Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Chicken Coop to a Human Coupe


The design brief was to build a totally industrial looking house. As the farmland contained many unused chicken sheds, we built on the same lines.  The industrial nature of the building was complete with the trusswork and sheet roofing and cement flooring.  The free-standing black wall physically divides the living and the bedroom area offering a sense of privacy. The bathroom is clad with rough granite on the wall and it continues onto the floor keeping in line with “industrial” nature.  The kitchen counter is made of toughened glass with steel supports to add to the “solidity”.  The kitchen glass counter extends out to create a small dining.


The house being a whole of 1000 sft is totally lit with 33 LED’s consuming electricity equivalent to 2 of 40w incandescent bulbs. Light reflectors made of sheet metal and finished in metallic reflective paints were designed to add to the ambience of the house.  The lights were grouped in such a way that different parts of the house could be lit depending on which part was occupied.  There is also an aesthetic truss which runs across the kitchen counter and dining table which houses LED lights.  Steel cables run in a zig-zag pattern adding to the industrial nature of the building.  Minimal furniture almost bordering on the “spartan” provides for a clean, smooth and uncluttered space.  This is an example of where steel has been used both as a structural and aesthetic element of the house.




Client Name:


Location of site:

Raja Farms, Off Kanakpura Road,Bengaluru.

Project by:

Ashwin Architects, Bengaluru


Principal Designer:

A P Ashwin

Site Area:

5 acre farmland

Built-up Area:

1000 sft

Year of completion:



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