05 July 2020

Interaction- Debasis Bhattacharya, Head Sales, Mktg & Product Support, Ajax FIori

AJAX- becoming an ‘expert solutions’ company



Ajax Engineering India manufactures, supplies and supports a comprehensive range of concreting machinery. In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DEBASIS BHATTACHARYA –HEAD SALES, MARKETING & PRODUCT SUPPORT, AJAX FIORI ENGINEERING spoke about the company’s offerings and their game changing technologies.






Tell us about your product portfolio of RMC equipment.


AJAX’s strategic product focus begins with the end in mind supported by details of who our customers are; what their needs, wants and requirement are and what segments we cater to. This strategically captures the essence of what AJAX aims to achieve in the ‘AJAX NEXT’ mission blending with the right set of concreting capabilities, as well as construction opportunities we have, ensuring that each product is working on the right initiatives consistent with our organization’s goals. Our product marketing team has a crystal clear focus on the key initiatives that roll up to resourcefulness at the product line levels and constantly strives for incorporating the right features with the product benefits eventually delivery customer value propositions.



The entirety of AJAX product portfolio is mentioned here:


• Self-loading Concrete Machine (SLCM) – ARGO 1000, 2000, 2500, 4000, 4500


• Batching Plant (BP) – CRB 20, 30, 60; IRB30, 60; IBP90, 120; RLA 20, 30


• Stationary Concrete Pumps (CP) – ASP 3009, ASP 40, ASP 5009, ASP 7011


• Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pumps (BoP) – A25ZX


• Transit Mixer (TM) – AF 6XE/ XP; AF 7XE/ XP; AF 8XE/ XP; AF 10 XE/ XP – Slave Engine/ PTO Version


• Dumpers – Tunnel Dumpers D 65, D 90 Maxi, D 160; Articulated Site Dumpers – DX 20; Self-loading Site Dumpers – DX 25 SL




Smart technology featured in your products.


With the continuing growth and evolution of the concreting industry, AJAX stays up-to-date in terms of technological advancement, benchmarking processes, and best practices with international standards delivering customer-centric solutions. Just a glimpse of the smart technology incorporated in one of our products say for example, let us take ARGO series.


Self-Loading Concrete Mixers (SLCM)


Being the legendary market leader in SLCMs, AJAX’s prime focus is ontothe cutting-edge features providing product accuracy & reliability in terms of technological advancement in our ARGO machines to remain competitive enough by continuing to be a market leader by always a competitive advantage with product differentiation in the business thereby side-lining the substitute products.


Some of the state-of-the art salient features in our ARGO Series are the following:

Load-Cell: Load-cell based weighing system offers excellent off-center loading compensation for greater accuracy of the fine & coarse aggregates weighing.


Telematics: ARGO machines (namely ARGO2500ACURA model) are fitted with telematics that could ascertain fuel efficiency, health check of the engine, transmission, how the machine has worked, and access all information online resulting in an efficient fleet-tracking & monitoring system through telematics.


Drum Control System: Drum rotation by hydraulic pump with electro hydraulic controls located inside the cabin, convenient and smooth operation, even unskilled operator can use.




Game changing products developed by your R&D centre.


AJAX has a very strong focus on the capabilities needed to succeed in the new market dynamic helps us to evolve meeting up the challenges and demands constantly & advancing the technologies to align with the fast-changing industry trends.


ARGO Self-Loading Concrete Mixers (SLCM), the Specialist driven by the technology and the values, beliefs & hopes of millions of concreting workers’ households


The Launch of ARGO 4500 Self Loading Concrete Mixer (SLCM) with an output of 4.5 cu.m/hr offers completely a new-fangled dimension to the world of concreting, has inimitable features such as the following:


• Increased drum output effectuating more productivity, workability & throughput at real-time site operations


• Electro-hydraulic operation system meeting the divergent goals of increasing machine productivity and product quality


• Auto-cleansing system designed and developed with high-end technology providing the best cleaning services


• Non-directional tyre with puncture proof solution


• Load-cell based weighing system for greater accuracy of the fine & coarse aggregates weighing


• Fleet-tracking & monitoring system through telematics.




Bespoke Batch-plant


The launch of Compact Reduced Bin batching plant, CRB 20 with an output of 20 cu.m/hr offers a low investment and high returns in terms of quality and performance.


Indeed, AJAX introduced the Compact Reduced Bin Plant, CRB 30 during 2015 which gives an output of 30cu.m/hr which was well accepted and received by our customer. AJAX sensed the potential and demand for a smaller batching plants during the interaction with the small/medium contractors who were always having the hunch for the smaller capacity product.


In a timely manner, AJAX was able to come up with the need of the hour product for the niche segment that is ideal for small/medium contractors. The key deliverables to customers in CRB 20 would be that it comes with a planetary mixer for optimum homogeneity, and concrete discharge is fed directly to the concrete pump.



 Value-delivering Concrete Pump


AJAX developed ASP 3009, a smaller capacity concrete pump to suit projects which involves lesser volume of concrete and pumping height. The ASP 3009 Stationary Concrete Pump with a pumping capacity of 30 cu.m/hr is the best suited pump for Bridges, small /medium Residential and Commercial Buildings, Villas and Row houses to name a few. The key deliverables to customers in ASP 3009are that the output and size of the pump is designed such that it can be optimised with AJAX Argo Self Loading Concrete Mixer for placing concrete at the site.




Boom Pump resonating ‘Made in India’ tag:


AJAX takes up pride in launching indigenously developedBoom PumpA25ZX with ‘Made in India’ tag in last EXCON Dec 2017 sufficing ‘Make in India’ initiative driven by Government of India. AJAX Boom pump finds its deployment in various application&proficient enough in urban mega infrastructure projects commercial and office buildings, high rise segment, commercial retail spaces, bridges, airports and various projects under the Smart Cities’ initiative led by the Government of India. A25ZX that gets mounted onto a 4 x 2 truck chassis, isequipped with the state-of-the-art remote controlled articulating robotic arm, also known as boom, to place the concrete accurately at the construction site that reaches a height of 25 m and higher.Boom pumps are generally used in large construction projects because of its capability of pumping high volume of concrete in less time and saving substantial labour because of its multi-purpose robotic arm. More new AJAX products are in our pipeline and are slated for rollout in coming months.




Best-in-class Product Support - Pre-Sales & After-Sales Service: This is greatly achieved since it is adept at reading the pulse of customers thereby continually improving upon its own product quality and is always on-the-go even reaching out to the far-stretched remote places ensuring unstoppable service & support by differentiating themselves from the other players.




Best-in-class Customer Value proposition: AJAX is always on the quest for exploring new ground to deliver concrete and long lasting solutions by understanding and serving customer needs. AJAX has always operated under strong values aimed at exceeding Customer needs thereby delivering strong value propositions beyond expectations.




Best-in-class Customer Support Network: AJAX has a wide geographical spread with 33 Dealers across the Country along with 99 touch points catering to the sales & after-sales support to its customers. AJAX has also its presence now in Nepal & Bhutan through its distributors. AJAX has spread out its wings entering into the field of International Business and has its Distribution Network in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Kenya & Tunisia.




Best-in-class Complete Business Solutions: We are adding a lot of products to our portfolio over the next year since our goal is to cater to customer needs in a very dynamic manner thus envisioning ongoing transformation of AJAX towards an ‘expert solutions’ company.

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