05 June 2020

Interaction- Jasmeet Singh, Associate VP-Corp Comm & Corp Relations, JCB India

We are committed to providing world class product support



JCB offers a varied range of construction and infrastructure equipment in different capacities and applications. JASMEET SINGH, Associate VICE PRESIDENT- CORPORATE COMMUNICATION & CORPORATE RELATIONS, JCB INDIA LTD, in an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, speaks about the latest technology trends, Cutting edge technology in the products, emphasis on technology, future of the industry post 2019 and more.







Briefly give us an overview of the Generators & Engines industry, the latest technology trends, and the current business drivers?


In a VUCA World it is difficult to predict the long-term future, however as we move ahead, there are some common elements which will see great focus in the coming years on:


Efficiency of engines: To ensure our customers derive the maximum from the machine, it becomes imperative to design and provide an engine that can withstand these variations and challenging work conditions.


Focus on environment and its protection: JCB India’s commitment towards adhering to emission norms stipulated by the government and greater integration with emission standards through technological innovation and manufacturing prowess.


Increasing use of digital technology such as IoT, Big Data: Innovation is one of the cornerstones of JCB’s business strategy. The latest has been our foray into the Internet of Things space, which is giving unmatched benefits to customers and end users through the usage of digital technology.  In our endeavour of continuously looking at new and innovative ways to help users get the most out of their machines, the latest from our folio is the advanced telematics technology called “Livelink” our advanced Telematics technology.





What are the types of Generators & Engines offered by your firm.  Cutting edge technology featured in your products. What distinguishes your products from competitors?


JCB has been manufacturing Engines in India for over seven years now and we have over 2,00,000 engines that are operating successfully in the Indian market. We offer engines in both forms, naturally aspirated and turbo charged. The engines are CPCBII compliant a statutory requirement for Genset application. The JCB ecoMAX engine is the first engine in India that has been developed exclusively for off highway applications. Engines manufactured in India are also exported globally. These engines are also used by other OEM’s for varied applications.


JCB Engines have gained a reputation of being the most fuel efficient, reliable and productive. Over the years, our engineshave gone through multiple stages of improvement.


With regard to Gensets, JCB has seven nodes from 63kVA to 200kVA thus, offering the customer a complete range of products to choose from. With amazing features, we now bring the range of high powered Gensets that are suited for a large number of businesses with higher power needs. The durable range of 63-200 kVA Gensets is packed with salient features that boast of JCB’s innovative technology.


While the 63 to 125kVA range caters to educational institutes, commercial estates, hospitals, contractors, residential projects, rental, hotels & restaurants and government departments etc.; the 160 – 200 kVA range is a perfect partner for food industry, SMEs, stone crusher industry, commercials estates, hotels, contractors and real estate.


All JCB Gensets are engineered for effective performance, serviceability, strength and safety.




Please provide details on your emphasis on technology, research, design and innovation?  What is your focus on technological up gradation in respect of your products? What are the advancements you have introduced or plan to introduce?


The Indian Diesel Generator market witnessed growth over the past few years with an increase in infrastructure projects and rising demand from residential and commercial segment for uninterrupted power. There has been a strong demand for power back up across all major sectors.   Increasing urbanisation is also paving way for a sustained demand for power. Our generators are designed to meet customer’s requirements in terms of performance, serviceability, strength, safety, space. Generators have also improved in terms of running costs, low noise, safety, size, 24x7 service support. The improvements in design further add to its performance.


At JCB; we are committed to addressing the requirement of a reliable power back up with a safe and sturdy product. JCB offers fuel efficient Gensets in the market ranging from 63kVA to 200kVA. Our world class range is known for offering the best in class technology and productivity with special focus on features that help in reducing the carbon footprint.



Our range of Gensets offers unique 5 star advantages which are:


1. Fuel Efficiency

  • JCB CPCB stage II compliant engine saves up to 10% fuel
  • Low maintenance spends ensures overall reduced running cost



2. Most Compact Size Acoustic Enclosure

  • Most compact size in its class - saves the cost of space by upto 40%



3. Safe and Sturdy

  • Comes with complete canopy and skid earthing
  • External & internal emergency stop button
  • Internal fuel fill point & hot discharge from the top
  • Sturdy design with strong base frame, strong doors, heavy duty service doors
  • Our Genset is designed to work in extreme environment conditions of upto 51 degree - best in the industry




4. Best in Class Aesthetics

  • Excellent anti-corrosion protection and UV resistance




5. Single Window product Support

  • Single window support for the complete product through our world class Dealer network unlike standard practice in the industry where product support is through multiple agencies.





The JCB Gensets go through various internal check points and field trials in different environments to ensure we offer reliable products to our customers. Products that are made in JCB factories in India are of One Global Quality and are exported to many countries around the world.




Give us an understanding of the post-sale services offered by your company?


JCB India has set-up a dedicated Genset facility at its Headquarters in Ballabgarh, Delhi – NCR which was inaugurated in 2013. All Gensets are manufactured on the principle of One Global Quality. We follow international safety standards to ensure that our products are safest to operate and maintain. These world class Gensets are not only sold in India, but are also exported the world over.


Product support plays a crucial role in the overall buying cycle of a product. At JCB, we have set-up the largest product support network in the industry with 63 dealers and 700 outlets. These outlets are spread across India, employing over 6,000 trained professionals to cater to different customer requirements.


As an OEM, our objective is to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity for customers for which one key parameter is easy availability of Parts at competitive prices. To ensure easy availability across India, we have strategically set up five warehouses at Pune, Begaluru, Faridabad, Guwahati and Kolkata to support these outlets with Parts supplies.





Future outlook on the industry and from your company’s perspective?


Increasing urbanisation is paving way for a sustained demand for power and at JCB our focus is to tap this segment with a world class product differentiator. We are committed to addressing the requirement and expectations for a reliable back up, class leading fuel efficiency with a safe and sturdy product. We are committed to providing a world class product support for our products in all segments and establishments where our products are deployed. 


Increased economic activities, pressure on grids for more rural focused activities coupled with continued transmission and distribution losses are a clear indication of the demand and supply gap in near and distant future. As economic activity picks up, there will be a great requirement of reliable power generation at sites, factories, residential and commercial establishments thus, presenting ample opportunities for diesel Gensets.




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