10 December 2019

Interaction-VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India

Schwing Stetter India XCMG range of excavators will revolutionize the present earthmoving sector


Schwing Stetter India as a company stays always focused in introducing the latest state of the art technologies that is required for the construction industry especially in India. The company recently launched three mini and medium XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators. In a exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V.G. SAKTHIKUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, MEMBER OF GOVERNING COUNCIL, ICEMA, CHAIRMAN OF MECHANISATION COMMITTEE, BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA spoke about his company’s latest launches, cutting edge technologies in his company’s excavators and future outlook.





Briefly give us an overview of the excavator industry. What are the types of excavators currently most in demand?


Excavators have registered a 23.80 percent CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) for the past four years.19 t to 24t excavators contribute to 65% of the overall demand. These excavators are generally used for infrastructure and general excavation applications. Up to 10t excavators contributes to 15% and remaining large excavators are used for mining applications. At present we have launched products covering 80% of the market, soon we will be able to cover 100%.



Tell us about the range of excavators offered by you, in terms of types, capacities, major demand drivers and applications.


Currently, Schwing Stetter India has launched three mini and medium XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators to start with which are XE80C, XE140I and XE215C. The excavating machinery division is XCMG’s core pillar enterprise for general construction and for mining applications.  Excavator capacities are available with us ranging from 1.5t to 700t. There has been a consistent demand for crawler hydraulic excavators owing to a general increase in projects being awarded.


The crawler hydraulic excavator is present in construction, excavation, earthwork, mining, quarry and roads. Crawler hydraulic excavator finds applications in the following industries with varied applications and attachments for forestry, recycling, demolition, lakes, river cleaning and underwater applications. This extremely versatile range of excavators are expected to find great utility at construction and mining sites in India aiding in easier and safer construction practices.



Any new model launched or being launched. Detail us on the same.


Schwing Stetter India (SSI) launched its new generation of XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators - XE80C, XE140I and XE215C in Chennai. The three new machines are all set to revolutionize the landscape of the construction and mining industry in India. The innovations were launched on 4th July. The crawler hydraulic excavators are conceptualized based on the current needs of customers in this segment and customized with a high-power XCMG’s proprietary matching technology. The machines have undergone several extensive trials to meet the industry requirements of smart, efficient products.


“With market demand doubling to 25,000 units in 2018, compared to 11,000 units in 2011, Schwing Stetter India is extremely delighted to launch the crawler hydraulic excavator range for the Indian market. Given that the industry will further increase steadily in the next few years due to further increased investment in infrastructure projects like interlinking of rivers, road and rail construction. Schwing Stetter – XCMG range of excavators will revolutionize the present earthmoving sector. With their record energy-saving performance and breakthrough cost-efficiency, the new range will offer the best return on investment and resale value to the owner”.



Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your excavators from competitors.


Few of it are integral brazing technology, robot welding technology and load adaptive control technology developed by XCMG helps the control system to automatically improve the absorption power of the pump in heavy-duty excavation and the efficiency is increased by more than 10%. XCMG independently developed “crushing self-optimizing control technology” to achieve the same operating efficiency, crushing fuel consumption reduced by 20% and have increased “crushing oil return to the main pump drain filter, thereby improving the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.


XCMG’s special intelligent heat management system can control the opening of cooling fans on demand, shorten the preheating time of the whole machine by 10%; reducing fuel consumption by an average of 3% - 5%; reduces fuel consumption by 7% at low temperature and reduces noise by an average of 3 DB; at the same time, the machines have been optimized for the position, area and fan parameters of the inlet and outlet, increase the cooling area of the radiator, and ensure normal operation at 50 degree celsius high temperature environment.


The significant features of the XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator range which differentiates from its competition are as follows:

  • Excellent performance.
  • Intelligent control.
  • High-performance slewing bearing.
  • Energy saving.
  • Reliable and durable X-frame.
  • Comfortable and safe operation.
  • Convenient maintenance - easy maintenance and low operating cost with advanced telematics interface monitoring system.
  • Best in class key parameters - like operating weight, engine power, bucket size, operating reaches and forces balanced to give optimum productivity & fuel efficiency.
  • Advanced load sensing and flow on demand hydraulic system ensures fast and smooth operation.
  • Safe and intelligent next generation control system ensures easy operation.
  • Efficient operating environment and operator comfort due to advanced engine to hydraulics interface.


Factors such as safety, operator comfort, ease of operations are crucial in any excavator. What are the steps undertaken by you for providing the same?


Schwing Stetter offers XCMG excavators which has the anti-rollover cab option can be equipped with top guard, front guard and side guard to meet requirements of anti-falling objects along with ROPS and FOPS standards which further improves the safety of the cab and operator. The new panoramic cab has larger interior space and is covered with large area of high strength toughened glass ensures the strength of the cab and widens the field of vision.  The cab is new, spacious and comfortable with beautiful appearance and have advanced climatic control system with low noise level. The rear pillar of the cab adopts concealed design with small blind area improves the operational safety.


The new type of cushion seat is with thicker cushion, bigger front inclination, better wrapping, more comfortable sitting feeling can effectively reduce the fatigue of long operation cycle. It is equipped with high-power air conditioning. The front window glass is equipped with air conditioning outlet which has defrosting function that can eliminate fog and ensures safe driving. New interior décor is equipped with tea cup holder, USB charging socket, mobile phone storage bin, sundry bin, power outlet and other humanized design to maximize comfort and convenience in practical and fashionable combination.


Intelligent operating system helps to sense load and vary engine power to optimize fuel consumption. Auto idle, one touch de-acceleration and per-programed mode selection makes the entire operation easy and effective. The “automatic idling” function effectively helps to reduce fuel consumption. When the throttle gear is above four and the joystick is at neutral position for more than four seconds, the engine will automatically reduce the speed saving unnecessary fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions. When the joystick moves again, the engine speed will be restored.


Reasonable distribution of silicone oil shock absorber in cab and is equipped with new suspension seat which makes the operator feel comfortable and easy to operate. The new control system uses CAN bus with monitor for display, controller for signal acquisition and output which connects with monitor, GPS controller and engine ECM. It can achieve faster data management and more efficient operation.



The prospects are getting better for global practices like equipment leasing, rental and used equipment to become mainstream in India. How do you look at these opportunities as a player in the Excavator market?


We as a responsible equipment provider will be working forward to give comprehensive solutions to our customers. We would encourage our rental customers to grow with us through the market opportunity by backing them with special packages suiting rental operations. We are open to leasing the equipment with leasing financial institutions. We are establishing facilities to rebuilt the excavator to our customers for resale market.



Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


We are known for a strong after- market support to the customers and that is the pillar of our relationship. Schwing Stetter India has 27 sales and 30 spares offices and 10 service centers. We have more than 400 plus service engineers who strengthen us. In addition, we have a project department, service and spares sales, training centre which was recently accredited and certified the first ever training centre to certify pump operators under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana through National Skill Development Corporation in the whole of India, which strengthen us even more.



Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Every customer is sensitive about cost of the equipment. But however, they are aware that good equipment performance comes from quality product and approach of the company in supporting the customers. Today, the customer realize that the lowest paid product is no guarantee to meet the performance parameter spare parts and service demand after the warranty period. Customers want more reliability and accuracy.



Do you offer equipment finance or do you have tie-ups with finance companies for the same?


Most of the finance companies has rated our product as class one. Therefore, we enjoy higher percentage of loan sanctioned for our equipment.



Your outlook for the rentals market.


Rental market in India getting prominence and large contractors prefers rental operation than owning equipment. We would work with our customers and make commercial packages supporting rental market.



Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?


We have launched the XCMG excavator for South India market, to begin. Our investment made is 230 crores with new production facility of 63620 sq.m build up area in 52 acres’ land. Production capacity available with the facility is of 2500 excavators per annum in a single shift with employment opportunities for 500 personnel in Sipcot, Cheyyar in Thiruvannamalai.