05 June 2020

Interaction- Punit Garg, MD, KOHLER Power India

KOHLER generators are designed to perform in some of the most challenging operating conditions



KOHLER Power India is headquartered in Pune with branches in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. KOHLER Power India caters to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka with an extensive channel partner network reaching nearly every major city in each country. In addition, the company operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, PUNIT GARG, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF KOHLER POWER INDIA and CLARKE ENERGY INDIA & BANGLADESH speaks about his company’s technologically advanced products, aftermarket services, participation at EXCON 2019 and a lot more.





Experts have called Industry 4.0 the next Industrial Revolution. How will Industry 4.0 bring in a revolution for the construction equipment manufacturing sector?


Industry 4.0 indeed can be termed as a Revolution with all the manufacturing processes getting seamlessly integrated. In our engine plant also we are upgrading some of our process and systems so as to improve the product throughput. We also help our suppliers and our channel partners to upgrade to Industry 4.0.



In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for your sector?


There is a definite impact in the Genset industry. Some features like Remote Monitoring and data communication enabled controllers had enabled the customer to monitor the characteristics of the Gensets sitting at the comfort of their home or offices. This enables the customers to keep the DG sets running at a healthy condition thereby increasing the overall life of the Sets.



Detail us on the range of engines & gensets offered by your company, in terms of types, capacities and applications.


Kohler is global manufacturer of Generators and Engines since 1920. We have generator range from 3.5 kVA ot 4200 kVA and engine range from 4 to 134 HP. We also have Gas Gensets available in the range 250KW to 10300KW from the Clarke Energy Stable. We have good presence in segments like Real estate, Industries, Hospitality, Hospitals and Data centres.



Are you planning to launch any new products or variants to your existing product portfolio?


Our Gensets are technologically advanced and meets the current CPCB2 norms and we are in process of developing the products to meet the upcoming CPCB4+ norms in 2021. Moreover we are also having plans to Launch our new series of 750 to 1500 kVA Gensets in the near future. We also have plans to come up with a new series of engines upto 25KW, which will be technologically superior to most of the engines available in the market and also be meeting global emission norms standards.



What distinguishes your products vis-a-vis the competition? Cutting edge Smart Technology in your products. Please provide details on your emphasis on technology, research, design and innovation?


KOHLER generators are designed to perform in some of the most challenging operating conditions. Combined with the efficient lean-burn gas product ranges of Clarke Energy, KOHLER believes that we now have a long term and a sustainable power solution. The environmental impacts are balanced with a well-developed product range running on conventional fossil fuels, as well as on gas. One of the striking features of our gas gensets is the built-in heat recovery process, which eliminates the need for addition of external cooling systems. Our gas gensets provide an optimized fuel consumption for continuous duty operations, as well as for combined heat and power applications. Further, all our products are strongly backed up by comprehensive warranties and a reliable after-market support from our authorized dealers, in terms of genuine spare parts and efficient service.



Green environment friendly technology in your products.


Gensets emissions have been regulated for a long time in India by the Central Pollution Control Board. All our products comply to the existing emissions and noise regulations, as applicable. The performance and compliance aspects of the KOHLER products are well knitted together to provide optimum value to our customers. KOHLER India has always had a representation on various industry forums that provide technical inputs to the regulatory authorities in India for formulation of new regulations. The forward looking inputs from these discussions are considered by our R&D team while designing & developing the performance envelopes of all our new products. KOHLER has always been committed in providing clean and environmentally friendly products to the society.



Detail us on your aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator


We have 75 outlets throughout India, and we have trained service manpower for effective complaint resolution. This has created tremendous good will and repeat orders for our products. With Integrated sales and service channel partners, it one stop solution for all our customer needs.



Tell us about your Manufacturing Base in India. Do you practise Lean Manufacturing? What is your current level on the Six Sigma (6σ) scale?


We have state of the art manufacturing plant in Aurangabad for both engines and generators. This plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified with focus on Quality Management System (QMS).



Do you practice ‘Make in India and Sell Globally,’ use your India manufacturing base to supply the global market.


Our engine plant in Aurangabad caters to the global requirements of KOHLER and all the engines are fully indigenized. We have major exports to USA, Europe and parts of Africa. Our Gensets upto 650 KVA are also manufactured in our Aurangabad facility and we export these sets to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This helps us to live up to the  “Make in India & Sell Globally” practice.



Your assessment of India’s manufacturing policy, to what extent does it foster growth of your company.


With the tremendous support from the Government to boost the manufacturing industry it has become more logical and easier for us to invest more into the Indian Manufacturing facility. As a global strategy  we are looking at India as a very important option for us for manufacturing our engines and Generators for our global requirements.



Your outlook for the engines & gensets market and from your company perspective


India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economy and  with all the infrastructural growth that is happening in the country, be it real estate, Roads, metros, we hope to aid the country in its growth and development by providing reliable and eco friendly products for their back up power requirements. With the data centers coming up in India, we see a big potential in the 1800 KVA and above market, in the next 2 years.



As an exhibitor, what are your expectations at EXCON ’19?


EXCON exhibition will boost brand awareness of KOHLER in Indian market. It is a very good platform for us to connect with potential customers and influencers. It also gives us an opportunity to showcase of our company strengths to focused customers.

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