09 July 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction - Shridhar Rao, Sales Head, Elematic India

We help our clients to enter into precast sector in a seamless way



Elematic India, a part of Elematic Oyj based in Finland, is a world leader in manufacturing of precast concrete plants and production lines.  With nearly 60 years of operations, the company has supplied technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. In an exclusive interview SHRIDHAR RAO, SALES HEAD INDIA, ELEMATIC INDIA speaks with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITES, about the response at EXCON 2019, current market scenario, USP of the products and more.



How was EXCON 2019 in terms of participation?


We are optimistic about the opportunities that we have in the market and a good number of customers, clients and prospects have visited us here at EXCON. However, it would have been even better if we could get our targeted clients here which was expected to be a higher turnout. 




The market has faced a slowdown since June. With tough conditions prevailing, how was the past year for the company?


As you know that the market growth is not conducive for the capital investment that we had targeted in terms of growth and expansion. It is a well-known fact that it usually takes time and confidence for people to migrate into new areas of growth. Even though this year was challenging, we expectthe year 2020 will be a better and we are optimistic about it.





In terms of the precast technology, which was the highlighting point for Elematic


The release of our new extruder E9 2019 was the highlight of this year. We have come up with an extruder which is over 50 per cent faster than our existing version and in comparison, with our competitors. This is one of the major breakthroughs in the precast technology. Our EDGE lines in both Wall and Slab production has found a good response.




What makes Elematic products stand out from the competitors?


Elematic is not just a machinery supplier. Elematic is a technology partner and come at the very initial phase of project conceptualization and discussion. Our strength is in the insights we bring through our Engineering division. We set up the plants, perform the complete installation at the site and support the client with supervision of production and execution. This seamless service helps our clients to avoid all pitfalls associated with the learning curve.




How is the current market trending for the precast industry?


There is going to be a good growth for the precast sector in the coming years. This has been talked about a lot as to how the precast technology and construction will offer solutions to problems such as the availability and cost of labor, time for construction and the wastage.


There is no better technology than precast when it comes to building construction. This is because precast provides the customer with RCC structure which is the cheapest raw material that can be made and in comparison, with any other form of technology offers equal or better speed.


Hence it meets both- expectation in terms of cost and speed of completion. We have tremendous opportunity in the coming years both in residential projects and the commercial ones.




Any projects that you are currently participating in?


The core area that we cater to is the building segment. However, we are looking at some of the project areas wherein we can cater to the infrastructure companies like installation of boundarywalls, noise barriers, roads etc.

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