04 August 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Spotlight- GS Caltex India

GS Caltex India showcases its futuristic portfolio



Research and Development is the core strength of GS Caltex in developing product competitiveness for lubricants and polymers. GSC R&D facility located near Seoul in South Korea which has developed many award winning lubricants to forge partnerships with major Global OEMs has now come up with above latest offering for the construction and mining industry.



At the 10th edition of EXCON, GS Caltex India showcased  its futuristic portfolio meeting BSVI standards which includes BS VI Compatible Engine Oils Kixx HDX Euro CK-4 15W-40, extra-long life high performance hydraulic oil Kixx HVL range and High performance fully synthetic gear oil  Kixx GearSyn GL-5 75W-90.



Rajesh Nagar, CEO & MD, GS Caltex India along with Ungsok Yang, Manager, GS Caltex Corporation Global Sales unveiled the new products at the stall in presence of Madhu Mohan, GM Marketing, GS Caltex IndiaJayanta Ray, GM – Industrial and OEM shared  the benefits of newly launched products during EXCON which he mentions will further strengthen the robust portfolio of the organisation. The highlights of the newly launched products are summarized as below:



BS VI Compatible Engine Oils Kixx HDX Euro CK-4 15W-40: This is a high-performance heavy-duty premium quality engine oil which exceeds industry and engine manufacturers’ performance requirements and specially developed for BS VI engines. It is formulated using advanced additive technology to provide outstanding protection for on- and off-highway applications, including GHG 17 and EPA 2010 compliant engines of on-highway diesel vehicles using ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD), as well as 2014 compliant engines for off-highway diesel vehicles. It meets API CK-4 heavy duty engine oil specifically formulated for 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG 17) compliant diesel engines designed to meet lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy, in addition to EPA 2010 compliant low emission diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems. It is fully compatible with previous engine models and previous API oil service categories like API CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4  and CH-4.



Extra long life high performance hydraulic oil Kixx HVL range: With most conventional hydraulic oils, equipment runs less efficiently; cycle times are longer; energy is lost. Conventional fluids force the user to deal with shorter oil life. Kixx HVL long life hydraulic oil is engineered so that it can make the equipment more responsive, and operates faster and more efficiently. Its formulation helps prevent varnish deposits that can bog down the hydraulic system. This premium hydraulic oil holds up under higher pressure, and much longer than conventional oils. With premium hydraulic fluids, the user can gain improved performance while maximising productivity and fuel efficiency (actual productivity and fuel efficiency will vary depending on equipment type, load and other operating conditions).



High performance fully synthetic gear oil: Kixx GearSyn GL-5 75W-90 is a high-performance synthetic heavy-duty gear oil suitable for use in heavy-duty driven axles and differentials. It is designed for long-drain capability and formulated with a combination of synthetic base oils (poly alpha olefin) and high -performance additives. High viscosity index and good low temperature fluidity help contribute to component protection across a wide temperature range.



For more details visit: www.gscaltexindia.com

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