12 December 2019

Spotlight- Embassy Indl Parks

Embassy Industrial Parks Booms Warehouse Sector in Smart City - Pune


Pune is well-listed as one of the “98 smart cities” of India. The Smart Cities project is an ambitious plan; Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working to implement it meticulously for India’s reform.



Pune city is seen as a brilliant partner by the smart technology companies because of increasing migration by the small town population seeking job opportunities. Pune is an upcoming city with lot of prospects. Embassy Industrial Parks(EIP), a joint venture between Indian real estate giant Embassy Group and American investment front-runners  Warbug Pincus, has strong demand drivers in the city of Pune. The metro is the core of manufacturing and logistic sectors in western India and also has strong presence of IT and automotive companies.



Several real estate reports state that Pune offers the best investment opportunity in India, with a great estimated investment return per annum. The potential for industrial development in Pune is very high. This is due to the incentives from the state government, availability of large parcels of land and improvement in core infrastructure. However, the majority chunk of warehousing needs for business of the manufacturing sector is fulfilled by confined spaces even today, either at a manufacturer’s unit or company owned warehouses. The trend of leasing warehouse rather than owning it is steadily picking up with the emergence of third-party logistics players (3PL). 3PL players provide end-to-end logistics services, including a common warehousing facility, to multiple manufacturers, by decreasing the need to have a separate warehouse. The leasable market in Pune is currently estimated to be in the range of 20-25 million sq. ft.



Like other big cities, even in Pune currently, the consumption-led companies’ are more receptive to leasable warehouse space as the offering is more convenient as compared to the traditional warehouses. This is critical to this business because the manufacturing or warehousing centre needs to be close to the city to ensure timely deliveries to the customers.  We can say that  in the next few years, e-tail players are going to make the transition in Pune more drastic and attract other sectors too which will ensure the growth of organised warehouse players like Embassy Industrial Parks  in the region. The dependability on unorganized warehousing is slowly reducing. In coming time, there will be a remarkable shift of manufacturers outsourcing their logistics and warehousing requirements to majorly focus on their core area once they realize the advantage. As the understanding develops; there will be a notable shift and one will witness huge demand for leasable warehousing space in Pune. 2018 saw an upswing development in the warehousing demand rising to 4.5 million sq. ft., off which 3.6 million sq. ft. was for the manufacturing segment.



Embassy Industrial Parks was formed to help the companies grappling with the challenge of building and managing industrial and warehousing spaces nationally. The company is committed to bringing quality Grade A industrial, light manufacturing and warehousing spaces in close proximity to leading consumer and industrial centres across India. These modern well planned, technology-enabled industrial and warehousing solutions are targeted at industry verticals like E-Commerce, 3PL, Automobile Ancillaries, FMCG and Retail.




Chakan is one of the most strategically located industrial locations of India. Embassy Industrial Parks Chakan has been thoughtfully positioned here in the vicinity to Mumbai & JNPT seaport. Chakan emerged as the preferred location amongst warehouse players as it offers easy connectivity with major cities like Mumbai and Nashik  is very well connected to the national highways, has easy access to Pune city centre and houses the major manufacturing companies. Chakan is a rapidly developing warehousing hub marked in the suburb of Pune.It includes wide spectrum of clients in automobile, 3PL,white goods, paints, food products and chemicals segment. The area provides skilled manpower and ample real estate for effortless growth of clients. Embassy Industrial Parks Chakan is built on 52 acres land to provide industrial and logistics solutions of global standards. The industrial park at Chakan comprises built-to-suit factories ranging from 50,000 sq. ft. to 2lakh sq. ft. in size. The total project investment for the company was INR 350 crore. The facility houses key clients like Mahindra Logistics, Rosenberger Electric Co India Pvt Ltd, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Pvt Ltd and GKN Fokker Elmo India Pvt. Ltd. One notices big companies like Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Bosch, Porsche, Siemens, thysenkrupp, DHL Supply chain around the Embassy Industrial Park Chakan location. Embassy Industrial Parks are fully master planned to specifically cater to the industrial and logistics traffic movements and boasts a host of special amenities such as 24/7 security, truck parking, canteens, rest areas, dormitories, and business centres. This ensures that the park has a self-sustaining business environment. All Embassy Industrial Parks properties have a standard offering across all locations.



The Embassy Industrial Parks promise extends beyond building and delivering best-in-class industrial and warehousing solutions – to management and maintenance of these developments. This commitment to continuously enhance and protect the value of the development is backed by Embassy Services, the property management arm of the Embassy Group. Embassy Services today manages over 55 million sq. ft. of commercial, residential spaces, industrial and office parks along with educational and hospitality centres across 12 Indian cities. This combination of experience and expertise makes Embassy Industrial Parks ideally poised to address the distinct demand for modern industrial and warehousing spaces with the optimal mix of cost, quality, sustainability and location advantages.



It is in the ethos of Embassy Industrial Parks to be on point when it comes to timely delivery, specs, cost, and construction. EIP’s business approach isidentifying the pain-points of each of the clients and making it their priority to take charges of it themselves. Service to EIP is as important as the product and they continue to set new benchmarks for Grade-A quality warehousing solutions. Once clients lease space with EIP, they are committed to make the space available to the clients in the best condition at 30% faster rate compared to competitors. EIP also offers their client a promise for 2X expandability ; based on their increased demand in business client can expand their spacein X (height) and Y (length) direction. Embassy Industrial Parkshas a customer-centric approach to their business. They accommodate changes made by clients as per their racking requirements and integrate their lean manufacturing process or transform their entire production or assembly line. EIP ensures to scale alongside, covering all the bases including power and water supply, logistical requirement and infrastructure needs like sewerage. They offer comprehensive services for a hassle-free business operation in the parks. Clients are given individual access of CCTV coverage to their warehouse for them to remotely monitor activities. At Embassy Industrial Parks, sustainability is taken very seriously. The parks are built in large scale so that they can put orders in process to always keep environment management as a top priority. The parks are as per the compliance standard of IGBC certification, one of the most successful green building certification systems in the world.  The facility management team provides full support to green initiative suggested by the clients.EIP is fully committed to offer them the best quality services and ensure a long lasting client relationships. Embassy Industrial Parks has developed 10 million sq. ft. of industrial parks in different parts of India and they plan to reach 35 million sq. ft. in next 3 years. The company is expanding to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hosur, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai and gradually move into other metros.



For more details visit: www.embassyindustrialparks.com

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