09 July 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2019

Interaction - Prem Raj, MD, KYB-Conmat

I believe that the worst scenario for the industry is over



KYB Conmant, one of the leaders in the CE industry has always been in the forefront of designing and innovation. With an aim to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer the company has a trusted name in the market. PREM RAJ, MANAGING DIRECTOR, KYB-CONMAT PVT LTD in an exclusive interview speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, about the new launches at EXCON 2019, technical innovations and his outlook for the new year.






Tell us about the products launched at EXCON 2019.


This year we have launched four new equipments- Self loading Mixer which is specially designed for the canal applications and the low slum concrete. Traditionally the self loading mixer is difficult to handle low slump concrete. This is due to varied terrain conditions in India. Also, most of the self loading mixers are designed in Italy. We have thoroughly studied the Indian market and the requirement of the concrete in India and based on those inputs we have developed this mixer, completely in-house R&D facility. There are two variants for it- 4 and 4.5 cubic meter batch.       


Another product that we have launched a D bucket conveyor plant. we have used the best of technologies, ruggedness and the production capabilities. Due to the steep angle of the bucket conveyor which is around 50? we can reduce the overall length by half. In this way we can save of space and also time can be saved due to the short cycle time.


We have also launched the tower plant in the 60 cubic meter capacity. the plant is developed for the vertical space reducing the horizontal footprint to 6*6 meter. In case of the conventional plant, lot of space is required. The plant causes very less pollution and also requires little amount of fuel.




How was 2019 as a year for the company?


The year was not as good as the previous years. We have seen a Y-o-Y of around 45-50 per cent consistently for the last 10 years. However, this year, we will be ending on a flat scale and the sales will be the same as that of last year.




Technology has upgraded over the years. How do you keep up with the changing technology?


Technology and innovation is our hallmark. We have a well quipped state of the art R&D center in Baroda where we use the best systems of design and testing. We make a digital prototype and test the machines before working on the physical prototype. We have added a lot of technical features in the control system, IoT in the machines. The customer can make use of the in built IoT system for evaluation and better maintenance of the machines.




Going ahead, how do you look at 2020 and the path ahead?


There were a series of elections and the public sentiment is slow. India needs a lot of infrastructure. The decisions need time to be materialsied and I am sure that the worst is over and there will be better times than 2019. KYB as a company will be growing and there is no looking back at it.     




Do you face the liquidity crunch?


Like any other OEM we are facing the similar situation, where in the orders are booked but the customers do not want delivery of the product due to low sentiments. Even in this situation I am confident that the situation will change.

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