04 August 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction- Abhijeet Pai, President, Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators


We aim to be the global leaders in crushing industry




Puzzolana with five decades of enviable history has the reputation of being a truly ‘Make in India’ organization, it made great progress & success in Multi engineering disciplines like Design, Metallurgy, Fabrication, Machining, Infrastructure & Turnkey solutions for varied business needs. ABHIJEET PAI, PRESIDENT, PUZZOLANA MACHINERY FABRICATORS (HYDERABAD) LLP speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES in an exclusive interview about the industry performance, participation at EXCON 2019 and future opportunities for the company.




How has the previous year been for Puzzolana?


The year 2019 was a phenomenal one as we bagged few good numbers of sales and the orders from our customers were rolling in. We have grown well for the first half of the year. However the third quarter was a bit difficult in terms of financing. As far as the business is concerned, we have good number of orders. The trouble has been with the finance point of view. We believe that the next quarter the financial problems will improve.



How has EXCON 2019 been for the company?


At this edition of EXCON, we had a good amount of traction in terms of clients and probable customers. We have got over 200 firm inquiries and have also collected cheques worth Rs 38 crore. In a way this is a positive feeling and we hope that things will add to it over the next few months. We are the largest crusher manufacturer in India and have a lot of dreams and aspirations. We are looking at being the global leaders in crusher manufacturer. We have grown over the 20 years.




What are the opportunities for you in the coming years?


The next few years are going to be very bullish for us. There are a lot of projects that have picked up- road building, river linking that will require most of our offerings. Also, sand as a market has just started. It is as huge as cement as a market. The sand sector is unorganised and needs a lot of things to be streamline. We will create a market and have been creating mature market in South East Asian countries. We are in the forefront of revolutionizing the entire crushing and screening industry. This establishes the fact that the Indian technology is at par and is at times better than the others.



How do you look at the induction of technology and its role in the CE industry?


Technology is critical without doubt and they go together. However in addition to the technology it is about finding the most economical solution for the customer. There should be a combination of technology, scale and research. This should be done without compromising the quality of the product offered. The scale of the products is the strength.




Future outlook for the Crushing & Screening Equipment industry and from a company perspective


The growth in the industry is between 10-15% year on year with the present project under consideration both government & private. However, we are targeting a growth of 20-25%.




Tell us about your Aftermarket services?


We have our dedicated team of service engineers at all crushing zones and also separate teams at Puzzolana branch offices. We have also come up with training programme for all our customers.

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