26 May 2019

Interaction-Sunny Surlaker, Mktg Manager, Tremco

Tremco’s core competency is development of Hybrid Chemistry



Tremco is a manufacturer of waterproofing systems for basements, roofs and trafficable surfaces, structural glazing aids, firestopping materials and specialty construction sealants, with over 90 years market experience. In an exclusive interview, SUNNY SURLAKER, MARKETING MANAGER, TREMCO INDIA PVT LTD, opens up about the market analysis, the challenges involved, demand drivers in the market and a lot more with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.







With the CC market to grow at over 15 per cent by 2020, how do you assess the market in India?


The Construction Chemicals (CC) Market in India has always been dubbed a sunrise industry. Considering practical timelines, the CC industry in India is more than four decades old. The construction industry formalized the use of CC, and the industry started gaining traction practically over the last 10 to 15 years. As construction grew bigger and became more organized, the CC industry grew with it and has been growing at roughly 15% to 18% percent over the last many years. The waterproofing segment of the industry has been burgeoning partly as a subset of the CC industry and has added lots of non-cc associated products, which has been growing at a faster rate around 20-23%


We are a mature industry buthave come into focus recently. Growing interest and the relatively low cost of entry into the market has prompted many entrepreneurs to enter the industry. That being said, India is a cost sensitive market, especially when it comes to construction materials. Often lower prices come at the cost of quality that enhances durability of structures. This price sensitive mindset often ignores life cycle cost of the product and looks merely at the initial costing. This remains a key challenge for the industry.



Price sensitivity apart, many of the key challenges for the sector still remain. These are being addressed, albeit at a slow pace. Some of the key challenges are:


• Low awareness about the correct usage of Construction Chemicals and their incorporation into General Construction


• Standardization of Products and Systems is a concern, end users cannot discern or compare systems


• Specifications for use of construction chemicals is still “Prescriptive”. Over time we need to move to “Performance” based specifications


• The fragmented nature of the industry, with a large number of players in the unorganized sector



Limited urban spaces, mass urbanization, harsher polluted environment, abnormal demands of construction from materials is forcing the Construction Industry to adopt newer high-tech materials. The challenge to meet these demands, will aid the CC and waterproofing industry to grow even faster than what we are now. The growth in the construction industry, combined with the increasing demand for faster, more durable and safer construction, will propel the growth of the construction chemicals industry.




Cutting edge technology/products offered by your company.What are the USP’s of your products/solutions Vis-à-vis competition?


Tremco India, brings nearly a century of experience in waterproofing, sealing, fireproofing and glazing, supported by a range of outstanding product systems to solve water ingress problems. We are a single source provider for high-performance weatherproofing services and solutions — to help structures weather the toughest conditions. The market especially in waterproofing is slightly paradoxical. It wants to adopt the latest technology and systems, but products are chosen simply on cost considerations. Tremco India is looking forward to breaking this mindset, by bringing in the latest high-tech, value added, waterproofing solutions that will provide economy. This unique driving force will ensure that TREMCO is here to stay.




As pioneers of the Building Envelope Concept, Tremco believes in differentiating itself from generic waterproofing solutions in the market, by providing value addition to our material systems. Ease of application, making the products more robust for varied application conditions, once component – out of the bucket applications, is our focus. That being said Tremco’s core competency is development of “Hybrid Chemistry”, which makes our systems robust and durable.


Some of the salient features of our product systems are:


  • Fast, simplified application – Use it out of the bucket
  • Rapid dry/cure times
  • Can be applied on damp substrates
  • Does not wash off easily in sudden rains
  • Hybrid Chemistry based on the familiar Polyurethane and Acrylic Chemistry
  • Tough and extremely durable




Advantages of using your company’s products in terms of savings on construction cost, time, and labour?


Tremco’s products are easier to apply, which means faster work with relatively lesser manpower. Most of our material systems are available in three grades Roller, Self-Levelling and Trowelling grade, which makes application on vertical, horizontal and transition surfaces very easy. Thixotropy is something we are good at controlling and some of our waterproofing materials can be applied at 3 mm in a single lift to speed application without sacrificing performance.



That being said, our systems are very versatile in applications. For e.g. our basement waterproofing system TREMproof 250GC can be applied / used in basements, wet areas, podiums and terrace gardens (in a sandwich system) as well as for detailing joints in sub-grade areas. Our Vulkem trafficable systems can be used to waterproof carparks, terraces, balconies, pool decks and for under-tile systems. Our sealant systems too can be used as construction and expansion joint sealants, as crack-filling media and as a transition system (between horizontal / vertical, between concrete / metal, between stone / metal in window assemblies and so on). What this means is that owners and applicators need to hold lesser materials in stock for the same application, which means cost savings.



One of the major pain-points in waterproofing of a building are trafficable podiums. Normally PU based materials with high flexibility, fail under abrasion. To top that off, the screed layer laid on top of the waterproofing system eventually cracks, leading to water ingress into the podium slab, causing leakages. Our Vulkem system consists of a highly flexible base coat that waterproofs the slab and an abrasion resistant top coat, that can be designed to take extreme loads (even helicopters). This system, the first of its kind in India provides a seamless solution for trafficable podiums.



Tremco products along with a very able technical and sales team, will ending setting a new bar in ease of application and performance, to solve practical waterproofing problems in India. We have a vision of transforming the waterproofing industry to a high-tech industry – in-line with the latest methods, specifications and standards world-wide. We strictly follow our motto “Transforming the built environment into a High-Performance Environment”.