26 January 2020

Interaction- VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India

Schwing Stetter is ahead of the industry competition in terms of introducing new products


Schwing Stetter India consistently works on delivering products that are user friendly, Smart, and robust. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V.G. SAKTHIKUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, MEMBER OF GOVERNING COUNCIL, ICEMA, CHAIRMAN OF MECHANISATION COMMITTEE, BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA speaks about his company’s offerings to high rise construction, his company’s approach towards R&D and innovation and a lot more.







Briefly provide us an over view of the High rise construction trends in India, challenges and opportunities.


Real estate has opportunities around USD 34.55 bn in India. The high rise construction in India is predominantly in the commercial capital of Mumbai and in the NCR, Delhi. However, various high rise constructions are also planned in other metro regions of the country.


Mumbai leads the high rise construction due to shortage of land in Mumbai. Also, Mumbai with its textile mills offers enough opportunity to convert them to high rise project in the middle of the city. All such land parcels are either converted or getting converted into such projects. Other cities where the land price are prohibitively higher are also experiencing vertical construction. But some of the challenges are getting the necessary approvals and clearances from various Governmental departments restricts the number of high rise projects.



Briefly give us an understanding of your product offerings and unique features in your offerings which ensure smartness in the process of construction.


Schwing Stetter India’s product offerings for high rise construction are listed below.


Stetter concrete batching plant:


•             Compact batching plant: CP30/ CP45.

•             Mobile mixing plant: M30Z/ M25Z/ M21Z/M1/M1.25/M2.25/ M2.5/M3.

•             Horizontal concrete mixing plant: H1.25/H1J/H1JR.


Schwing concrete pump:


•             Heavy duty concrete pump: SP2509/ SP 2800 / SP 3000 / SP 3500/SP 4507/ SP 4800/ SP 8800.

•             Truck mounted concrete boom pump: S17 / S20 / S36X / S43SX.

•             Separate placing boom: SPB 25 / SPB 28 / SPB 32 / SPB 35.


Stetter concrete transit mixer:


•             Stetter concrete recycling plant:RA12/RA20.

•             Stetter self-loading mixer:SLM2200/SLM4000.

•             Sound proof canopy.

•             Water cleaning system.

•             XCMG piling rig: XR150D/XR180D/XR220D/XR280D.

•             XCMG diaphragm grab.

•             XCMG aerial working platforms.

•             XCMG excavator: XE140I/XE200I/XE215C/ XE220C.

•             Schwing- XCMG Tower Cranes:5tn, 6 tn, 10tn and 16 tn capacities.


We are also importing hammerhead and luffing cranes too depending on the requirement.




Tell us about the green element in your product offerings. What is your company’s approach towards R&D and innovation?


Green Pumps: Fuel efficiency is one major parameter that a customer looks into, given the bearing it has on the design of green products. Also concepts such as long parts life, low lifecycle cost, faster return of investments, cost per cubic meter, all have a positive impact on OEMs, who have launched a variety of pumps to suit the requirements of the customer, coupled with innovative service packages. New operating system gives all the information about pumping hours, running hours and wear and tear.


Schwing Stetter is ahead of the industry competition in terms of introducing new products. We are prepared already to offer products for different stages of fuel norms where the payload of the truck is dramatically coming down. We are also ready with Euro VI emission standard Stetter concrete truck mixers. Conservation of natural resources and a responsibility towards a greener future enabled Schwing Stetter to manufacture a recycling plant, RA 12 and RA 20. The use of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition wastes is showing great interest in construction because it is a huge money saver for every company, cuts down the cost on effort of transport and manpower. It conserves natural resources and reduces the space required for the landfill disposal. Also for the concreting process in platinum rated LEED buildings, recycling plant is a must.


Our research and design development team in India is attached with all the four factories and work on a common group server in Germany. The innovations in the product are available immediately for the Indian market. So, the company is also working on technologies which can be disruptive for the concreting industry.




What features and technology distinguish your products vis-a-vis the competition. Do you plan to add any new products?


•             Lowest operating cost.

•             Lowest fuel consumption.

•             Long parts life.

•             Strong service network.

•             Anywhere parts support.

•             Largest no of service centres in India.

•             Strong design capability and product innovation in India.

•             World class customer training support.

•             Portability, interchangeability, versatility, operating efficiency are standard features across all models along with high productivity are the key features of our equipment that solely drives on longevity. Our equipment is designed to consume less fuel, operates with low decibel levels, safer to operate, consumes less parts and has a very long service life which makes our equipment, a favorite among our customers.



Schwing Stetter India offers patented rock valve technology in concrete pump segment which is able to pump high grade concrete mix like M95 with far higher pressure, allowing the heights and distances for concrete pumping to be greatly increased. BP 4000 Rock valve pump has successfully done 750 m vertical concrete pumping and SP 4800 Rock valve pump also done the 2.4 km concrete pumping. Schwing Stetter India offers open hydraulic circuit in all concrete pump segment which provide high fuel efficiency and hydraulic components gives longer service life.


SSI offers high flow twin hydraulic system in high capacity concrete pumps, which has system components that are very reliable to handle 700L / min oil flow at high working pressure.SSI offers remote controlled articulated placing boom which provide more reliability to operator to position the placing hose exactly where the concrete is needed.SSI offers robust outriggers for all concrete pumping equipment’s which provide steadiness with minimum footprint. As per today’s customer needs, SSI offers different types and capacity battery kit in concrete pump, for fulfilling the present concrete output demand and concrete pumping length. SSI offers vector control system in truck mounted boom pumps which provide facility of operator friendly interface, and to store operation data. The above mentioned factors differentiates us from other competitors.


We have been constantly evaluating and launching them at appropriate times.




Tell us about some signature projects where your products have been used due to niche requirements in design and structure and the difficulty in building it.


With high rise construction growing rapidly, we are seeing high demand for Schwing high capacity concrete pumps, plants and mixers. In the trailer-mounted concrete pump segment, the SP 8800 pump, one of the World’s biggest with 63 m3 concrete output, specially designed for pumping high grade concrete to a height of above 500 metre, have been used at Petronas towers, Taipei 101, Freedom tower, Burj Khalifa, Kingdom Tower, and in India, it have been used at Omkar 1973 for 293m height with separate placing boom and at Oberoi 360 west for 280m height with separate placing boom at Worli, Mumbai and the very famous project of Statue of Unity for 180m height  ongoing at Kevadiya, Gujarat.


Challenges in general are as follows.


High compressive strength self-compacting concrete pumping- the pumping of high grade concrete mix is very tough than normal grade concrete mix.


i)  Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete pumps for handling the vertical concrete back column pressure over 240 bar and these pumps are suitable to pump high grade concrete mix like M70 above 500-meter height also.


ii) Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete conveying pipeline and clamps in variable thicknesses and sizes for handling high concrete pressure.


High rise rapid construction -Day to day the deshuttering time of formwork is getting reduced and upcoming new technologies in shuttering methods like form work, so we have to place concrete in within time frame, so Schwing Stetter has high rate concrete placing equipment like Separate placing boom in the range of 25-meter boom length to 42-meter boom length which gives the optimum concrete placing output.




Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units – location, size, investment, technologies etc.


Schwing Group has 12 manufacturing units worldwide and is present in over 150 countries. Schwing Stetter India Private Limited was registered in June 1998 and began its operations in 1999. In 2001, it set up its own manufacturing facility for Schwing concrete pumps at Sriperumbudur in Chennai, followed by the second facility in 2004, exclusively to manufacture Stetter concrete truck mixers. In December 2006, the company inaugurated its third facility for Stetter concrete batching plants. In March 2012, the company inaugurated its fourth facility for world class Schwing boom pump production to support the three existing manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demands.


In November 2017, the company inaugurated its fifth facility for Stetter self-loading concrete mixer production. In February 2019, the company performed bhoomi pooja for its upcoming production facility to manufacture Schwing concrete boom pumps and XCMG road machinery. Manufacturing concrete equipment and Non concrete equipment in India through our “Make in India” campaign has always been our forte. The company is also a part of Schwing – XCMG group for non-concreting range of product line. We have signed a partnership with GOMACO, USA for concrete pavers and Rubble Master HMH GmBH for mobile crushing plants. Size of all the facilities put together is 89.06 acres. Investment is 230 crores for SSI’s upcoming production facility.


For example, one such technology is Schwing’s invented and patented rock valve. The most important component of a two-piston concrete pump is the concrete valve. Under high pressure, it switches between the two delivery cylinders and ensures that the flow of concrete from the delivery cylinders into the outlet is as friction-free as possible. With the unique rock valve, all concrete pumps from Schwing have a concrete valve, which is characterized by extremely low wear, a long service life and a very good cleaning ability. Developed by Schwing on the basis of the negative experiences with the S-pipe also developed by Schwing and put on the market in 1983, it is still the benchmark for economic efficiency and robustness.




Low wear


In the concrete valve, the wear is particularly high, because here the concrete is passed under high pressure into the outlet. To minimize this wear, the rock at the most heavily loaded point, unlike other concrete valves, does not encounter concrete on steel but concrete on concrete. Thanks to the intelligent design of the rock, a concrete triangle builds up again after each swiveling, at which the delivery stream slides along with little wear. Protected by this concrete layer, the rock has a significantly longer service life than other concrete valves.



Fast cleaning


Thanks to its straight design, the rock valve is much easier and faster to clean than other concrete valves. Because it allows a direct view into the delivery cylinder and on the delivery pistons and allows the removal of the residual concrete with the scratch from the rock. Subsequently, the pump battery can be easily and conveniently cleaned within only two strokes. This saves water and reduces the unproductive cleaning time.



Easy maintenance


The number of wear parts is significantly lower for the rock valve due to its design than other concrete valves. At the same time, the wear parts can be replaced faster and easier by dismantling the housing cover. In combination with the generally lower wear of the rock, this leads to a noticeably higher availability of the concrete pump and lower maintenance costs.


In the line with our manufacturing technologies, lean production, JIT, TOC are practiced and we are striving to convert our new facility with new technologies like IoT, AI and meets the standards of Industry 4.0.




As a manufacturer tell us about the critical challenges faced while introducing niche, green, and energy efficient products in India. To what extent does cost influence a customer’s purchasing decision.


The biggest challenge of giving new technology is the cost of giving the new technology at the price which customers perceive it to be a value for money proposition. This requires a lot of interactions with the customers during the design stage itself and making them a part of the whole development process made it affordable. IoT, as a tool to manage customers and project execution is one recent example which made it stand apart the Schwing Stetter products to competition.




Your future outlook on the high rise construction and from a company perspective.


The Government of India would like to design the new cities for mass transportation to make it convenient for the citizens. Presently, the cities are designed for automobiles as a mean for commutation which drains a lot of urban space for parking, etc. Commutation by mass transport reduces the strain on such spaces and buildings are required to become more vertical and serviced by metro trains and public transport systems. This will help to make effective use of the land. Therefore, we hope that there will be many high rise constructions in the future.