04 July 2020

Interaction-Sailaj Verma, Sr VP, KYB-CONMAT

We want to drive the market  we don’t want to be driven by it



KYB-CONMAT PVT LTD, today has 70 manufacturing locations in 34 countries. The company is a global manufacturing hub for Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete paving machines, Concrete Pumps and Transit Mixers. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SAILAJ VERMA, SR VICE PRESIDENT, KYB-CONMAT PVT LTD shares about the companies offerings, participation at EXCON 2019 and a lot more.






Brief us about your company


Conmat Group of Industries started in 2002 from a small 200 Sq. ft. rented space to manufacture material handling systems, and diversified into Concrete Construction Equipment in 2009 at Vadodara.


The company has set up a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Vadodara, Gujarat, which spreads over 5,00,000 Sq. Ft. to produce technologically advanced yet economically viable equipment.


KCPL is producing World’s finest Concrete Construction Equipment’s. Indian facility, with the support of Japanese technology, which is used as a global manufacturing hub for Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete paving machines, Concrete Pumps and Transit Mixers.




As an exhibitor, what plans have you lined up for EXCON 2019, new launch & details if any?


KYB Conmat is an Associate Sponsor for Excon 2019 this year and we have great expectations from the show. It is a great opportunity for all the manufacturers to meet the local and international customers in one location. I believe Excon 2019 will bring in more customer footfalls than Excon 2017, because the market sentiment is upbeat. This edition is at the time where we are enjoying good growth as an industry. It is not only a great platform for many international firms to announce their arrival in India, but also gives them a platform for new product launches. Therefore, we look forward for Excon 2019, the premier construction equipment show not just in India but also in South Asia.


EXCON - 2019 is going to be one of the biggest business opportunities for the Construction Equipment sector. We are launching many new products this year, besides displaying the new generation Stationary Batching Plants, Mobile Batching Plants, Road Paving Machines, Canal Paving Machines, Elevators, Concrete Pumps, Transit Mixers from 6 to 8 Cubic Meter capacity with PTO & slave Engine.




Existing Product Brief:-


Our Rack & Pinion Elevators have been designed considering Indian working conditions and Global safety standards. It offers reduced energy consumption and operating cost, increased reliability and uptime, user friendly controls and centralized monitoring system. It has a robust triple safety system comprising Electromagnetic braking, Centrifugal braking & Ultimate Safety devise to boost user confidence We, being the pioneer in technological advancement in Concrete Batching Plants, introduced Twin Shaft Compulsory Mixer in its full range of Automatic Batching Plants seven years ago, starting with the smallest 20 CuM mobile to 240 CuM stationary Plants. Our major strength is our proprietary SCADA based software BatchCon, which is perfect and user friendly interface between men & machine. Our plants require minimal foundation, minimal set up & Installation time, and provide better & faster mixing, hence offering a faster payback. Due to all above, we are awarded with “Sarvottam Manufacturer of Concrete Batching Plant in India” by Builders Association of India in 2015. 


We offer exclusive range of standard & customized high performance Concrete Paving Machines for Roads & canals. The vibratory cylinder provide better compaction and enables higher rate of production for faster completion of projects, while our rugged & user friendly operator controls, coupled with energy efficient electrical drive system provide better operator comfort and increase productivity, and hence better ROI. Today, over 1000 paving machines are working satisfactorily in the field, making KYB-CONMAT one of the largest canal paving machine manufacturers in the world.


We have also successfully introduced Transit Mixers ranging from 6 CuM to 8 CuM, with Slave Engines and PTO in Indian market.




What is the level of competition in this industry?


It would be fair to say that competition is quite stiff as there are several challenges to overcome since KYB – Conmat has set its benchmark in construction industry throughout these years.  It is essential to generate awareness among customers and educate them regarding the pros and cons of an equipment before purchasing it. This is a challenge as customers get reluctant and sceptical after going through mishaps that occur due to their ignorance while dealing elsewhere.




Specialised equipment is the need of the day. Do you have any top-of-the line machinery? Give details. Where are they currently being used? Do you also hire equipment? If yes, what are the machinery usually hired?


We have upgraded our products’ length and width along with the tint of Japanese technology that is utmost user - friendly and demands minimum maintenance. Being economically feasible in nature our products are highly in demand for building cost effective projects in humble budgets across the globe. KYB – Conmat Pavers are the most versatile and can be adopted to various paving sequences like Single/Two/Three or for multipurpose paving depending on canal cross sections. Secondly, Concrete Mixers are best suited for carrying and discharging low slump concrete with larger aggregates. As far as the emergence for surge in Concrete built projects are concerned, KYB – Conmat is the pioneer for the Twin – Shaft Mixer Technology in India as Dams normally use bigger size aggregates and hence TSM is the ultimate solution to it. May it be projects for Dams/Barrage/Spill Ways and Canal construction, KYB – Conmat has proved to become a trusted name for all its products.




How do you view the current market for construction equipment?


The Indian construction equipment sector is made up of five main segments: Earthmoving equipment, road construction equipment, concrete equipment, material handling equipment, and material processing equipment. India’s infrastructure sector is poised to grow significantly with the increasing demand for development of key infrastructure projects such as roads and highways, rural connectivity, urban infrastructure including metro rail projects, ports and airports, industrial corridors, smart city projects, etc. Investment and implementation of key projects are the concerns of the construction and construction equipment industry. Several initiatives by the Government such as 100 smart city projects, urban infrastructure including metro rail projects, port development, the creation of an industrial corridor and a dedicated freight corridor, would boost the country’s infrastructure development. So, for a growing economy like India the infrastructure sector and construction industry will prosper in the long run.




In this tough competition age what is our recent point of focus?


We believe the greatest challenge for companies today is not keeping up with their competitors, but with their own customers. Business used to be about getting customers to do what you wanted them to do. But customers don’t accept this anymore. They don’t like to be told what to do. They want relationships based on reciprocity, transparency and authenticity.


We began this company with nothing more than a pocket full of dreams and it still takes us by surprise to see how far we have come.


We want to drive the market – we don’t want to be driven by it. Our guiding principle is; Change the market before it changes you. We have been changing the products, processes, customer’s expectations along with their mind-sets at an amazingly rapid pace. But there are few focus points which will never change:-


  • Our commitment towards customers
  • Our passion for technology
  • Our determination for Quality & Excellence
  • Our primary concern for the planet. Now and for the decades to come.


1. Other development of the industry/company.

We are a part of 98 year old group, having 34 plants and 62 offices across the world. With the emerging new business models and trends in the industries, KYB-Conmat is focused in its drive to provide innovative design, state-of–the-art technology, and quality-based world-class products, which are well accepted in the market because of its prompt & effective after–sales-service and higher performance on price ratio. As a brand, KYB has a vision and goal to expand and create a global presence. With this is in mind, we are planning to increase our presence for sales, and after sales to all the major cities in India and overseas. Apart from that, we will also be associating with new channel partners to increase our presence and to be closer to our customers. Within a short span of time, we will have our large presence in all the major cities across pan India.



2. Details about your Manufacturing Base in India

Conmat Group of Industries started in 2002 from a small 200 Sq. Ft rented space to manufacture material handling systems, and diversified into Concrete Construction Equipment in 2009 at Vadodara. The moment of glory came with equity partnership from the Global giant KYB Corporation of Japan in 2012. Today the group has 70 manufacturing locations in 34 countries, having annual turnover of over 21000 crores and employing over 12500 professionals.The company has set up a state of the Art R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Vadodara, Gujarat, which spreads over 5,00,000Sq.Ft. to produce technologically advanced yet economically viable equipment.




Tell us on your company’s focus on R&D and Innovation


Research and Development is very highly valued at KYB-Conmat. We have a R&D center in India, in Vadodara, and in Japan. We wish to make path-breaking innovations a norm in order to best serve our customers. Innovations are very important in today’s competitive and fast-paced market to stay relevant. Our Research and Development is working in full force on some great products, while also focusing on upgrading our existing products, which we believe, are sure to take the market by storm.