26 May 2019

Interaction-Miron Thoms, VP & Head of Volvo Penta India

Stricter emission regulations are necessary for a cleaner India



Volvo Penta will use its tried and tested Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for Indian OEMs when the stringent BS (CEV/Trem) IV emission regulations come into effect in October 2020. MIRON THOMS, VICE PRESIDENT & HEAD OF VOLVO PENTA INDIA in an exclusive interaction with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES shares about the development in the engines sector, new products launched post sale services offered by the company and a lot more.







Please offer a brief overview of the developments in the engines and generator market across India and the role being played by your company in this space?


We see an increase of clean and efficient power generation in India. The government is pushing for cleaner exhaust norms for a sustainable generation of electricity, especially to improve the environment for the Indian citizen. We highly appreciate these efforts and believe we contribute with our products already today and are ready today already for tomorrow, especially as one of our core values is environmental care. Our engines are known for lowest fuel consumption in combination with low emissions and noise levels.




Tell us of the new products you have introduced their USP’s and advantages


Our engines share a number of high-technology design features like compact design and high power to weight ratio, electronically controlled engine control system and waste-gate turbocharger for increased block load acceptance, excellent performance with peak torque at low engine speed. All these features contribute to optimized total cost of operations. The top USPs for our engines are high reliability due to our high quality standards and less down time due to longer service intervals and excellent fuel efficiency.



 Tell us about your firm’s focus on technological innovations and what are your strategies to market your firm’s product and services going forward across India and overseas markets?


Already today operators are benefiting from our efficient diesel engines and our service network across India. Also, being part of the Volvo Group we focus on three future developments: automation, electromobility and connectivity. Connectivity will play a key role when it comes to preventive maintenance, increased uptime and fleet management of the power generator owners. For our customers, the manufacturer of the power generator, connectivity in form or a telematics solution will add more features to be offered in a one stop solution. We will shortly offer these solutions also to the Indian market.




Give us an understanding of the post sale services offered by your company?


Volvo Penta Sales Engineering team offers full installations support and technical assistance before the product even hits the market. The worldwide Volvo Penta Service Network is spread across 130 countries and is growing constantly. With its world class global parts distribution network, the company provides fast deliveries across the globe. Today Volvo Penta is present at 61 locations with 85+ touch points throughout the country. Our regional warehouse and parts distribution centre is located in Bangalore and offers customers high parts availability through our dealer network.



Your company’s strategy in this price sensitive market


It is true that India is a price sensitive market but more and more owners and operators are looking at the total cost of operations instead of only the initial price tag. Reliability and long service intervals are a standard part of our offer and key for the end customer.  With this development we are successfully operating in India for more than 20 years.






Tell us about the indigenization efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements? What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ drive? Provide us details regards to your manufacturing facilities and capacities?


The Volvo Group is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world and produces engines all over the world. Even in India we have established engine manufacturing site at Pithampur, near Indore that has opened in 2017 and is the most modern engine plant in India. The 5 and 8-liter engines are manufactured at this plant. This plant is not only one of the most modern engine production facilities in India but by any global standard. It is highly automated and has quality standards and procedures in place to consistently produce engines that are suitable for the toughest customer demand.




Which are the areas which drive your business?


We have been steadily growing for more than 20 years and we expect the growth of India with its many infrastructure projects. Also we are looking forward to the implementation of stricter emission regulations for a cleaner India.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company’s perspective?  


We have very high ambitions, especially with our local production just started. We are very proud to produce in India, for India, but also for the world from India. Globally as well as in India Volvo Penta will continue to grow. I personally see 2019 very positive year for us. Volvo Penta has a good order book for the first half of the year, We foresee a very strong growth with many new and upcoming projects in pipeline.


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