnik (Nahar Group)

Vertical growth very important for Mumbai’s future.”

The Mumbai based Nahar Group has been behind the creation of inspirational landmarks across 15 million sq. ft. of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and parts of Rajasthan. MANJU YAGNIK  VICE CHAIRPERSON, NAHAR GROUP responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries.   


On the importance of building tall: The problem in Mumbai is that we are too horizontally-dense, and not vertically-dense enough. Even without many tall buildings, Mumbai is already one of the densest urban agglomerations in the world; 60 per cent of Mumbai’s residents live in slums.



The irritants: For constructing a skyscraper, one has to go through various committees like the high-rise committee, aviation committee, the chief fire officer, environmental clearance etc. The cost of construction is more in high rise building. The average construction cost per square foot is 20-25 per cent higher if the building has more than 12 floors. Also, any major modifications and/or renovations in a high rise structures are significantly more cost-intensive.


Future outlook: Considering the ever increasing population as well as limited space, horizontal expansion is no more a viable solution especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi etc. Even otherwise, nowadays, more people would like to stay in the city and enjoy the buzz of the city. So to accommodate them all we have to grow up and for that the sky is the limit! There is enough technology to build super-tall buildings today, but in India we are yet to catch up with the technology which is already established in other parts of the world.


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