26 May 2019

Table of Contents for bauma Conexpo India - Post Event Report

Interaction- Takeo Ishi, Manager, Kubota Corporation, Japan

Our journey in India has been an excellent one


Kubota’s mini excavators have gained enough name in the American, Japanese and the European markets. Known to have excellent features and amenities, the company has been in India for the past 6 years. In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, TAKEO ISHI, MANAGER, KUBOTA CORPORATION, JAPAN, speaks about the participation at BAUMA Conexpo 2018, the game changing technology and the company’s journey so far.




What are the products displayed at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2018?


We have displayed the Kubota models U 15, U30 and U50 mini excavators at this edition of bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018.




In terms of the Indian construction equipment industry which is your targeted market?


We are targeting the construction of metros, urban infra and the other basic infrastructure for the city. We have the mini excavators specialized for the mini excavators especially for farming, other agriculture applications and in cities where space is a constraint. Our mini excavators are used where it becomes difficult to reach for the human beings.





What is the technology that comes with the products of Kubota?


Our strong point is the engines. We have been the manufacturers of engines for over hundred years and so with the experience of over a century, and making engines for the agriculture and the construction applications. Kubota is the pioneer in Zero tail mini excavators which is most suitable for working in narrow spaces.




How do you tackle the crisis of rising fuel prices which affects the usage of the equipmement?


The Kubota U50 and other Kubota machines have a system which can calculate the load and through the load calculation the amount of fuel is pumped into the vehicle. If the operator is working in a hard environment, the system will sense it and add more fuel. In other applications where the operator is working on light jobs, the usage of fuel will be less. In a way this is load sensing and that is what will be driving the usage of fuel for the machine. Because Kubota mini excavators are equipped with load sensing hydraulic system fuel is consumed based on machine application and operators lever movement in turn cost saving for customers.




Kubota has been in India from the last five years. How has your journey been so far?


The journey in India has been an interesting one each passing year. We are the global leaders in mini excavators. Though we have been in India, our contribution to the Indian market is 25% market share. However we are planning on taking things ahead in India. We produce and assemble in Japan and only import them here in India.




Which is the biggest market for Kubota products?


We feel that the United States is the biggest market for Kubota. Other than the US, it is mainly the European market and our own country- Japan. Amongst the Asian region, China and Taiwan are the main countries where we have decent market share.




Where do you have your offices in India?


We are headquartered in Delhi and we have another office in Chennai. We have other branches in other parts in India.




Do you plan to set up a facility here in India?


As of now, we do not have any plans to set up a facility in India. However we would like to invest more in the Indian market as there is lot of scope to work with the projects taking up pace. The next few years are going to be great for construction equipment sector in India.


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