05 June 2020

Interaction- Mayur Suchak,MD, Renaissance Indus Infra Pvt Ltd

Manufacturing and consumption is going to be the key drivers for growth



Having strategically located at the junction of DMIC and Nagpur-Mumbai highway, Renaissance Indus Infra Pvt Ltd is India’s first 100% Legal integrated Industrial Area. With the warehousing sector on a roll, the company is looking forward to grab opportunities in the sector.In an exclusive interview,  MAYUR SUCHAK, MD, RENAISSANCE INDUS INFRA PVT.LTD speaks with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the latest trends in the Indian Warehousing sector, innovations leveraged in the facilities, challenges involved and the future outlook on the industry.







Briefly give us an overview of the Indian Warehousing sector and the latest trends.


The warehousing sector, post GST implementation has dramatically changed. The entire segment has gone into a complete consolidation. Previously, every state and UT was a location for warehousing. That is now consolidated into a hub model where larger hubs and massive warehouses are getting created. The spoke models are in the city area or very close to the city. Essentially, a very structured development in the warehousing sector has come in. The sizes of the units have increased dramatically from a demand of 1 lakh sqft to 2.5 lakh sqft and more.


Also, the heights of the warehouses that used to be 8-10 meters are now enquiring for 25 meters heights. Earlier, the people used to be satisfied with a B or C class warehouse. Now they are demanding warehouses that fall in the A, A+ class. So, in a way, there has been a sea change in the market. The demand has gone from an average storing facility to a multi layer, well organised structure with more focus on the throughput.




Briefly tell us about the role played by your company in the warehousing /logistics space and the services offered? Tell us of the warehousing and logistics capacities of your firm, geographies, investments?


We, at Renaissance Indus Infra are into logistics and industrial spaces. That is our core work that we have been doing since our inception. We have migrated from a consulting organisation to become a developer. Back in 2003 we were an industrial logistics consultant and it was in 2008 we started aggregating land. It was in 2011 that the first phase of the current project was started which was approximately 1 million sq. ft. It was during the ‘Make in India’ program that we signed an MoU with the government. Since 2016 till now we have developed and executed 2 million sq ft of warehousing space. We are currently under the development of 2.5 million sq ft of logistics space for the current financial year.


Location wise though we are based out in Bhiwandi, we are looking towards spreading in all the metros. Currently we are funded by Altigo and are also in talks with other private equity funds to get more capital. As far as the micro location is concerned, we are Maharashtra’s first integrated industrial area.




Elaborate on the modern technologies and innovations leveraged in your facilities and USP’s vis-à-vis competition.


To have IoT and AI pro environment, there is a dire need to have the basic infrastructure. This is very important. To carry out this, we have power supplied through two switching projects directlyfrom the substation to the facility. The sources of power are interloped. This avoids stalling of operations. Secondly we also have optical fibers which are in our area. We have towers located in the facility. We are also working with BSNL to set up an entire optical network for telephone and data.


The entire facility is planned for the structure of rooms and the services. We have 6 lane roads, 4lane roads and 3 lane loads. We have service ducts moving across every area. We have 10 per cent open spaces and 5 per cent amenity spaces supporting the entire area. Also, a controlled environment is required for functioning of robotics, AI etc. This requires water which is provided by the 7MLD water supply provided directly from the dams that provide water to the Mumbai city. We are strong form the infrastructure and environment side.




What are the challenges that come your way in developing warehousing infrastructure?


It was a tough time for us to get approvals for the projectduring the UPA regime. Things just did not work out and the projects were to be stalled. With the new government in 2014, the things progressed smoothly. However the land acquisition is a point of head ache as the local people are not that supportive. If the government supports land acquisition, the development can be much faster. Also, the connecting roads and the supportive infrastructure need to be developed.


We are currently placed at the junction of the DMRC and the Nagpur- Mumbai Samruddhi Highway project. However, the things have not progressed the way they should have as the works were expected to start are getting delayed. If the scenario changes, we will see the change that is expected. However things are slowly moving in the expected direction.




Which are the promising regions for warehousing infrastructure development and what are your company’s plans to tap these opportunities?


The mammoth win of the current government is very big plus for the sentiments of the business. However, the demand for the economics is high. All indicators are pointing to the fact that currently, the economy is lagging and the growth is sinking.



Future outlook on the industry and from a company perspective?


The industrial and the logistics sector will be the focus area for the new government. This is because any jobs or employment that has to be created in two sectors- construction and the manufacturing. The entire migration of the agriculture population will be in these two sectors. Only these two will be the major job givers in the years to come. Manufacturing and consumption is going to be the key drivers for growth. The future is bright for warehousing and the industrial spaces sectors.




About Renaissance Industrial Smart City:
Ris City is India’s First Industrial Smart City with a first 100% Legal integrated Industrial Area (IIA project). Having spread across proposed 446 Acres of which 269 is RERA approved, the project is strategically located in Bhiwandi - Mumbai. on the junction of  Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Freight Corridor and  Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Express Way  Thoughtfully designed facilities for logistics & e-commerce fulfillment, the company has a vision to be leaders in developing value business properties and offering solutions that enable ease of business for the clients. With a mission to deliver 10 million sq.ft. of spaces for businesses by the year 2020, the company is thriving on the values- Innovative, Ethical, Excellence, Customer Delight, Sustainable.
  • Gate, compound walls and security system
  • 37 m. wide Complex Central Road
  • Parking Facilities for 2 & 4 wheelers
  • 2 Nos. of torrent Switching Stations
  • Storm water drainage system and Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sewage management
  • Truck terminals to maintain traffic inside the park and So much More.
Built-to-suit developments allow clients to fully meet their operational and corporate needs including function, image, and workplace strategy.
  • PEB
  • Factory Building
  • Clusters
  • Large Industrial Unit with Ancillary



For more details visit: www.riscity.com

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