23 February 2020

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- GEOSYNTHETICS

Interaction- Kartik Kanodia, Dir, Manas Geo Tech India


Our R&D Sector is continuously working towards developing something new


Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution provider for all  Geo-synthetic needs. Geo Synthetics include Geo Textile (Woven & Non-Woven), Geo Grid, Geo Membrane, Geo Cell, Geo Composites, Geo Synthetic Clay Liner and Geo Foam. With an most advanced State of the Art European Manufacturing Facility and a highly skilled Quality/Technical Team to ensure highest quality of Geo Synthetics are manufactured and supplied all over the world. In an exclusive interview to  CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, KARTIK KANODIA, DIRECTOR, MANAS GEO TECH INDIA PVT LTD, speaks about the cutting edge technologies in his company’s products and future outlook.





What is the present growth trend witnessed in the Geosynthetics sector? Give us an assessment of the demand-supply gap in the sector in India?


As per Industry Experts, the Indian Geo Synthetic market in 2015 was worth 120 Million Square meters but is expected to reach 300 Million Square meters by 2020.


Thus, the estimated Growth is over 2.5 times in five years. Geo Textile account for 85% of the Market & Geo Grid, Geo Cells & Geo Composite account for 15% Balance, Geo Foam & Geo Synthetic Clay liner are still less used upcoming products.


The market for Geo Textile has been increasing at a significant rate of 30% over the past 5 Years.


In Reality as well for Non-Woven Geo Textile, we have witnessed a major increase in Demand over the past 5 Years.


We started mfg Non-Woven Geo Textiles in 2015 & since then the demand is increasing every year with Consultants/Contractors acknowledging the benefits of this Technology & Reaping benefits from the same. In India, Demand for Non-Woven Geo Textile has been rapidly increasing where Supply-Demand Gap is Minimal but Geo Grid, Geo Membrane & Geo Cell market still needs to be more developed.




Tell us about your Geo - Synthetics product portfolio, in terms of types and applications?


Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd in 2015 imported a Fully Automated State of the Art Non-Woven Geo Textile from Italy & set it up in Haryana, India. This is currently the most advanced plant in India with Widths up to 5 Meters to save overlapping costs. This is our Fourth year in Operation & due to quality & service we have been able to penetrate the market & are currently approved/Supplying to all Major Infrastructure Projects in the country. We are also Exporting in Good Quantities to the Middle East, Thailand, Maldives, Bangladesh, Africa and Nepal etc.


We are currently exporting around 30% of our Product.


Currently, we are only Manufacturing Non-Woven Geo Textile but are supplying Woven Geo Textile, Geo Membrane & Geo Cells thanks to our good relations with Quality Manufacturers from India & all over the world.




What are the advantages of using Geo- Synthetics in the construction sector?


Use of Geo Synthetics has the below main 4 Advantages


Re-Enforcement : Geo-synthetics like Non-Woven geotextile and geogrid help in increasing the overall strength of the soil. They basically help in preventing the lateral spreading of the base & improve the vertical stress distribution of the sub-grade by distributing the load along the surface. The combined benefits can improve the load-carrying capacity of the road by more than 50%.


Separation : Non-Woven geotextile helps in keeping the two main layers of soil namely subgrade and aggregate apart thus it prevents mixing & helps each layer to distinctly perform its functions.


Drainage : Non-Woven Geo Textile due to its very high permeability allows water to flow along its plane in the side ditches. Hence, Geo Synthetics carry the water & acts as a drainage medium. This is a major reason why Non-Woven Geo Textile is extensively being used in Tunnel Lining projects across India.


Filtration : The use of geosynthetic allows adequate liquid flow across the plane of the geotextile. The apparent opening size (AOS) prevents soil to pass through its surface but allows water to pass freely. This is due to the skillful manufacturing of the Non-Woven Geo Textile at Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd the AOS is always kept less than the size of the finer soil particles.




What differentiates your products vis-à-vis competitors? In what way will your client benefit?


Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd has the most Advanced Non-Woven Geo Textile plant in India hence we supply World Class Non-Woven Geo Textile at Competitive Prices.


Geo Textile, which was earlier Imported at Inflated costs, are now being Manufactured in Haryana, India. We also match higher properties like Strength, etc. at a lower GSM (thickness) thus giving the customer a cost-benefit for the same. Also, Our Production Capacity is very high hence lead times are low, We are currently manufacturing around 300 Tons Monthly which is 3,600 Tons per Year.


Our Client Benefits due to this competitive price, World-class Quality with less Lead-time.Also, we are approved by all Major Government/Private Contractors namely NHAI, NTPC, IRCON, DRDO, Northern Railways, Water Resource Department, AFCONS, L&T, Patel Engineering. Hence getting approval is much easier due to such strong credentials.




Cutting-edge technology/products developed by your R&D; center.


Our R&D Sector is continuously working towards developing something new. We are in the process of launching the Manufacturing facility of Geo Composite (Sand-which Material), which can be used as a replacement of Filter Media in RE Walls.This greatly reduces the cost for Filter Media & will save time & labor.


We are also constantly working on using special Fire Retardant, Viscose type fibers to develop a newer type of Non-Woven Geo Textile.




Reasons for the low penetration of Geo-Synthetics in the Indian market. What are you doing to disseminate awareness about them in the construction sector?


 Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd is continuously in touch with NHAI & Indian Textile Ministry to promote the use of Geo Synthetics in Infrastructure. With the help of Textile machinery, we have also recently done sample 1000 Meter Pilot projects in North East as well.


Our Sales team is continuously giving presentations & educating Consultants/Contractors on the benefits of using Geo Synthetics in Indian Infrastructure.





Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used.


We have supplied to a Number of Major projects in the recent past:


Roads- Lucknow Unnao Road Project by L&T, Auragabad- Varanasi Road Project- Soma, Nellore BSCPL Road Project.


Tunnel- NH1A Banihal Qanzikund Road Project, T2, T5, T15, T49B, T74R all Major Tunnel Projects in Jammu & Kashmir.


Railways- Tundla Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFCC) Tata Projects.


Port Projects- Jawaharlal Port Project (JNPT) Mumbai, DRDO Navy Base Project Visakhapatnam& Gopalpur Project in Orissa by Afcons.


Power Projects- NTPC Super Telangana Power Project, NTPC Samhadri, NTPC Kudgi Power Plant Project.


Geo Bags- In 2018 we have supplied over 5 Lakh Geo Bags to flood affected areas in Assam & Bihar.




What is your cost/quality equation in a price sensitive market like India?


Due to Modern Technical Machinery our Quality is the best In India. Due to this reason we have been able to tap all Major Infrastructure Projects in the country & work with International consultants like Larsen & Tubro, Galfaar Engineering, etc. Cost- Due to High Volumes where are manufacturing 3600 Tons per Year hence cost is at par our competitors. We are supplying much better quality at the same prices as Indian Competitors.




Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products?


Currently we are mostly supplying to Road & Tunnel projects but there is great scope in Railway, Canal, Landfill and Port Projects in the future.




What type of government policy would foster growth of India’s geosynthetics market?


Government should be make use of Geo Synthetics mandatory in Infrastructure as there is major Benefits at lower costs. Geo Synthetics are extensively being used in Middle East, America & China and its high time we make use of Geo Synthetics an integral part of our Construction Technologies. There is no Carbon Footprint hence Sustainably we can prolong the life of the project.




Your outlook on the geo synthetics, from industry and from your company perspective?


Geo Synthetics offers a number of Benefits to the Infrastructure leaving no carbon footprint, Hence there is a need for Consultants to incorporate Geo-Synethetics in their design. Also there is a need for Quality Manufacture to step in & invest in Quality European Machinery & Fibers to supply World Class Geo Synthetics in India.


From Manas Geo Tech, We are determined to supply Quality Geo-Synthetics. We are in the process of starting a Geo Composite line from Europe which will greatly reduce RE Wall Costs & will always be determined to supply Quality Geo Synthetics, which can in turn improve the quality of our Indian Infrastructure.



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