05 July 2020

Table of Contents for Highrise Handlers

Spotlight- Spantech Engg

Engineering Next Generation Solutions


Spantech Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Construction Equipment.



Customers rely on Spantech’s products for advanced sustainable progress and improve Safety, Productivity and Reliability in Construction. This commitment extends to Spantech and the company strives to be a model for Safety, Productivity and Reliability.




Bar Cutting and Bending Machines


Spantech 4G Series Bar Cutting and Bending machines are designed as per European Safety Standards. Spantech machines are designed with advanced software with a goal to make the machine rugged and maintenance free. This series of machines are designed with higher factor of safety to increase the life of machine well beyond 10 years. Spantech offer Bar Cutting and Bending machines suitable for dia. 32mm, dia. 36mm and dia. 40mm higher gradeTMT Bars.




TMT Spiral / Ring Bending Machine

Spantech have special TMT bar Ring / Spiral bending machine which produces spirals and rings from dia. 400mm to 2750mm with a TMT bar size dia. 8 mm to dia. 32mm. These machines come with customized European planetary gear box which eliminates use of V belt or Chain. These machines components are manufactured with latest manufacturing technology like CNC laser cutting, CNC turning and VMC etc. which ensure very high quality and performance.



Gantry Hoist

This is very useful builder’s gantry hoist which comes with Single phase motor with a lifting capacity of 500KG. The hoisting unit is imported and complies to European safety standards. It’s heavy-duty structure and powerful motor can withstand continuous working with ease. The machine comes with range of optional accessories such as brick bucket,wedge bucket, concrete bucket and spread bar etc.



Passenger and Material Hoist (Rack & Pinion)

Spantech Rack and Pinion Passenger and Material Hoist comes with 3 models SPM100, SPM150 and SPM200 with a load carrying capacity of 1000 kg, 1500 kg and 2000 kg respectively. The Hoists are designed and manufactured as per EN Safety Standard.The passenger & material hoist comes with over speed safety device which not only ensure safety of the Operator but also prolong the working life of the machine. This perfectly suits for vertical transport of persons as well as construction material for all construction sites.



Multi-functionalMaterial Hoist (Rack & Pinion)

Spantech Rack and Pinion Multi-Function Material Hoist is designed and manufactured as per EN Safety Standard. The multi-function material hoist comes with over speed safety device which not only ensure safety of the Operator but also prolong the working life of the machine. SPANTECH Multi-Functional Material hoist can be used for either to transport construction material, TMT Bars & concrete etc.



Suspended Rope Platforms


Spantech Rope Suspended Platforms comes with two STD models, SRP800 and SRP1000. This is perfectly suitable for all kind of building exterior finishing works like Plastering, Painting, glass fixing, Chimney maintenance, Bridges etc where people has to work at height. SPANTECH provides Customized solutions for special applications also.


Safety is paramount in all Spantech products.



For more details contact :


Email: info@spantechgroup.com 


Website: www.spantechgroup.com



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