07 August 2020

Product Space

Antimicrobial Laminate


With health hazards continuing to threaten public health, Global leader in decorative surfaces Formica Group has launched Protec+(TM) a high performance antimicrobial laminate product. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications including furniture, transportation, education, residential blocks, construction, and healthcare. The product provides greater protection for public places as well as residential spaces and constructs a cleaner environment for consumers. The Group has harnessed the power of silver and introduced it into the manufacturing process, providing the surface with enhanced protection. Effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, Protec+TM reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a more hygienic surface and protecting consumers against their potentially negative effects. When properly maintained, the protection will last for the expected life of the treated product and will help to reduce cross-contamination. This new product has been tested against a number of leading standards including ISO22196:2011, JIS Z2801, ASTM G21 and it is capable of reducing microbe count on a surface by up to 99.5 per cent.


For other details log on http://www.formica.com/en/hk/products/protect




Premio Switches


ABB India has launched its latest offering in the home automation segment – Premio touch switches. Premio touch switches add a new dimension to the interiors with premium designs and latest touch technology. Premio comes with an easy to use app that allows one to control fan speed, light scenes or the AC temperature remotely through the mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Available in a variety of colors and plates, Premio lights up the living space with its contemporary design and is compatible with most boxes in the market. The product’s attractive features include: it fits on most modular boxes available in the market, capacitive touch with backlit icons, infrared handheld controller, humming-free fan speed control, configurable scenes combining up to 24 devices, programmable devices control through Premio gateway with mobile, laptop or tablet. The warranty is of 10 years for mechanical switches and sockets and 2 years for electronic devices. As far as product range is concerned it starts at `8,500 for a Dimming and Curtain Controller and `8,000 for a 2 Gang one way switch.


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