10 July 2020

Interaction- Anil Banchhor, MD & CEO, RDC Concrete India


RDC Concrete has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative building solutions



RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd has emerged as India’s largest non-cement RMC company. It has 46 plants across India clocking annual turnover of over 800 crores. In an exclusive interview, ANIL BANCHHOR, MD & CEO, RDC CONCRETE (INDIA) PVT LTD, talks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, about the trends in the RMC sector, the company’s offerings and outlook for the RMC equipment market in India.





What is the present growth trend witnessed in the RMC sector? Give us an assessment on the demand-supply gap in the RMC sector in India?



Ready Mix Industry is moving at a reasonable pace. RMC market is growing at a rate of 8% YOY in India, while RDC concrete is growing at the rate of 38% YOY. As per the latest trends Cement demand for RMC in India is likely to grow by 8 % in Year 2019-20 clearly showing expected level of increase in growth of RMC Business. We are planning similar incremental growth in the financial year 2019-20.


Is India’s construction sector ready for high-end RMC products having niche applications.


Construction sector is mostly driven by cost and speed. Any innovation or application in line with these requirements, market will accept and reward it.  Some special applications are already making their way into the market slowly but surely. Customers and consultants have started to understand the benefits of special applications and are adopting them. Designers and architects have an important role to play in this. It is their knowledge and awareness of these products that can change the trends in the market.



Tell us about the RMC products offered by your company. Please share details about your manufacturing units – location, capacities, and investments?



We have introduced RDC High performcrete, RDC Selfcrete and  RDC Imprecrete series in the market in last year. RDC High performcrete is high strength high durable product series. RDC Selfcrete is product series for Self compacting concrete designed for ease of handling and execution. RDC Imprecrete is range of decorative concrete solutions. These products are contributing in reducing CO2 emmisions as well as provide ease of execution and add value to our clients. All these products have been very well received in the market. Currently we are working in 14 locations with 50 Ready Mix Concrete Plants.




Tell us of the new products you have introduced or plan to launch in the near future.



We are planning to launch a very portable solution of doing concrete named RDC Bagcrete which quite unique in itself. Just imagine the concrete which can be transported without transit mixer, you only have to add water and mix with hand trowel at site. It is going to be game changer in the area where site accessibility is an issue. Also, with this product we are planning to penetrate into repair solution market in the form of high strength grouts and repair mortars. This product will open up a whole new segment for us and increase our penetration into the market. High strength RDC Bagcrete can be used for High rise building Columns Starters, Road Pot Holes and  Individual house repair works.





Which RMC Grades have maximum demand. What are their applications.



Average grade of concrete lies anywhere between 30 to 40 MPa depending upon the demand and construction methodologies across geographies. For example regions like Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad average is higher than rest of the regions due to construction of high rise structure in them. Having said that industry still uses lower grades for construction even though material required for construction can be reduced for same load carrying capacity which can extremely helpful to conserve our recourses. But still things are changing but a slow pace.





Please tell us about the Green Virtues of your RMC. How eco friendly are your products.



RDC Concrete keeps sustainability as one of its core value and continuously works to make our products green and environment friendly. That is the reason we use Fly ash and GGBS in all of our concrete products reducing the cement requirement by 20-30% for the same grade. Fly ash and GGBS being a byproduct of thermal power plants and steel plants and being produced in such large quantities has itself become an issue to its disposal and management. By incorporating both these by products we move one step closer towards solving this issue.




Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.



RDC Concrete has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative building solutions to meet a plethora of requirements of customers. We meet customers to understand their requirement and offer solutions, creating win win situations. Each member of the management team has experience of over a decade in a leadership role in leading ready mixed concrete and/or construction organizations and brings to the table a unique blend of skills that will help RDC achieve its goal of being a significant force in the ready mixed concrete industry.




Your company’s focus on R & D and technological innovation



Currently our R&D is focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete. Cement as we know create lot of green house gases right starting from the factory to the end product. If we are able reduce the cement requirement in our products, this will be able to set new cement consumption trend which are very high currently.




Major problems faced in maintaining consistency of quality in your RMC products.



One of the major problems in maintaining a consistent product is frequently changing source of raw materials that go into making concrete. This also presents unique opportunity in propelling our Research and Development Team to push the boundary, thereby developing new /improving existing services of Product. To overcome these challenges our teams have to continuously work and fine tune our recipes so that final properties of the product are not affected in any way. Our teams predicts the trend in the market and be ready with the alternatives to that our business in not effected in any way.





In which sectors do you expect demand in the coming years?



Over the years, we have observed a reasonably good growth trend in the RMC Sector. Hence we can expect same demand over next years. India’s infrastructure is going up as per our Budget 2019 announcement. According to the Budget 2019 announcement the government plans to restructure the national highways and Metros. Also many new industrial projects are coming up. This bores well for ready mix industry.




Future outlook on RMC in India, from industry and from a company perspective.



In India, the use of RMC is still at a relatively nascent stage as compared to that of many developed countries. Therefore we can see increase in use of RMC. India’s infrastructure is going up as per our Budget 2019 announcement. According to the Budget 2019 announcement the government plans to restructure the national highways, airports and Metro rail projects. This bores well for ready mix industry. Currently RMC Sector is growing at a rate of 30% YOY and we expect that this will go above 50% YOY by expanding it in tier 2 and tier 3 Cities. Currently we are growing at 38 % YOY and expect same growth in coming years.