29 March 2020


Precast Concrete is best suited for current requirements and future needs.


Intellectual Building Systems Pvt. Ltd (iBuild) is a leading company manufacturing a wide range of precast concrete products and construction components. The Pune based firm’s products find application in commercial, institutional and residential projects, parking decks and stadiums. ABHIJEET BAND, DIRECTOR, INTELLECTUAL BUILDING SYSTEMS PVT. LTD, offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES an understanding of the benefits of using pre-cast concrete products in the construction sector.



Briefly tell us about the role played by your company in the construction materials manufacturing space?

We are the leading manufacturers of precast concrete products in western India. iBuild’s reliability and attention to detail have earned for it a satisfied client base. We’re always looking for new ways to minimise waste, increase recycling, improve energy management and use eco-friendly materials. Continuous expansion of our product range and a high level of capital re-investment has been central to the success of iBuild Precast. So much so that we have now emerged as a market leader in the design and manufacture of precast concrete multi-storey frames.


What is the advantage precast concrete offers over the normal?

Precast concrete serves best to avoid labour shortage, time delays and with an aim to deliver quality products, developers and builders are now adopting precast technology. The use of such technology helps in saving up to 64 per cent of the time taken for similar projects using normal construction methods and technology. The essence of use of precast prestressed concrete system is architectural flexibility, superior quality, very less labour requirement, ease of construction at site, virtually no wastage of natural resources, environmentally sustainable solution, negligible maintenance etc at the same time economical life cycle cost.

Broadly, precast concrete configuration for buildings are categorised in two ways, column-beam frame structure or wall-frame structure with prestressed precast slabs. For commercial and industrial structures, requiring wall free large spaces, column-beam frame structure is commonly implemented. While for residential buildings, aesthetic point of view and make use of available essential walls, wall-frame structure is commonly deployed. For buildings, main structural components are precast column, prestressed precast beams, prestressed precast slabs (either hollowcore or solid slabs), reinforced concrete precast structural walls and non-load bearing partition walls. Mass of structure is critical in context of seismicity in India. The mass of structure contributes to the lateral forces and adds up to the stresses, leading to uneconomical designs. With implementation of prestressed precast components and slender members, the mass of structure is controlled and overall economic design and material savings is achieved. Structural configuration for stability and integrity of precast concrete structure in seismic regions shall be evaluated meticulously. Undoubtedly, precast concrete structures can be used in high seismic conditions and we have vast implementation of technology in all high seismic conditions right from West USA, Taiwan, New Zealand, Korea etc.



Tell us of the range of products and solutions your firm is offering to the construction sector?

Designed for strength and durability, our products range from holllowcore slabs, beams, walls panels (partition, load bearing, retaining), staircase, columns, reinforced concrete pipe, concrete barriers and more. iBuild have provided precast structural solutions for shopping centres, car parks, office blocks, factories, hotels, residential blocks, schools and conference centres. Precast construction is virtually unlimited in its application. Whether the building has a regular or an irregular shape, the entire structure or elements of the structure, such as frame floors, walls, stairs or balconies, can all be provided by iBuild. Nowadays precast elements combine seamlessly with non-precast elements to produce free-flowing spaces. Precast units with a variety of highly attractive and durable finishes can be manufactured to meet the most challenging design requirements bringing the benefits of controlled factory production, which include enhanced speed, quality and accuracy - to the project.


Could you name the important projects with which your products have supported?

Some of the important projects completed by us are Nanded City School, Pune involving an approximate area of 25000 sq mt; A. G. Trade Centre, an IT Building at Pune covering an area of 19000 sq mtr; the Pebbles Parking Podium in an area of approximately 4700 sq mtr, the Marvel Sangria, Pune, which occupies an areas of 17000 Sq mtr.  Our team and products have also been of great assistance in several projects. We were involved in the creation of a mezzanine office floor on functional shop floor at the Volkswagen plant in Chakan, Pune; the construction of a pedestrian bridge at Alandi within 20 days just in time for the Alandi Yatra, the construction of Precast (KT Wier) (small dam) at Daund and the construction of well covers spanning directly on wells of spans of 18m diameter.


Tell us about iBuild’s Precast hollow core pre-stressed slabs/ Precast wall panels/ Precast beams and columns) and the advantage they offer in terms of quality and sustainable construction?

Hollowcore slabs are a creation of advanced design and efficient production methods, combined into one. iBuild’s expertise and technology allows to build longer spans or depths in hollow core with requisite load bearing capacities. Hollow core slabs need lesser partition walls, lets you build a larger spaces with greater architectural freedom and construction flexibility during and after the construction. Precast Beams and Columns from iBuild are built to serve as a flexible solution to your structural component requirements. A natural linkage with other precast products like hollowcore slabs, walls etc. further enhance the flexibility in construction. These precast structural components are ideal for a number of applications starting from car parking structures to quickly building large frameworks for commercial buildings due to their strength to support longer spans and the ease in installation. iBuild Precast Beams and Columns are installed on site and joined in situ. The concrete surface is smooth and the edges are chamfered.


Give us an understanding of the cost factor?

The Indian market has always been price sensitive. Considering the fact precast construction is a new concept in the market, we had a tough time when we started. The



Tell us about your manufacturing units, the equipment and technologies employed in the making of your products? What are the ways of popularising the product?


With the assistance of our own specialist in-house design team, we are able to provide clients and their project consultants with design and feasibility solutions with utilisation of iBuild‘s precast components. iBuild Precast manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which enable the production of high quality products. Our precast components are manufactured on automated steel beds, tilting moulds and specialised moulds with inbuilt vibration and curing systems. Modern batching plants are programmed to produce a controlled concrete mix. iBuild Precast are also pre-stressing specialists and have beds/ moulds capable of producing beams – Spans up to 20m; Hollowcore – Spans up to 16.5m at 400mm depth; Columns – up to 15m high. iBuild's wide range of products allow us to cater for almost any construction requirement, and allow great flexibility in design. Since precast construction is a new concept in the market, we have concentrated on manufacturing of basic building components like slabs, columns, beams and walls. Once the market grows into precast we will surely enter into specialised precast products well ahead of time. Presently our production facility includes 8 bed hollowcore, 2 bed precast beam, 20 set of column moulds, 10 tilt tables for wall panels and some staircase moulds. We also have developed few client specific moulds for their projects.


There is always a first time while implementing any technology, though there are many players in the Indian market, the road of precast technology is still less travelled due to lack of awareness. Construction professionals should come together to spread awareness about this amazing technology which is being used widely without any hassle internationally.


Going forward what is the outlook for the precast concrete segment?

Mechanisation of construction industry is the solution for Indian needs and Precast Concrete Technology is best suited both for our current requirements and future needs. Precast and engineered homes technology helps in sustainable development by introducing eco-friendly and innovative technologies and could pave the way for green construction and a greener planet.