09 July 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction- Kennady Varghese, Country Manager, BONFIGLIOLI Transmissions

We are self-reliant and that is our strength


Bonfiglioli has been enhancing construction equipment performance, efficiency, productivity and reliability for more than 40 years.Experienced with the world’s major players the company creates, designs and produces advanced technology solutions for a wide range of applications, such as excavators, drilling machines, building cranes, milling machines and many others. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, KENNADY VARGHESE, COUNTRY MANAGER, BONFIGLIOLI TRANSMISSIONS (PVT) LTD., speaks about the participation at EXCON 2019 and USP’s of his company’s products.



How was your experience at EXCON 2019?


The experience was better than what we had expected. We were of the opinion thatowing to the market conditions there would be lesser turn out as nothing much was happening. However, we are relieved that this was not the case as the market and the major players are quite optimistic. We are also witnessing things improving in the last two months than earlier, which gives us hope of seeing a revival in the near term.




The market sentiments have been weak. Your comments.


In the last few years we have consistently made new investments and are doubling our capacity from what we were back in 2018. In the past year, even though the market has not been favorable, we have not stopped our expansion plan and are even starting new assembly lines.  We have lot of expectations from the Indian market and our belief is that the long-time growth story of the country isintact and can only continue. What we are seeing is a temporary slow down and the market will be back to growth path in a short while.


What also helps us is a solid export market. Last year our exports were at 25 per cent. This year it has already crossed the 30 per cent mark. This means that we have the potential to use this enhanced capacity for the Indian market, so we remain undaunted about investing in India.





What are the USP of the products that help your product stand out of the competition?


We have a design team here in India which has a team of 75 design engineers. They are not designing products just for the Indian market but also for the global markets. Indian market is different than the other markets both in product configurations and applications. While others might try importing the products from India, we go to the field and collect data, enabling us to design and develop products, specific for Indian market. This makes us fully self-reliant and not bound by constraints, helping us design any product exclusively for particular market.



With the new year started, how will it turn out for the industry and your company?’


We expect 2020 to be similar to 2019 or slightly better. However, for the market to return to highs of 2018, it might take another year or two. As per industry stalwarts, we will have to stick at the growth rate of 5-6 per cent for the year and then look forward to increasing it. The ongoing trade conflict between China and USA, will have a positive impact on the Indian industry, with relocation of supply chains. We are already seeing the benefits from this impasse and our sales to USA have increased substantially. Though one expects hurdles on the way, however the growth will continue to happen despite them, and we should be ready for it.

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