05 April 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction - Anand Sali, Dir, SIMEM Construction & Enviornmental Engg

Our products are designed to cater to the export market and not just made for the Indian market



SIMEM, established in 1963, has over the last 50 years been designing, manufacturing machinery and plants for the construction industry. SIMEM now offers a wide range of products that are specifically designed for the production of concrete. in an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, ANAND SALI, DIRECTOR, SIMEM CONSTRUCTION & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING PVT. LTD speaks about the current market scenario, participation at EXCON, USP of the products, overcoming challenges and the path ahead.




Tell us about the products launched at EXCON 2019.


We have inked a new JV with a Korea based company Everdigm at EXCON 2019. With them we have launched two products- trailer pump for 50 cubic meter and 70 cubic meter and boom pump ranging 37 meter.




How was 2019 in terms of performance for the company?


The last year was a series of averages. There were a chain of elections taking place throughout the country. We are hoping that the market will stabilize in this year. The business will pickup from the last quarter going forward. We have been in the Indian market for the last 23 years and our products have been performing at their optimum in terms of satisfaction of the clients. We want to carry the same tag in the new products and are working on the same.




What are the USP of your products in terms of technology in your products?


Each year there are new technologies that come up in the market. We try to implement these in the new products that we launch. There have been some improvements implemented which cannot be disclosed at this stage. These products are designed to cater to the export market and not just made for the Indian market.




What are the challenges in the market and how have you tackled them?


The market has been volatile for around two years. We have faced stalling of projects and restarting them and the elections across the country has affected the market. We are hoping that the scenario will change in the next few months. However the Indian market is a growing one. We have actually witnessed and are a part of the growth of the Indian market. At the turn of the century the market has moved up fast. Similar to the developed countries, the market for boom pumps have reached new heights over the years and this is a good sign. More is expected in the times to come.




How government initiatives like Make in India have helped companies like yours?


Infrastructure for manufacturing has been developing in a very short time. India has been growing and there is a lot more to catch up. These programs will bring in more of manufacturing from within the country. This will give enough scope for the local manufactures to showcase their talent. Also, locally developed machines will bring in more efficiency and better the quality of service and the products.




Tells us about your strategy in a price competitive market.


There are three points of our strategy-We aim to further our R&D effort in order to continuously improve the technology required for the environmental projects, adopting state of the art technologies, components and equipment from the best global sub-suppliers. We look forward to have a team of effective Service Department to grant the highest customer satisfaction. Lastly aim of all our activities is to grant the best possible services and products to our clients.

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