05 July 2020

Table of Contents for Highrise Handlers

Spotlight- Haulotte

Take the leap to electric power



Haulotte launches the new generation of electric rough-terrain mobile elevating platform: pulseo



Cities across the globe must rise to the same challenge: tackle air pollution, fight global warming and offer their citizens the best possible living conditions. These constraints lead to the development of environmentally-friendly alternative energies.


Lower energy costs and less air and noise pollution, all with optimal performance: that is the promise of the electrical architecture featured in PULSEO machinery.


Enjoy a multitude of new opportunities: indoor and outdoor applications, rough-terrain capabilities, operation suited to low-emission and low-noise zones.


HA20 LE and HA20 LE PRO are the first models in the PULSEO product line


Haulotte Warranty 5 Years:


T hanks to their high-quality and components, ideal protection for electric and hydraulic parts and extensive endurance testing, PULSEO models come with a 5-year warranty: * See conditions in the Haulotte network




Designed to operate in silence, PULSEO generation cares for both the environment and people nearby. Its all-electric architecture makes it suitable for work in downtown areas and low-emission zones, as well as on green construction sites.


It keeps a low acoustic profile in any situation, offering new opportunities for use


  • Low-noise area: Hospitals, schools, bookstores, etc
  • Public places: shopping centers, airports, concert halls, pedestrian street, etc
  • Flexible working hours: Nighttime or early morning work with no inconvenience for local residents.