06 June 2020

Interaction-VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India

Schwing Stetter India will be displaying 22 new products at EXCON 2019



Schwing Stetter India, is a name known to everyone in the infrastructure sector. The company’s products are not just designed for high productivity as the designers have taken tremendous efforts in making the equipment consumer friendly and have a very long service life. To cater to the needs of the Indian market, Schwing Stetter India has 29 sales and 32 spares offices and 10 service centers. In an exclusive to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V.G. SAKTHIKUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, MEMBER OF GOVERNING COUNCIL, ICEMA, CHAIRMAN OF MECHANISATION COMMITTEE, BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA speaks about the company’s participation at EXCON 2019, the use of IoT and Industry 4.0 and a lot more.






Experts have called Industry 4.0 the next Industrial Revolution. How will Industry 4.0 bring in a revolution for the construction equipment manufacturing sector? Tell us about its scope and extent of its implementation in your manufacturing facility and equipment.


Industry 4.0 has an impact in the following area listed as below.



  • Improved quality – as the analysis made on key component uses in the equipment.
  • Increased productivity – as the downtime is reduced with the usage of IIoT based machine to track the performance and status.
  • Limited human intervention. – With an access only to the supervision, the machine operates with self-learning ability which leads to the safe work environment and accuracy in the job done. 


We have implemented our IoT solutions in Supersix and Superrseven concrete transit mixers through IoT In, IoT ready, IoT abled and Schwing Smartrack product solutions.



What benefits have you reaped by adopting Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing operations and equipment.


Reduced downtime, safe work environment, space reduction, attending to issues on time and proactive maintenance are the benefits that has been reaped from adopting Industry 4.0.



Problems faced in Human-Machine Interface to implement Industry 4.0? How have you tackled problem of integrating legacy systems/software/machinery in your adoption of Industry 4.0.


Latency in addressing to line or job challenges: if there is any challenge raised in the production there was a latency in attending to the same but after integration of legacy system with gateway by monitoring some key parameters, one is able to attend to the challenges on time which benefits in avoiding major breakdowns.



In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for the construction equipment sector?


The IoT will definitely bring major drift in the following provided there is enough network with upgraded technology and affordable data storage cost. Major changes can be observed in:

  1. Quality improvement.
  2. Project status visibility.
  3. Increased efficiency.
  4. Safe work environment.



Detail us on the range of construction equipment offered by your company, in terms of types, capacities, and applications. 


Schwing Stetter is a pioneer in manufacturing equipment for concrete preparation, placement, transportation and recycling. Concrete truck mixer, concrete batching plant, concrete pump, concrete placer boom, mobile concrete conveyor, shotcreting machine, recycling plant, water chilling plant are our well-established products in the market for the past 21 years. Self-loading mixer, self propelled mixer, plastering pump, sludge pump, weigh bridge, tower crane, wheel loader, motor grader, cold milling machine, truck crane, crawler crane, all terrain crane, aerial working platform, horizontal directional drilling, and rotary drilling rig are our various newer Schwing Stetter and XCMG range of equipment that have been launched recently.


Concrete Pumps:


  • Flat gate valve: BP 350 / SP 1800 / SP 2800.
  • Stationary concrete pumps: SP 1015 D / HD / SP 1200/ SP 1200 HD / SP 1420 D / SP 1400 / SP 1600 / SP 1800 / SP1807 / SP 2000 / SP2509 / SP2800.
  • Heavy duty concrete pumps: SP 3000 / SP 3500 / SP 4507 / SP 4800 / SP 8800.
  • Line pumps: BPL350D / SPL 1000 / SPL 1200 / SPL1200VE / SPL 1400 / SPL1400VE /  SPL 1420 /  SPL 1800 / SPL 1807.
  • Truck mounted concrete pumps: S17 / S20 / S36X / S43 SX III.
  • Separate placing boom: SPB 25 / SPB 32 / SPB 35.
  • Shotcrete pumps: TSR 30.14 / TSM 30.14 / TSR 20.10 / TSM 20.8 / BPN 300 RE.
  • Transit mixer with pump: TMP32.6.
  • Plastering pump: S30HD40-FU-TM100.
  • Concrete placer boom: RVH 18.

Concrete Batching Plants:


  • Mobile batching plant: CP18 / CP18 TM.
  • Compact batching plant: CP30 / CP45.
  • Mobile mixing plants: M30Z / M25Z / M21Z / M1 / M1.25 / M2.25 / M2.5 / M3.
  • Horizontal concrete mixing plants: HN2 to HN4 / H5 TO H6 / H1J / H1JR / H1.25J / H2.5J / H3J.


Concrete Transit Mixer:


  • AM3FH / AM3SH / AM3SHN / AM3FHN / AM4FH / AM4SH / AM4FHN / AM4SHN2 / AM6FHN2 / AM6FHC2 / AM6SHN2 / AM6SHC2 / AM7FHC2 / AM7SHC2 / AM7FHN2 / AM7SHN2 / AM8FHC2 / AM8SHC2 / AM9FHC2 / AM9SHC2 / AM10FHC2 / AM10SHC2 / AM12FHC / AM12SHC.
  • Nimo.




  • Mobile concrete conveyor: F12.
  • Recycling plant: RA6 / RA12 / RA20.
  • Chilling plant: 47 TR / 54 TR / 70 TR / 90 TR / 120 TR / 150 TR.
  • Weigh bridge: Schwing 996 / Schwing 997.
  • Circular distributor: RVM 7 / RVM 10 / RVM 12.
  • Control system: MCI55 / MCI70N V3.1 / MCI370 / MCI460 / MCI550.


Sludge Pump Systems:


  • Muck pumps.
  • Waste water treatment plant.
  • Sludge pump technology.


Self-Loading Concrete Mixers:


•             SLM2200 / SLM4000 (Slewing, non - slewing and tunnel version).



Are you planning to launch any new products or variants to your existing product portfolio?


A whole range of new products will be launched at the Schwing Stetter India outdoor stall OD21 and OD 37 at Orange lot in 3344 sq meters space. We will be displaying most of our equipment with smart technologies. We realized that we need to spend more time with the customers on the technology itself. We have booked for the very first time, a 12 sq.m indoor stall, AI 20 in Hall 4 to demonstrate our capabilities in digitization and automation. Incidentally this hall is dedicated for Smart i – Tech – Next Gen India @ 75 theme being intelligent, internet, interconnected, innovation and infrastructure.


Schwing Stetter India will be displaying 22 new products at EXCON 2019 in 3356 sq.m space at outdoor stall, orange lot, OD 21, OD37 along with XCMG, GOMACO, USA and Rubble master HMH GmBH products with a grand total of 46 products. We are showcasing our smart and intelligent technologies at the indoor stall AI20 in hall 4 for the very first time. Few of the new products to be displayed at the outdoor stall are as follows.



  1. Schwing concrete line pump SPL1420.
  2. Stetter concrete batching plant CP21.
  3. Stetter self-loading mixer SLM bee 2.0.
  4. Stetter self-loading tunnel mixer SPM4000.
  5. Stetter concrete recycling plant RA6.
  6. Schwing light mast.
  7. Gomaco concrete paver GP2600 with IDBI.
  8. Gomaco cylinder finisher SL450.
  9. Rubble master crusher RM 70GO! 2.0.
  10. XCMG crawler crane XGC55 T.
  11. XCMG excavator XE380 C.
  12. XCMG motor grader GR1003.
  13. XCMG truck crane XCT50.
  14. XCMG truck crane XCT60.
  15. XCMG truck crane XCT80.



What distinguishes your products vis-a-vis the competition? Green environment friendly technology in your products.


The key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining our stronghold in the market are listed below:

  • Lowest operating cost.
  • Lowest fuel consumption.
  • Strong service network.
  • Anywhere parts support.
  • Largest no of service centres in India.
  • Strong design capability and product innovation in India.
  • World class customer training support.
  • Portability, interchangeability, versatility, operating efficiency are standard features across all models.


Along with high productivity are the key features of all our equipment that solely drives on longevity. Our equipment is designed to consume less fuel, operates with low decibel levels, safer to operate, consumes less parts and has a very long service life which makes our equipment, a favorite among our customers.


Our company is very conscious of fuel efficiency and our equipment are environment friendly.  Our major contribution was introduction of a new product called `Super Six’ in the truck mixer equipment, in cooperation with Mahindra Powerol, which is one of the industry’s first initiative. This product will offer substantial reduction in fuel consumption by over 30% on a 6 cum Mixer fitted with this engine.  This will offer a saving of `1 lakh per year on fuel cost for the customer, if they operate the mixer for 2000 kms at a stretch.  We keep undertaking a similar kind of research and probably we are the only company who have incorporated IoT (Internet of Things) for almost all our products like boom pumps, truck mixers and batching plants. In the newly introduced Super Six, we have the `IoT Enabled Mixer’ and the `IoT Ready Mixer’.


Modern batching plants come with flexible computer-controls that facilitate storage of different mix recipes (variations of different strengths of concrete based on the amount aggregates - cement, water and sand that can be used). This can be precisely controlled, thereby enabling energy efficiency. Also batching plants these days produce high volume of concrete in shorter time span which was not the case even until a few years back. Finally, the key benefit of working with these plants is that the workers are given a controlled environment that is pollution free, thus enabling the quality of life for the operators.


Schwing Green Pumps: Fuel efficiency is one major parameter that a customer looks into, given the bearing it has on the design of green products. Also concepts such as low lifecycle cost, faster return of investments, cost per cubic meter, all have a positive impact on OEMs, who have launched a variety of pumps to suit the requirements of the customer, coupled with innovative service packages. New operating system gives all the information about pumping hours, running hours, and wear and tear. Schwing Stetter is ahead of the industry competition in terms of introducing new products. Our recent new product launches were Schwing stationary concrete pump SP1015D/HD, SP1420 and SP 4507.



Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines. Such as; engine control, SCADA, PLC, Telematics, IoT, etc. Also Safety and Operator Comfort features in your machines.


All our equipment is installed with latest technology and with the options to facilitate interface with Enterprise Resource Planning / IoT. The improvement never stops as always there will be an innovation happening to fulfil the customer requirement in line with the latest technology. Stetter concrete batching plants are built with the latest technology of panel building. PLC’s from top class manufacturers are provided which is in line to the safety norms and industrial standards. Schwing concrete pumps and Stetter concrete mixers comes with an option to enable IoT technology with the flexibility to host the API to share data to the customer cloud space as well.



Detail us on your aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.

We are known for a strong after- market support to the customers and that is the pillar of our relationship. Schwing Stetter India has 25 sales and 32 spares offices and 10 service centers. We have more than 450 plus service engineers who strengthen us. In addition, we have a project department, service and spares sales, training centre which was recently accredited and certified the first ever training centre to certify pump operators under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana through National Skill Development Corporation in the whole of India, which strengthen us even more.



Major demands made by end-users of your equipment. Is there a shift from initial cost price to total cost of ownership (TCO) in buyer decisions?

Every customer is sensitive about cost of the equipment. But however, they are aware good performance comes from quality product and approach of the company in supporting the customers. Today, the customer realize that the lowest paid product is no guarantee to meet the performance parameter spare parts and service demand after the warranty period. Customers wants more reliability and accuracy.



Do you practice ‘Make in India and Sell Globally,’ use your India manufacturing base to supply the global market.

Schwing Stetter has been manufacturing Made in India concreting equipment since its inception right from the year 1999. We are having higher level of indigenisation in products where the quantities are more. Our product policy is to introduce a fully imported machine and develop components locally and reach a maximum level of indigenisation to make it affordable for the customer. During the process of developing the product for India, it is also attractive for many other countries which has similar conditions like India. Therefore, the export market opens up completely and we are exporting now to thirty countries from India and we have seven export branch offices available.



Your outlook for the Indian ECE market and from your company perspective

The long term potential for the Earthmoving and construction equipment industry is very bright. Therefore, revival is a key factor. India has got a lot to do on rural road connectivity and improvement of road quality in the rural area. So across India, various states have different level of road development and if India has to have similar type of road connectivity across, it gives us a great opportunity for rural roads and national highways through various projects announced like Bharatmala, Sagarmala, coastal roads, horizontal and vertical national highway corridors crisscrossing the country, etc.



As an exhibitor, what are your expectations at EXCON ’19?

We expect EXCON to be the first step for the revival in the construction equipment industry after slowdown.


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