05 June 2020

Interction-Dimitrov Krishnan, VP & Head of Volvo

Volvo CE is strongly focused on productivity and lowering cost of operations



Volvo CE has a reputation for bringing the latest technologies and innovations. Volvo’s equipment offer the company’s hallmark qualities: industry-leading fuel efficiency and productivity levels that customers love the world over—particularly in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DIMITROV KRISHNAN, VICE PRESIDENT & HEAD OF VOLVO CE INDIA speaks about the cutting edge technologies, aftermarket services and expectations from EXCON ’19.






What is your Company’s outlook for the Indian Construction Equipment market?


The Indian Construction Equipment market has been on a major upswing since 2015. We peaked in terms of both sales and demand in 2018. This year however, we experienced a slowdown but now we see signs of revival. 2020 certainly looks promising given the Government’s recent policy pronouncements, corporate tax breaks and renewed thrust on massive infrastructure development. We expect the industry to log compounded annual growth of 8-10% over the next 5 years. Volvo CE India is poised to grow, on par with industry, if not better.



What distinguishes your products and aftermarket services from the competition?


As a rule, every Volvo CE product or service comes with a certain value-add that sets it apart from the rest. That’s because at Volvo we have always stood by an abiding commitment to ensure our customers get the maximum possible return on invest. So you will find in all our products and services a unique little extra that goes on to work wonders for our customers over the long haul.


Our range of construction equipment, for example, all feature cutting-edge smart technologies yet ensure they leave behind significantly lower carbon footprints. Our products are both futuristic in technology and environment friendly – so designed keeping a “Sustainable Future” in mind.  Our focus on Electromobility and Automation is as sharp as our focus on fuel efficiency -which ensure our customers get the best of both worlds, something the competition finds difficult to emulate. CareTrack - our advanced telematics system that gives equipment owners access to complete machine monitoring information – contributes to significant savings in terms of time and money. The system generates a wide range of reports with data on aspects such as fuel consumption, operational hours, geographical location, wear parts, machine servicing and more. Imagine the advantages, especially when the machine is at work in a remote area, miles away from base.


Volvo CE operates through a wide network of 19 dealers and over a 100 touch points across the country. We invest heavily on competence building of our dealer staff just so that they learn to fix any maintenance or repair issue “first time right”.



Currently, what is the range of Construction Equipment offered by the Company?


Volvo CE India offers a complete range of earthmoving, material handling and road building equipment specifically designed for Indian conditions. These include Excavators, Loaders, Compactors and Pavers of various types and capacities designed for a wide variety of applications.