28 February 2020

Interaction - R K Sharma, Director, AMCL Machinery

Future outlook is bright as India is on the growth path



AMCL Machinery Limited is a complete solutions provider in optimisation and upgradation of projects related to cement plants. R K SHARMA, DIRECTOR, AMCL MACHINERY LTD offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES an understanding of his company’s performance and plans going forward. 









Briefly give us an overview of the Indian Cement market, the latest trends, sector challenges, and growth prospects.


With the renewal of thrusts for Infrastructure Projects and Housing Sector, the cement consumption is likely to go up however cement surplus scenario will take some time to level out. The situation will become clearer after the Lok Sabha Elections.




Give us a brief background of your company, products offered in the cement equipment segment and also share with us few details about your manufacturing units – location, capacities and investments?


We are specialised in manufacturing Vertical Roller Pre-grinding Mill (VRPM).  This equipment is used mainly for up-gradation projects to increase the capacity and reduce power consumption.  We are now considering offering Vertical Mills in Indian Market where there is a good demand especially in Green Field and Brown Field projects.




Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.


We have built-in reliability in our products, especially for VRPM which are operating for the last 20 years without any problem.  We believe in customer satisfaction and offer prompt after sales services.  We have also developed In-house Process Engineering capabilities which will help us in optimizing the operation of our VRPM machines.





Please provide details on your emphasis on technology, research, design and innovation? 


For our VRPM products we were earlier offering the system with Vibrating Screens which were prone to breakdown. Now we have replaced such Screens with Static Separator with our In-house design capabilities.

Tell us of the new products you have launched or intend to introduce.


We are already manufacturing VerticalRoller Pre-grinding Mills (VRPM) which are like Vertical Mills but without Dynamic Separators.  We are therefore confident of launching Vertical Mills forall the applications including Coal, Raw grinding, Cement, Slag and other Minerals.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


We will like to be cost effective company without compromising the quality and reliability.  In this connection, we will always focus on the product optimization to provide cost saving solution to our customers.




Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


We always focus on the after sales service and have a dedicated team of Engineers.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company’s perspective.


Future outlook is bright as India is on the growth path. Our GDP growth is fastest in the world.  Lot of spending has been planned for infrastructure related projects and hence the cement consumption is likely to go up in the near future as well as in the long run. This augurs well for our business.

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