09 July 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction -Rick Martich, VP, Intl Sales, Envoation Controls (India)

We see a lot of growth opportunities in the Indian market



Enovation Controls is a 80-year-old established global provider of control systems and Instrumentation. The company recently completed 8 years in the Indian market. Enovation Controls serves a variety of applications including off-highway and mobile equipment, hydraulics, on-highway vehicles, commercial and recreational marine, military and industrial stationary equipment. RICK MARTICH, VICE PRESIDENT, INTERNATIONAL SALES, ENOVATION CONTROLS (INDIA), in an exclusive interaction with CONSTRUCTION  OPPORTUNITIES speaks about the journey so far, India as a market, handling market crisis, integration of technology and more.



Having completed 8 years recently how has been your journey in the Indian market?


It has been very fruitful as we have learnt more with each passing year and have also grown in terms of establishing relations with OEM customers and have seen the Indian market grow along with the opportunity. This brings us new opportunities as a manufacturer in India. It is exciting to be a part of the Make in India initiative and being in India is a key part of our global footprint strategy.




You have recently started with a factory in Pune. Can you tell us more about it?


We are excited about being in India and for the last 8 years we have been focused on sales and application engineering. However, in 2020 we will start manufacturing in India. We moved into a new facility at Pune in June 2019 which gives us a room to expand from an office space to a manufacturing footprint. In early 2020 we will start taking orders, invoicing and other formalities from that facility. Throughout the year we will start up the production lines of several existing products of ours. We will also assemble industrial control panels for the Indian market for engine and equipment manufactures in our Pune facility.


All this will give us a whole new capability to service the Indian market and the customers not just from the sales but also the aftersales point of view. We have all the services and solutions that our customers need to make them successful.



Since you are initiating manufacturing, how well trained is the workforce?


We have already started training the local Pune team with the help of our experts from Oklahoma on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is used to run our business operations. We spent around two weeks in training the team about handling the purchase orders, handling inventory transactions, invoicing etc. As we start rolling out new products, other experts will be spending more time with the team here and train them to build them and also train the warehouse personnel.




Any new products launched or displayed at EXCON?


We have a brand new display- PV500 which is a 5 inch all glass display with touch screen front. This is a part of the family of the touch screen display- 5, 7 inch displays that are all glass display with touch screen facility. We also have the PV 1100 display which is 10.6 inch and the PV 1200 display which is 12.3 inch. The higher range is used for mining equipment, construction equipment and other various types of industrial applications particularly that require rugged electronics. All our electronics are designed to IP 67 which means that they can work a meter of under water for half an hour without failing. They are capable of working in rigorous environmental conditions and can withstand high shocks and vibration as well as wide temperature ranges. It is not just displays we sell but the other electronics as well. We work closely with our customers to come up with integrated electronic solutions. That is our mission and purpose. 




Are your displays integrated with the smart technology?


Many of our displays are Bluetooth and ethernet capable. Our displays are not directly built with IoT technology, but they are equipped with the capability to marry with the IoT and Telematics system if the customer requires. We can add in the features through added third party solutions. There are other types of AI solutions that we are working on through our software and products.



How was EXCON 2019?


We had a fabulous response at our stall and we also got to see what is going on in the Indian market space as we interacted with many other participating players. We spoke with our existing customers and also visited many prospective customers. There are many opportunities where we can provide integrated electronic solutions and we look forward to helping our business partners grow in India and globally.



The previous year was a slow one in terms of sales. What is your outlook for 2020?


We see a lot of growth opportunity in the Indian market even if it stays flat from 2019 to 2020. There are also several factors like the shift to BSIV emission controls that happens in October. This means that there will be a shift in the engine management requirements and our electronics & engine control solutions are ready for the revised emission norms.