05 June 2020

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Smart Bldg Materials & Technologie

Interaction- Sunny Surlaker, Mktg Manager, Tremco India

The acceptability of new technology will drive our growth



Tremco is a manufacturer of roof waterproofing systems, construction sealants, glazing and fireproofing systems, and waterproofing systems for podiums and underground structures. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SUNNY SURLAKER, MARKETING MANAGER, TREMCO INDIA PVT LTD speaks about the product offerings, material advantages offered, the company’s approach towards innovation and the future outlook on the market.








Briefly give us an understanding of your product offerings for the construction/infrastructure/realty domain in India? Tell us about the unique features in your offerings which ensure smartness in the process of construction?


Tremco has been a pioneer in the field of waterproofing. The company is over 90 Years Old and has been working solely in the field of waterproofing, sealants, glazing and fireproofing. The aim of the company is to further technologies to stop the ingress of water or water vapour across building surfaces. To solve this problem, Tremco spearheaded the concept of forming a six sided “Building Envelope”. That means we provide the materials as well as the application know-how and methodology to waterproof a structure from below the basement, along all four vertical sides of the basements and walls and the roofs. We offer products in the following broad product segments:


Underground Waterproofing: This includes hybrid membrane systems as well as cold-fluid applied membrane forming waterproofing systems. These materials are supplemented with right set of accessories and sealants to provide a water-tight seal.




Waterproofing Trafficked Surfaces: Areas such as podiums, car park decks, machine rooms, balconies and terraces all see abrasion from foot or vehicular traffic and are notoriously difficult to waterproof. Most applied systems fail soon, as the dynamic loading of traffic far exceeds the mechanical properties of the material used for waterproofing. Tremco’s Vulkem Systems are designed as flexible crack-bridging waterproofing systems, that can withstand abrasion [foot traffic to Helicopters, depending on the system].



Sealants: This area has been one of Tremco’s Core Competencies and we offer a wide range of construction sealants based on chemistries ranging from silicones to urethanes to PU Hybrids. For example, our Dymonic 100 sealant is a highly versatile, hybrid sealant that has a movement factor of -50 / +100, and can be applied to green concrete / damp concrete. We also provide Jet fuel, abrasion and UV resistant sealants for heavy duty pavements and airport runways.



Glazing: Tremco’s Glazing Division is anend-to-end high-tech solution provider for Structural Glazing. The glazing division provides a wide variety of solutions for structural glazing sealants, weather silicone sealants, EPDM Membranes, Spacer Tapes and Non-Staining weather sealants.



Fireproofing: We provide innovative, gunnable and paintable acrylic and silicone fire-stopping sealants to treat penetrations against fire. One of the grades in this range is also intumescent.




Roofing: Tremco provides decades of experience in terms of waterproofing and weatherproofing roofs of any kind. Our range extends from TPO Membranes to extremely high tech cold-fluid-applied Moisture Triggered PU Coatings that have demonstrated life of over 25 years, to temperature reducing acrylic coatings and rust preventing aluminum-based coatings.




Some of the salient features of our product systems are:


  • Fast, simplified application – Use it out of the bucket
  • Rapid dry/cure times
  • Can be applied on damp substrates
  • Does not wash off easily in sudden rains
  • Hybrid Chemistry based on the familiar Polyurethane and Acrylic Chemistry
  • Tough and extremely durable



An example of how Tremco Materials are smart is demonstrated by our Moisture-Triggered Chemistry. These solutions cater to Buildings, Infrastructure as well as Industrial Structures. Rains do not allow waterproofing to continue as most waterproofing materials do not function or cure adequately in presence of moisture or the high humidity of monsoons. Tremco’s Revolutionary Moisture Triggered Technology, used in TREMproof® 250GC and Dymonic® 100, uses available moisture to trigger / accelerate the cross-linking process to ensure complete curing of the waterproofing barrier / sealants.



Further, TREMproof 250GC can be accelerated by adding water, to ensure complete cure in hours, before the rains begin. These materials are highly elastomeric (Elongation > 500 per cent), adhere well (peel adhesion > 30 N/cm), have a high crack bridging ability (> 1.5 mm) and can remain exposed to UV for about a month, before it needs to be covered. These properties ensure that the materials can be used to complete / continue waterproofing even in the monsoon, making it a smart material.




Tell us of the various material advantages offered by your products/systems to project contractors/developers/end users through and also in terms of savings in cost, time and labour involvement?


Tremco develops its products for Global Use, based on the tenets of ease of application, robust performance in varied application conditions, providing one component materials – out of the bucket applications.


Tremco’s products are easier to apply, which means faster work with relatively lesser manpower. Most of our material systems are available in three grades Roller, Self-Levelling and Trowelling grade, which makes application on vertical, horizontal and transition surfaces very easy. Thixotropy is something we are good at controlling and some of our waterproofing materials can be applied at 3 mm in a single lift to speed application without sacrificing performance.


Our waterproof coatings, sealants, fireproofing as well as roofing products are generally single component systems and offer tremendous versatility in applications. For e.g. our basement waterproofing system TREMproof 250GC can be applied / used in basements, wet areas, podiums and terrace gardens (in a sandwich system) as well as for detailing joints in sub-grade areas. Our Vulkem trafficable systems can be used to waterproof carparks, terraces, balconies, pool decks and for under-tile systems. Our sealant systems too can be used as construction and expansion joint sealants, as crack-filling media and as a transition system (between horizontal / vertical, between concrete / metal, between stone / metal in window assemblies and so on). The sealants combined with our coating systems, can be used to treat any type of expansion and/or construction joints. What this means is that owners and applicators need to hold lesser materials in stock for the same application, which means savings in cost and time.


Tremco products along with a very able technical and sales team, will ending setting a new bar in ease of application and performance, to solve practical waterproofing problems in India. We strictly follow our motto “Transforming the built environment into a High-Performance Environment”.




Could you talk about the recent projects where your products are presently being used – location, size of the project, solution/system being used, benefits etc? Name few of your clients from the infrastructure/construction/real estate sectors?


Due to the hybrid chemistry of our product systems, they are very versatile and find use across a variety of applications. The areas of applications and current projects we are working on include but are not limited to:


  • Buildings (Residential, commercial, services, car parks, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (Airports, Roads and Runways, Power, Water and Wastewater)
  • Industrial Type Buildings (Industries, stadiums, warehousing, maintenance and workshops, etc.)


One of our hallmark signature projects in India was the sustainable roofing system for the Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 Building. We have been proud to be associated with such a project, when Tremco India was just setting foot into India. The key project details are:


Roof Type: Waffle Design Metal Framed, Complete ‘Built-up” Roofing System


Completed: 2015


Waterproofing System Used: Built-up Roofing System Overlaid with TPO Membrane


Products Used: Hybrid Vapor Barrier and Adhesive, TPO Membrane and Accessories


Project Value: INR 88 Crore


Area Covered: 1,30,000 sqm Of Roofing


Client: GVK


Lead Contractor: L&T


We have been awarded on this project for quality performance, people services as well as on the health and safety aspects of the project executed.





What is the state of evolution of such products in India’s construction domain? Give us an understanding of the sophistication of the Indian construction market and the challenges of integrating them with the old building and work environments?


The Indian marketplace for waterproofing does see and is open to high-tech products. Despite the small proliferation of high-tech systems in the market, India still remains a cost sensitive market, especially when it comes to construction materials. Often lower prices come at the cost of using low quality products. This price sensitive mindset often ignores life cycle cost of the product and looks merely at the initial costing. This remains a key challenge for the industry. Price sensitivity apart, many of the key challenges for the sector still remain. Some of the key challenges are:



  • Low awareness about the correct usage of Construction Chemicals and their incorporation into General Construction
  • Standardization of Products and Systems is a concern, end users cannot discern or compare systems
  • Specifications for use of construction chemicals is still “Prescriptive”. Over time we need to move to “Performance” based specifications
  • The fragmented nature of the industry, with a large number of players in the unorganized sector
  • Tremco along with other Industry partners is looking to address many of these key challenges and looks forward to bringing “Accountability” in the waterproofing market. We also look forward to working with the specifiers in waterproofing, thereby elevating the standards of specifications. Work is underway to work with technical bodies to upgrade codes and specifications to global standards.  With these challenges addressed, we await upgrading an already knowledgeable and sophisticated waterproofing segment, to global standards.



Tell us about the green element in your product offerings? What is the company’s approach towards R&D and innovation?


Hardly a year into full-fledged operations in India, we look forward to actively push the green building agenda, with our range of systems. It is, therefore, our mission to develop sustainable solutions that create value for our customers through product/system performance, increased application efficiencies and life-cycle operational savings.


Sustainability is at the very core of our business. Our products as such contain very little to no extracted materials and contain limited amounts of solvents, well within internationally set limits. Generally, VOC levels are lower than the limits set by SCAQMD rule 1113, which is more extensive as compared to the LEED Manual. Each of our materials comes with a LEED Certification Letter which may help our customers garner important LEED points.


Green chemistry is a key focus for Tremco. We work proactively with regulatory bodies to address VOCs and chemicals of concern. Not only do many of our products help qualify for LEED credits, our Dymonic® 100 urethane sealant is one of the many products that are GREENGUARD Gold-certified (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certification), which offers stricter certification criteria, considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.


Tremco is dedicated to the environment and prides itself on making its products as sustainable as possible. We are pleased to report that nearly all of our products are produced without any Red List / Restricted chemicals. As such, it can be used to assist in finishing projects aimed towards achieving a Living Building Challenge certification. We intend to propagate this line of thought across projects in In India, looking to green building waterproofing solutions.