05 June 2020

Spotlight- Symphony Ltd

The world leader in evaporative air cooling


Leadership that is unparalleled. Innovation that is unmatched. Air cooling expertise that is unrivalled. This makes Symphony the world’s #1 air cooling company.


Symphony Limited is world largest air cooling company having presence in more than 60 countries as well as having multi location manufacturing & full set up facilities in India, China, Mexico, USA & Australia. Further Symphony limited is public limited company listed at BSE & NSE. Brand is enjoying leadership with more than 50% market share in India as well as one of the largest & leading brand in many countries across Globe. The company’s commercial & central air cooling vertical which caters to the requirement of comfort cooling/ central cooling/ Dust free/ ventilation for commercial, industrial & many other applications.



The key advantages of Symphony products are:



  1. Modular and compact units – occupies less space
  2. High on energy saving – low power consumption
  3. Engineered design with higher cooling efficiency
  4. Backed up by prompt and efficient service network pan India
  5. Very low maintenance product – compared to hybrid system or air conditioner
  6. Very low pay back period – compared to when air conditioning the same area
  7. A green product – Eco friendly




For open and semi-open spaces in industries and commercial premises central air cooling is the only efficiency and practical solution. Central air cooling improves the quality of air and ensures a comfortable working environment that leads to substantial increase in productivity. Our range of heavy duty central air coolers is manufactured in state-of-the-art plants in India, North America and China with vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.



Symphony, an Indian Multi-National Company with presence in over 60 countries is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers. From inventions to innovations, energy responsibility to environment stewardship, Symphony is a market leader which has been cooling customers for generations. The massive supremacy of Symphony coolers in the residential, industrial and commercial segments has made the brand synonymous with ‘cooling’.



Founded in 1988, in Gujarat, India, Symphony Limited established a new category of evaporative air-cooling in India, taking it to the globe. As a disruptor of a highly unorganised sector, the company has set high benchmarks comprising 108 trademarks, 49 registered designs, 7 copyrights and 8 patents, defining the gold standard of air cooling.



At Symphony, research and development and engineering technology is a sustainable competitive advantage. The company delivers market-leading products with design innovation, improved energy conservation, distinctive styling and customer-centric design.



As a pioneer in the air-cooling industry, Symphony develops breakthrough technologies to combat climate change. It is providing solutions for affordable cooling and comfortable environments for maximum efficiency, productivity and well-being.



Symphony Limited has been awarded the Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest functioning air coolers. The company also provides solutions through its world’s largest air cooling project In Mecca-Madina at Hajj Camp and Ramdev Patanjali Yoga Bhavan, Haridwar, India.



For more details contact :


Email: industrial@symphonylimited.com


Website: www.symphonylimited.com

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