08 April 2020

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Interaction-VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India

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Schwing Stetter India, one of the country’s leading concreting equipment manufacturer aims to position itself as one of the most prominent infrastructure equipment partner in the country and an active participant across all Government projects to be announced. in an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V G SAKTHI KUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER India PVT LTD speaks about the products launch, opportunities during the downtime, induction of technology and more.



Tell us about the products launched at EXCON 2019 and how was the participation at the expo?


We unveiled 22 new products here at EXCON. We showcased Internet of Things (IoT) solutions of Schwing IoT In, Schwing IoT Ready, Schwing IoT abled, Schwing dashboard for batching plants, Schwing Stetter India gateway device, hitech weighing system, Schwing smartrack and Stetter concrete transit mixer with mobile app. We have also witnessed that some of the products have performed better in 2019 with comparison to the sales of 2018.


Schwing Stetter India was extremely delighted to be a part of EXCON 2019. We have been an exhibitor since 2000. We believe our participation in such a reputable platform will do much to bolster our standing as one of India’s leading concreting and construction equipment manufacturers to be reckoned with. The response to our display was overwhelming and that is a matter of great satisfaction for us as a company.




What prompts you to make the most of the downtime that the market has been hit with?


This is not the first time that Schwing Stetter has positively exploited the downtime of the market. We did the same last year when we launched 14 products and have also increased our offices from 7 to 21. This is the way we respond to a slowdown. With the lower land prices and there is scope for bringing in development in the products. That is an advantage which we look forward to. Slowdowns once in a while is not bad. It is during such times, the inefficiency that is affecting can be laid off. It is about the way we look at it and make the most of the slowdown.





Technical up gradation and the fuel emission norms are round the corner. Your comments.


We have already launched IoT based products back in 2017. At that time, the market was only in talks about these technologies. The results of our IoT products have been fantastic. We provide our own cloud service. The customers are making use of that cloud to store the required information which helps them to manage their own project site. It has picked up very good and we have considerable enquires for the same. The technology and the component selection are done in house as we have a batching plant control system and it helps us in this aspect.


In contrast, most of the other manufacturers carry out fabrication and assembly but the technology is mostly managed via a third party service provider. Our systems can help the user manage the productivity, project and the machine. It can also inform about the raw material inventory and will reduce the downtime. So far, the construction equipment industry is the only sector that has the lowest automation upgradation.





How do you look at the year 2020 in terms of more products?


The stable political scenario in any state or country gives positive signs to the industry, local and global markets. Such situations are a hope that more projects can be rolled out. Hence, in a way, state like Karnataka which now has a stable government is a positive sign. We are expecting the pending works to start soon. However in the states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the policies of the Government have sent mixed signals in the international community. The decision of stalling projects that are funded by international organisations and foreign governments give a wrong sign. This shows that things in India are uncertain and there is no clarity. Such projects need strong protection. If this does not happen, then foreign investors will start having second thoughts before they invest in India. I hope that as a country we should be commited towards development and the next year will be the one that will reduce the gap of infrastructure development in the country and the flow of projects will continue.

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