04 July 2020

Spotlight- thyssenkrupp Elevator (India)



Sky bridges, Test Towers and Innovations: thyssenkrupp Elevator sets the Tech Trends and Highlights for 2020



  • New innovations lead the way, including sky bridges which revolutionize space as we know it and smart technologies that mean elevators can be fixed, even before they are broken
  • These innovations, alongside tower running, “flying carpets” for city centers and the world’s first rope less elevator for skyscrapers makes for an exciting year ahead




2020 is knocking on the door. What will it bring for the technologies that disrupt - or even - revolutionize industries? “Que será?”,as the famous song goes, for indeed, the future is hard to predict. Sometimes, there are exceptions.


Such is the case for thyssenkrupp Elevator, whose research engineers have not only developed smart innovations for next year but have also prepared for the future. You could say that they have looked into the crystal ball and discovered some exciting trends and key highlights for 2020. A snapshot of these is captured below:


  • Sky bridges: One of the main trends for 2020 will be the further development and increasing use of what has been named ‘sky bridges’ as an architectural element. No longer just a connection between two buildings at lofty heights, but instead a useful area and living space. "Sky bridges are the transportation routes of the futureinstead of a mere architectural connection. For example, rather than holding the function of a pedestrian bridge between skyscrapers, these areas will instead be turned into living spaces at exciting heights. These areas will include swimming pools, event spaces, meeting rooms or even a sky bar. As a cross-connection with many functions, they also pave the way for our horizontally moving rope less system, MULTI," comments Markus Jetter, Head of Research & Innovation Center Rottweil at thyssenkrupp Elevator. thyssenkrupp Elevator funds an 18-month research project, “Skybridges: Bringing the Horizontal into the Vertical Realm,” which will culminate in the publication of a Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Technical Guide on the topic, with richly-detailed narratives and technical drawings, as well as historical overviews and future speculations about skybridges' potential.


  • At the Expo 2020 in Dubai, MULTI will be presented as an important innovation at the German pavilion, starting in October.MULTI is the world’s first rope less elevator system specifically made for skyscrapers, which will dominate the development of future urban mobility. MULTI is driven by linear motors and cabins which move independently in a single shaft, just like in a metro system. That’s what makes it perfect for multiple innovative applications. Moreover, it opens exciting new perspectives for architects and developers.


  • Tower-running, an endurance sport which sees people running up tall man-made structures: High-flying goals are what the thyssenkrupp tower run’s participants try to achieve, too, at thyssenkrupp’s very own tower running event in Rottweil, Germany, on September 20th, 2020. The participants will have to conquer 1,390 steps and 232 meters in height. In 2019, some 1,000 runners from 18 nations took part in the competition. Next year, there will again be races in different valuation classes – including police officers and firefighters in full equipment.