05 April 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction - Vedant Patel, CEO, ALLTECH Industries India

We recycle plastic waste while paving roads




Founded in 2008, Alltech Industries India Pvt Ltd was set up to produce volumetric equipment of Asphalt plants. The company’s unique technology applies into its road construction industry. In an exclusive interview with VEDANT PATEL, CEO, ALLTECH INDUSTRIES INDIA PVT LTD spoke with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the participation at EXCON, the introduction of new technology and the future outlook.






How was your experience while participating at EXCON 2019?


For manufacturers within the CE industry, exhibitions like EXCON are platform to showcase their new technologies, features and also network with the customers. Similarly for us this has been of great help in order to showcase the new technology and features of the products that we come up with.




What is the new technology that you have added to your fleet?


We have added the warm mix technology commonly known as the Eco foam system whichdrastically decreases the emission of Greenhouse gases and minimizes fuel cost. Eco foam system achieves a lower temperature at a lower cost by eliminating the need for additives or special asphalt. Instead, the warm mix system injects a small amount of water into the liquid bitumen to create steam bubbles and it basically expands 15 times of its original volume. Eco foam system helps in better coating of aggregates which leads to a better surface. It also emits less smoke.




There has been a considerable slump in the road project works being allotted. How do you see this down time?


The market is having good opportunities in the various parts of India as wells as in Eastern countries. We are looking forward to some road projects being announced in those areas so that our machines and technology can be a part of those projects. However, there is a need to have new invention in the machines in terms of reducing pollution and the paving time without compromising the quality of the roads being built.




Can you put forth some of the features of your machines?


Our machines use minimum fuel which is about 4.5 liter per tonne. Our platforms are having H beam structure and use P265SGH grade material in our plant. Our machines are also equipped with Telematics and other features that can result into human- machine interaction giving better results and higher performance.


We will be glad to share with you that we are in support of the government’s ‘Swaccha Bharat’ mission. We have our own single use plastic scrap addition system and we are developing our own new products to introduce waste plastic scrap and crushed bottles in granular form. Though we have not introduced it as of now, but we are ready with the required retrofitting. If any client specifically requires this kind of technology, we are equipped to fit in. Currently we have products that use 2-3 per cent of the plastic. This means that around 2 metric tonne plastic can be reduced per usage is what we have deduced from the tests. This can be a great step in terms of reducing the plastic in India.



How do you look at the market in 2020?


Market will open more in 2020 since BJP government is looking forward for construction of roads and an increase in economy will lead to growth of the market. Unlike 2019, 2020 will show a very positive growth in market.

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