02 June 2020

Interaction-Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, Case Construction

There is enough work for all the players despite elections



CASE India has a full line of powerful and robust equipment for road construction and general construction.  CASE India has been a leader in the compactor’s segment which forms the lifeline of any road construction activity. In an exclusive interview AJAY ANEJA, BRAND LEADER, CASE INDIA talks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about therange of construction equipment offered, trends driving purchase, future outlook for the industry and more.





Detail us on the range of construction equipment offered by your company, in terms of types, capacities, and applications.


CASE India offers an entire range of construction equipment product line especially designed looking at the nature of the jobs. CASE offers a range of compaction series equipped with best-in-class technologies. For Asphalt Application, CASE India offers 752EX (9T Class- Powered by FPT Engine developing 76HP) Vibratory Tandem Compactor and 450DX Mini Tandem Compactor (3T Class- Powered by Mahindra Industrial Engine developing 45HP).



In Soil compactors, CASE India has 1107EX (11 T class-Powered by FPT Engine developing 100HP) available in three variants - Standard, Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum. CASE India has also recently launched 1110 EX- D Soil Compactor (12T Class – Powered by FPT engine developing 110HP) specially for mining application and is available in two variants -Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum, equipped with HVAC cabin catering to operator’s comfort and safety.



CASE India also offers a range of Motor Graders and Crawler Dozers imported from Brazil. CASE 845B is suitable for Road construction & 865B Motor Grader is suitable for mining application. For Crawler Dozer, there are three models 1150L and 1650L suitable for road construction and 2050M suitable for road as well as mining application. All these Graders and Dozers are equipped with best in class fuel efficient electronically controlled FPT Engine. Additionally CASE also has SR130 Skid Steer loader, which is imported from USA (Rated operating load – 590kg, Equipped with ISM Engine developing 49HP) and is suitable to work in confined spaces for general construction application.




Are you planning to launch any new products or variants to you existing product portfolio?


This year at Bauma Conexpo 2018, CASE Indialaunched its CASE 1110 EX and its loader backhoe range with Advanced Eagle Eye Telematicssolution. Apart from this CASE India showcased the entire product range including Compactors 752EXEX – TandemCompactor & 450 DX Mini compactor, Loader backhoe 770 EX-Pro ,  770 EX Magnum-Pro  and 851 EX-Pro ,Motor Grader 865 B, Crawler dozer 2050 M and Skid Steer loader SR130 with certain upgrades.CASE India’s R&D team constantly works to upgrade the products, will let you know about launches if any as and when it happens.




Detail us on your aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


The aftermarket service aspect is very critical in the CE industry. With advancements in technology and subsequently in new range of products, maintenance and repair work requires experts’ help. Lack of service support on such occasions can impact the productivity severely. Importance of such support becomes much more significant when seen in context of current pace of developments in infrastructure sector projects.



For CASE India, a robust after-sales-service is complementary with its equipment range. In order to have ready connect with operators and customers, and to constantly keep them updated with the latest practices and techniques, CASE India has dedicated training centres that hosts training programs all-round the year.To enable easy access for customers to dealers and after-sales services, the company has an extensive network of around 74 dealers with nearly 200 plus touch points spanning the length and breadth of the country to support the products with spares and service even in remote locations. We also have dedicated CASE manpower in product support team in each region specially to support such heavy line products.




What are the trends driving purchase or hire of construction equipment in India? To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost?


Indian market is one of the toughest markets in the world because of the Cost/Quality metrics which the Indian customers apply. Also localisation is becoming more and more of a key factor if you really have to break into the Indian market. Price control is eventually driven by cost control, that’s how you are going to realise that. So Indian market is tough, but it is also growing. It has not reached the matured market stage but you can see that a lot of growth is coming from first time buyers and first time users. Around 50 per cent of the market is still first time buyers and first time users, especially in the loader backhoe segment.




Detail us about the cutting edge technology used in your machines. Detail us on the Safety features and operator comfort in your machines.



Cutting edge technology


To make the products technologically efficient and stand out in the market, the company has introduced advanced Eagle Eye Telematics Solution, a real time vehicle tracking system equipped with Geofencing which assists in keeping a track of the machine.This helps the user in alerting the user about any kind of theft or unauthorised usage of the machine along with device tempering alerts.



Operator comfort features


CASE Dozers and Motor Graders are equipped with closed HVAC cabin with ROPS to provide excellent operator comfort and safety.  The operator can customise all the working parameters of the machine to achieve excellent controllability and faster cycle times.


For enhanced operator comfort, the CASE EX Series Loader Backhoe has a redesigned, spacious cab with operator friendly features such as a large buddy seat, storage compartments, mobile charger, document holder, bottle holder, radio, etc. Large glazed windows provide outstanding all-round visibility, improve air ventilation to the operator and make it easy to listen to any early warning indication coming from any part of the machine.



The new CASE 1110 EX soil compactor is specially designed with operator comfort in mind. With its closed HVAC cabin and a more powerful engine, the compactor is highly suitable for heavier application usage. It is a product that will cater to activities as diverse as urban construction, road building, infrastructure and mining SR130 skid steer loader has wide door, lower threshold providing easy access to the cab. It has up to 25 per cent more internal width providing greatly improved operator comfort.




Tell us about the indigenization efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements? What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ drive?


CASE India strives on working towards consistent customer satisfaction. Keeping up with market requirements in mind CASE India delivers best solutions such as regular maintenance and ground check, innovation in technology, after sales service and ongoing customer feedbacks.



Make in India is an ambitious project of the Indian government.  Our testimony to similar approach is CASE India’s manufacturing plants based in India. It operates at Pithampur Indore (Madhya Pradesh) where CASE India produces its world-class compactors and loader backhoes range for Indian market as well for exports to various countries.




What are the steps taken by your company in terms of skill development to derive optimized results for end user?


We are dealing with skilled manpower development or skilling the manpower with a multi combo approach. First approach is to train the operator; we have an operator training school which brings in unemployed youth. They are given hands on training and understanding of the machines and its application in a better way. 


The second approach is for heavy line machines like Graders and dozers, which aremore technological, more sophisticated and need specialized operator. Here we provide trained operators to the customers and try to bridge the skill gap.



The third kind of approach is in design change in the machines. Design change is a way that it becomes easy for even a semi-skilled operator to run the machine. The machines are designed in such a way that even a semi-skilled operator can easily make out the critical parameters and coordinates of the machine.




Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective


We anticipate that the first quarter of the calendar year of 2019 should be decent; however the later months can be a bit challenging given that the results of the elections will impact the market. Though with the new projects being awarded there will be enough work for all the players in the market before we go into the election mode.

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