10 July 2020

Interaction-Sandeep Singh, MD, Tata Hitachi Const

Our excavators are manufactured keeping in mind customer needs


Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company’s consistent growth and success has been built on the foundation of the company’s ability to understand customers’ needs and provide equipment alongside support solutions that increase profitability and competitiveness. SANDEEP SINGH, MD, TATA HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, about the excavator market, cutting edge technology used, aftermarket services and the future path ahead.




Briefly give us an overview of the excavators industry. What are the types of excavators currently most in demand? 


India’s infrastructure sector is poised to grow significantly with the increasing demand for development of key infrastructure projects such as:

  • Roads and highways,
  • Rural connectivity,
  • Railway expansion,
  • Urban infrastructure including metro rail projects,
  • Ports and airports,
  • Industrial corridors (DMIC etc.),
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Smart city projects, etc.


The Government has initiated various steps for accelerating infrastructure development and is focusing on putting India back on a growth trajectory after a period of declining GDP growth rate. Investment and implementation of key projects along with corrective measures and industry friendly policies of the Government are helping the infrastructure development in our country. Several critical projects have been announced in the last year opening new avenues for the construction machinery industry.


All these have aided the demand for excavators. 


Given this large-scale investment in transportation infrastructure – led by roads and highways – the demand for excavators has surged in the last 5 years. This demand driver also has the highest penetration of construction equipment as a % of spend among all demand drivers with large investment of over 1 Lakh Cr per year.


For large-scale excavation, the 20T excavator is the most popular choice of customers and now constitutes nearly two thirds of demand of the entire excavator range. It has also become a preferred entry level segment in excavators for those who have exposure to the sector. The other application of excavators is for use in specific sectors like rural & state roads, small stone quarrying, real estate, mining, irrigation etc. Here, the 7T – 35T class makes up almost 30% of the rest of the market.



Tell us about the range of excavators offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications


Our comprehensive range of Excavators include 2T to 40T hydraulic excavators for the Infrastructure sector, 45 to 120 tons for the mining sector and the ultra large 190 to 800 ton excavators for specialized heavy duty mining.

These products, amongst others, are a part of our latest EX super+ series and the technologically advanced ZAXIS GI series.


Products are manufactured keeping in mind customer needs.



Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your excavators from competitors?


We use regenerative hydraulics that reutilizes the returning pressurized flow through a regenerative circuit and channelizes this to areas with high demand of oil. This helps to deliver greater flow to circuits that are performance intensive without spending more power. This improves the productivity of the machines without incurring additional fuel expenses.


We also have ConSite in our ZAXISGI series of machines and Insite in our EX Super + series of hydraulic excavators – these give recommendations and help identify the areas for improvement in production by pointing out wastages in operations and in power utilization. This helps in improving productivity and reducing fuel consumption.



Factors such as safety, operator comfort, ease of operations are crucial in any excavator. What are the steps undertaken by you for providing the same.


A safe and happy operator is a productive operator. This is the premise on which Tata Hitachi has approached operator comfort and safety. Tata Hitachi has designed wide open access areas to the work space, roomy seating with high visibility, building a strong cabin where an operator feels safe. The seat, one of the most comfortable available, has been carefully selected. The controls are placed ergonomically to prevent fatigue even in long hours of work. Automatic climate controlled air-conditioners are provided, to make the workspace comfortable in tropical whether conditions. Even in non-AC machines, the overhead hatch (which can be opened), the removable front glass and open able rear sash offer cross ventilation to elevate the experience of comfort.



The prospects are getting better for global practices like equipment leasing, rental and used equipment to become main stream in India. How do you look at these opportunities as a player in the Excavator market.


Our experience is that refurbished machines have a great potential in future and is expected to grow. In countries like China and Japan, as high as 30% sale is through used equipment. Here in India, customers are ready to pay at least 10 to 15% extra for the value they get, when a machine is refurbished by an Authorised  Dealer’s Workshop, backed up by limited warranty, mandatory services, etc, from OEMs like us. Due to the nature of application, short tenure of work or situation where attachments are fitted on the machines, many end-users still prefer used / refurbished machine, than a new machine due to lower capital investment. Major buyers of such machines are small and medium sized local contractors and rental companies who leverage low-cost inputs to offer low affordable rates for their services. Lately, many large construction companies have also started procuring second-hand units, due to some of the above reasons.