23 February 2020

Interaction- PL Muthusekkar, MD, Nord drivesystems


NORD products are Energy Efficient, Reliable, Tried-and-Tested


NORD is very well known for manufacturing drivesystems and is a preferred brand for many ECE OEMs in India. It has award winning product lines backed up by intensive R&D and dedicated application engineering services. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, P L MUTHUSEKKAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS PVT LTD, speaks about the USP’s of his company’s products and more.







Your assessment of Pune’s Smart City initiatives, how do you evaluate the progress made so far? What are the major challenges?


Yet to be seen visibly, though actions and work on the metro, etc. going on full speed, traffic though some changes made-Effectiveness still needs improvement. Challenges are the population and the defence, defence land in the mid of Pune. Best is to develop smart satellite cities which is easy to build and also faster.




To what extent is Smart Pune’s manufacturing ecology conducive to your company’s operations.



We as a company believe in zero discharge and maintain ecological balance through our recycling on water, conservation on energy and go green mission of planting trees. Basically Pune has the natural systems in place, only the practice needs to be effective.The need of the hour is conservation of water, we have taken several steps right from sewage treatment recycling to use of copper bottles- reduce plastic, etc.




Detail us on your company’s product/solution offerings. Give us an understanding of the manufacturing capacities and expansion plans?


NORD, Germany With approximately 3000+ employees worldwide, NORD develops produces and a market drive technology and is one of the industry’s leading international suppliers of all-in one solution. In addition to standard drives, NORD supplies application-specific concepts and solutions, including concepts and solutions that fulfil special requirements such as energy-saving drives and explosion-proof systems. Founded in 1965, NORD presently has 36 subsidiaries worldwide.



Incorporated in the year 2005, NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd, India is the subsidiary of Getriebebau NORD Germany. We have a full-fledged assembly unit in Hinjewadi, Pune with production capacity of 40000 units per year. All the parts are imported from our manufacturing units globally.


We have a strong sales, service and dealer network across the India and SAARC Countries. We cater to almost all sectors such as material handling, steel, chemical, Pharma and, food and beverages, water treatment, pumps, cement,  power, solar, airport, Intralogistics & road construction.



Our Product Details:


  • Geared Motors
  • Industrial Gear Unit
  • Motors
  • Variable Speed Drives Mechanical
  • Variable Frequency Drives



Detail us on the cutting edge technology featured in your products / solutions.What are the USP’s of your products/solutions Vis-à-vis competition   


The USP ofNORD Drivesystemsis best explained by the following points:


  • Energy Efficient – NORD Drivesystems are environmentally friendly and help reduce operating costs and minimize CO2 emissions.
  • Reliable – Reliability is our main focus when developing our drive solutions. All of our system components are precisely matched to each other and ensure smooth operation.
  • Tried-and-Tested – Demanding ambient conditions are common in the bulk material industry. This includes large temperature fluctuations, abrasive environments, and rough operating conditions. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of NORD solutions for these challenges have proven themselves in the bulk material industry throughout the world.


To summarise – Total cost of ownership by saving in oil replacement, energy, maintenance shut down and long life, etc.




Tell us about the green element in your product offerings?  What is the company’s approach towards R&D and innovation?



Our products are highly energy efficient and support the conservation mission. Our R&D in Germany continues to work on product development to meet the latest standards and norms also meet the green element requirements.





Have you made any recent addition to your product line? If yes, then kindly detail us about its features and its elements which make it standout from its counterparts in the market?

The latest generation of MAXX DRIVE® XT industrial gear units is especially suitable for conveyor systems in the bulk material and mining industries.


The new MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear unit series for high thermal limit powers extends the proven range of industrial gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. They enable efficient design of reliable, safe and customised drive systems for conveying bulk materials in the construction and mining industries.NORD has supplemented this series, which has proven itself over many years, with an application optimised two stage angled bevel gear unit.The power and speed range has been specially adapted to the needs of the target industries. Output torques range between 15 and 75 kNm with speed ratios of 6.3 to 22.4. As standard, the new MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear unit is equipped with a heavily ribbed housing and an integrated axial fan. Due to increased surface and the air guide covers, the cooling air flow is optimised and a very high thermal limiting power is achieved. In many cases, addition cooling is not required. Large roller bearings and centre distances increase the load capacity and service life of the components.



Your strategy in a price sensitive market.


We operate globally by having36 subsidiaries worldwide and 7 manufacturing plants plus in 52 countries operate through partners. The Kind of standardization and optimization arrived also operating efficiency enable us to steer well even in price sensitive markets. Today scenario buyer understands the total cost of ownership and the value additions which weighs above the price.



Aftermarket services and consultancy offered by your company.



  • Annual Maintenance Contract - A non-comprehensive maintenance contract is entered between NORD and a single customer site where NORD takes responsibility for healthy and breakdown free running of defined set of NORD products operating at the customer location.


  • Mobile Service Van - Service vehicle with all facilities (with all modern tools & instruments).


  • No need to service much due to our products is fit & forgets type with long interchange of oils.



What are the growth/business drivers for your company’s products/solutions



Industrial and Infrastructure growth, Automation, Warehousing and logistics. Automation solutions and large size gearboxes (Industrial Gear Units) increasing and see a good demand & hopeful of growing more in the near future.



Future outlook for your industry and from a company perspective


Future outlook for India and particularly on Industry, Manufacturing we see tremendous opportunities and we have drawn a road map for 500 Crore vision. For NORD India and 1 billion Euro for our group globally.


We see the decade from 2020 to 2030 as a golden decade for India as a Country.


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