05 June 2020

Interaction- Santosh HS, Sales Operation Head, Que

We at Quest Informatics Solutions are a one stop shop for our clients on aftermarket



Few companies are focused on IT solutions delivering Aftermarket services, and Quest boasts of core competence in this area. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SANTHOSH HS, SALES OPERATIONS HEAD, QUEST INFORMATICS, outlines the aftermarket services offered by his company and the unique value they bring for OEMs in the construction and mining sectors.








Experts have called Industry 4.0 the next Industrial Revolution. How will Industry 4.0 bring in a revolution for the construction equipment manufacturing sector?


Technological advancement has accelerated automated processes, robotics with high precision that has drastically improved manufacturing processes, apart from it Aftermarket processes are also changing due to Mobiles, IoT with high internet bandwidth, the gaps that existed in collecting accurate data on-time between Machines, Customers, Sales, Inventory and Service logistics has improves drastically, Industry 4.0 helps automate many human dependencies and improve efficiencies.


Quest Informatics Solutions also come with ability to integrate with IoT devices and interface with PDM, Legacy ERP Systems.  Quest informatics solutions provide insightful and powerful provide BI/MIS Report. pro-active/predictive solutions (AI/ML), Our Solutions connect People-Machines-Process-Systems.


What we uniquely bring to the table is complete consulting to support this approach. Quest beings its expertise right from identification of gaps, advising the right fit solutions, implementation, support and product/technology enhancement.  



In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for the construction equipment sector?


With IoT and amount of data coming out of machines is helping our customer get most accurate data on-time, being an early entrant we have been able to gather much knowledge in this area and implemented many add on features in our solutions to directly fit in and help customers utilise the advantages of IoT.


With this technology advancing rapidly OEMs, their Dealer & other stakeholders want to improve Service, Inventory, Sales, Training, CRM, Request/Complaint Management etc. However, data generated by several resources/systems and its integration to predict & proactively address business challenges on breakdown, inventory, and service related needs is a huge challenge. Extending legacy ERPs with emergent modular products and SMAC technologies is another challenge they face.



Briefly tell us about the solutions provided by your company, their types and applications and the key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market?


We at Quest Informatics Solutions are a one stop shop for our clients on aftermarket. We were clearly focused on “aftermarket” domain and built our products, services and solutions looking at current and emergent challenges of the market. Because of which our products fit almost 90% of all aftermarket needs thereby reducing the time to implement and cost of customization.


What clients get is best of breed aftermarket products that are proven their mettle for diverse industry applications. Moreover, we offer complete flexibility if our offerings. Our complete offering may be deployed on premise or Cloud, Mobile or other Devices and interface with legacy systems.  There is no lock-in and clients can enhance and extend feature as the markets and technologies change.


Key industry impacting products from our stable include:


Dealer Management System


  • Enterprise class (OEM-region-country-dealer)
  • Manage services, sales, spares, remanufacturing, rental, CSA across head office, region, dealer & branch offices.
  • Multi-currency & multi-language support


Field Service Management


  • Mobile supported enterprise app (Offline-Online)
  • Maximize first call effectiveness
  • Prioritize calls based on SLA and other considerations
  • Recommendation for next service, resource calendar


EPC – Electronic Parts Catalogue

  • Search made easy to customer either through VIN#, Model
  • or order # which will help. Customer to get precise information
  • Complete catalogue system is made available in Mobile (Android and IOS), help information to be available very handy
  • User interface made easy to navigate and reach required information easily. This will increase user experience
  • Change Management is made easy and hassle free distribution as it web based system
  • Reference across supply chain will reduce lead-time to supply and reduce human errors


Full Maintenance Contract, Service Contract

  • Schedule machineuptime and downtime etc.
  • Maintenance scheduling and reminders for servicing,
  • refueling etc.
  • Planning of consumables/spare parts/service engineer based on date/period, HMR.


Warehouse Kitting &Pallet Management

  • Automated kitting plan based on the production plan
  • Navigation and part location / bin identification guidance within warehouse
  • Paperless and easy to operate and update for Kitting
  • process
  • Real-time update of warehouse stocks
  • Real-time tracking of Pallet Movement and its Status


Order Tracking System

  • Customer New Orders, Tracking of orders, reorder, shipping details, etc.
  • Credit Information, Credit Days, Payment Information 
  • YTD Purchase, MTD Purchase, reports.
  • Offers, Loyalty bonus.


Sales Team App

  • Company Profile, Corporate Videos, Products Videos, Customer Videos, Product
  • Dealer locator, Information, Specifications, Pricing State wise.
  • Quotation, Offers, service promotions, parts promotions


Refurbishment Management

  • Core, material, production management; plan, requirement & diagnosis
  • Component value by tracking inventory, receivables, invoices, estimation efforts, scrap & salvaged parts.
  • Dismantling and reassemble to deliver.


Customer Mobile App

  • Reach out to OEM made easy for quick response and resolution
  • Track request status through App
  • Request for a call back option to service desk
  • Information of service network for easy access


Logistics Management System

  • Easy management of logistic vendor with systematic approach
  • System driven intimation to vendors and across internal departments
  • Paper less work and stage wise tracking from selection of logistic vendor, dispatch and payment
  • Update on multiple delivery location made easy


It is not just the technology architecture is all encompassing; it is also our engagement models that are robust and inclusive. We provide our customers options to engage through perpetual or subscriber Licenses (SaaS) models, short-term project based or outcome like Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or Build, Own, and Manage (BOM).  These help us to serve not just the Fortune 500s but also sub-$100 Million small and medium companies in equipment sector.  



Detail us on the benefits accrued to your clients by using your solutions


In general, what our solutions provide is enterprise visibility and improves organizational response to market conditions. Clients who have implemented our aftermarket products and solutions realizing following benefits

Data driven and proactive decisions: our solutions help clients get current and accurate data/information from all stages and stakeholders. Whether it is about Customers, Machines, Dealers/Retailers, Service Teams, Parts Team, Sales Team, the decision makers are working with live data and basing their decision on hard facts.


Predictive analytics: Access to right and longitudinal information allows our clients to conduct predictive analysis and initiate proactive next steps to enhance customer experience.


Flexible Deployment models: Depending on capex and opex budgets of customer, can choose Subscription models or Ownership models or BOT model based on customer comfort.


Quick Deployment: Strong Business Domain built in the products makes to possible for early deployment and see results from the solution implemented.


Efficiency, Time, Cost, Quality: Streamlined Processes, Workflow and connectivity to Customer, Machine and other stakeholders shall provide company executives focus on their core business, products and services, Solutions shall benefit in reduction on resources, cost benefits in travel, communication, time, training, First time right thus bring in Quality and Efficiency.  


After Market Services: After Market services Parts/Service Helpdesk/Contact Centre, Parts Catalogue Maintenance, Technical Publication activities in Service Manuals, Method and Time study, Owner Manual, Operator Manual etc. helps our customers to focus on their core business and outsource to us.



What is your marketing strategy in a price-sensitive market?


“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” - Seneca


Our marketing strategy is simple, it is to communicate to the market that we design the best and deliver as promised. We do not go overboard on marketing, participating in sundry events, seminar and industry workshops.  We selectively participate in events where we could showcase new development, inform and educate customers about new technology development and application and receive feedback in informal settings.  We have invested in “thought leadership” seminars at Pune, Chennai, Rajkot and other cities to spread the industry best practices and new developments around aftermarkets. We have worked with industry associations, Chambers of commerce and institutions to spread the word.  



In which sectors do you expect demand for your solutions in the coming years?


Aftermarket is the most happening things across sectors. Whether it is Construction Equipment’s Manufacturers, Material Handling OEM’s, Truck Manufactures, heavy Equipment manufacturers demand for aftermarket consulting, products and solutions is only going to raise. Clients across industries are looking at AI/ML for predictive analysis of warranty, rentals or service rentals, BOTS or RPA for service automation and AR/VR applications for training and customer engagement.



Please offer your assessment of the importance of shows like EXCON for companies such as yours and tell us of your own previous experience? Expectations from hosting venues?


EXCON has been a crucial component of our marketing and branding activities and we see its value beyond the leads which it generates for us. We have participated in previous four editions of EXCON and we have seen results therefore we continue to participate in every edition. I personally perceive the location of EXCON the best one of the reasons being it is well connectivity for customers to reach to the exhibition. This year the host of EXCON has planned this exhibition is such a time when the weather conditions in Bangalore is at its best, this automatically attracts a number of footfalls from across the globe.


EXCON also allows us a chance to socialize and strike conversations with our existing clients. Participation in EXCON also gives an exposure to reach out to new customers, Press, PR and investor community. 


Bangalore being a hub South India hub for HQ’s we expect a good amount of prospective OEM’s and value chain clients pouring in to the exhibition.



Your outlook going forward for your industry and from a company perspective.


2019 has been a good year for Quest Informatics, as we have seen increase interest in our Products and Services globally, adding in customers from different verticals.


Our Dealer Management System (DMS) Implementation in North America & Europe has been highly successful, we have now moved to next phase of implementations, Multiple Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) implementation are underway in North America and Europe, on the services side we continue to work across geographies and grow at a health rate. We continue to get additional business from Heavy equipment manufacturers in India.

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